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Hey everyone. I hope everyone's holiday was great!!! Well looks like I'm going to be upgrading my setup. I want to invest in a better LED light. I have done some intense research and have found that advanced LEDs are the best. Anyone use one of these. From what I have read they are some of the best lights on the market. Just wondering if anyone has used one personally.

Also I am attempting to re veg my plant. I got some advice from a friend on how to do it and well, I don't think I did it right lol. Luckily i have a seedling going so if the re veg doesn't work ill have something else to work on.

Well that's all for now. Ill post back soon. Happy growing everyone!!!!
check out OMM's journal, he uses those lights 4 of them daisy chained and he loves them. saves him a lot of $$ on electric too.
from his pictures and testamonials his plants are always great. if I was going to grow more I think that those would be on my list of gotta haves:)
I show up when you're done right?:thumb:

The folks that rode along with you on this grow have really helped you Pluto. Good for them. Of course Mr. fish cake was the heavy weight for you and really helped you.

If you want good LED lights.....I think Advanced are the best...they sure have worked for me.

Hey everyone I have a question. I have been collecting keif for a while now and I have a lot lol. Does anyone know what to do with the keif to finalize the hash making process. I have looked around but can't really find anything. I was told that you heat it up but I'm not sure how to go about this. Any help would be awesome. Thanks everyone and happy growing!!!
You Tube has a ton of vids on this. I had to go low tech to get it done and I got a nice couple of grams of hash. The press method with an iron is fool proof for first timers. You'll need some wax paper, piece of news paper and a shaker box ( container ). I could not find a suitable screen to separate the kief so... My genus wife suggested a cheap shear curtain from walmart. Damn thing was $5 and worked perfect. I used two rubber made containers. take one and cut the bottom out. Place a cut piece in its place. I used duct tape to keep it on the container. Be careful there are no gaps. you can lose a bit of that fine tan powder! I will see if I can find the link.

A quick trip to walmart and you can have great hash in ten minutes.
Hey everyone thanks for the response. I am going to be doing the iron pressed hash. It looks to be the easiest method. I will let you know how it goes. Be safe everyone and happy growing!!!
hey everyone i have started a new journal with my new grow. if you have time i would love to have you come by!!! and i just want to thank everyone for the help and support you give here at :420:

here is the link for my new journal
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