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Been awhile Mister Chimp.........

To long to read but I do need to go back and take a peek and see what's been happening..........


Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017
Hey, what's up Norcaliwood? Good to hear from you. Yeah, it looks like I'm down to one of those R4 seedlings, which is definitely going into veg. I'll cull the fourth one once I know for sure that it's male; the other three confirmed males are going today. I've never even seen autos flower that fast. Two weeks from seed no mercy? WTF?
To replace this no mercy grow (again) I'm not going with any of those CBD pack seeds for now. I have regular seeds from a strain called Tikal from Ace Seeds that I'm going to start today.
Damn the torpeedoze (they're not even as big as the blunts I smoke)! Full speed ahead!!!!! :cheer:

Mr. Krip

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Thanks. Graytail's grown it before, if I have any questions. He seems like he'd be pretty good at training chimps. :3:
You can just checkout his journal cuz', after all, "Monkey see, monkey do!" :19:


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Neiko ran Tikal too, along with some other members. I ran the fem, and it was a vigorous grower in veg. In bloom, it'll go as long as you can take it though. I doesn't really stop blooming, so you might want to think ahead to a shorter light cycle when you get there. Big yielder though.
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Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017
:19: All five of those R4 seedlings are male! Just now hit 5-bladed leaves and going into full bloom! I gotta say I'm quite blown out of the water right along with the other high CBD strains. No fish on my lap, though.

Please feel free everyone at your earliest convenience to pelt the chimp with rotten mangoes. Thank you.


Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017


Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017
The quality of these pics 'cause I'm too lazy to thumb through all the menu functions and settings (splat!)!
This next Dr. Grinspoon (splat!)!

Juanita La Lagrimosa (probably splat!)!

Apollo 13 f2 (for some reason this one's growing thin, so possible splat!)!

Glow in the dark Chocolope and Chocolate Thai!

A few Mendocino Purple Kush shots:

Here's a shot that shows what happens if you don't adjust the white balance every shot (the background looks normal but the foreground looks neon):

I'll mess with it some tomorrow to see if I can get the colors right. I know I can't take good close-ups with it.
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