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RadarMan420's Indoor Dirt Grow 2013 - Learning By Doing


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Hey all!

I'm super new to posting here (this is my 3rd post I think?) but have been a fly on the wall for a while, and am really excited to finally be sharing my garden with you!

A little bit about my set up, goals, etc.;

I will be using a Procyon 100, 3 T-5's, and a 125w Fluorescent veg light (once I get a new bulb, damn cats *shakes fist*) for Veg growth, and a 1000w HPS for flower.

2 grow tents (Homebox L and XL)

2 squirrel cage fans (600+ CFM, not sure the exact numbers, too lazy/medicated to go to the shed and look)

1 Carbon Filter

1 Aeroponic Rooter (24 site)

I'll be using the shed to house the tents, I know a 300sq ft shed in the right hands could be a real production machine, but I'm still a student of the craft by all standards, so for now I'm just trying to dial in making medicine I'm proud of.

Anyhow that's all I can think to share about my setup currently, there's no power to the shed so I'm in semi-limbo until the electrician comes out to give us an estimate.

I have one clone going now, catching sun (when its not overcast, damn you Oregon!) and a nice breeze outside, and coming in at night to get a full 24 hours of light under the Procyon. Started a few seeds as well, some bagseed and some F1's I made a while back, so we'll see how they do.

Here's my Hashplant clone, before getting transplanted yesterday

And here she is after the transplant.

Planning on bringing home some sisters for her (DJ Short Blueberry x Purple Kush and a SoCal Master Kush) soon, and hopefully some of her siblings pop their heads outta the soil soon as well!

That's all for now, thanks for taking the time to check out my first journal, any and all feedback is appreciated, I'm here to learn!



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Re: RadarMan420's Indoor Dirt grow '13 (learning by doing)

Thanks all! Sorry for the gap in posting, exciting/busy few weeks thinking about collaborating with some folks (decided against it, didn't feel safe enough) at their garden. Should have some pictures to keep y'all updated pretty soon here!


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Hey again everyone! I've been crazy busy lately (got hired full time at the club, woo!) and completely spaced updating! Anyhow it's been pretty easygoing in the garden, I've got my bigger tent set up in the house, trying to just focus on one cycle at a time so I can learn and absorb as much as I can w/o getting overwhelmed. But yeah, that's all I can think to mention for now,on to the pictures

I ended up with a few clones from different sources, this is a Headband that I've got under the LED in a 5 gal bag, she's doing great so far, I took all these pictures in a hurry so when I get a moment to have more of a photo op I can show em off but for now I'm just keeping y'all posted :p

Her sister from the same mister (same grower that is), a ReCon gal, also in a 5 gal bag under the LED

And last (for now) but not least, my Hashplant. Obviously a bit bigger that my last update, I moved her to a 7 gal bag and have her under 4 CFL's, she's also doing great, I'm just amateur-ly trying to train her to be bushy & I think I'm doing well so far.

Unpictured are some seeds and clones I'll introduce you all to when I get a chance to take some nicer pictures


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Hey all! Super sorry for the gap in posting again, life is crazy for this 21 year old! Lol but anyway things in the garden have been up and down, I switched over to 12/12 a couple days after my last post. Something had spider mites when I brought it in and it went from manageable (Neem and Safers Soap - alternatively) to a huge problem for all the girls. Long story short, money was tight and I was fighting the uphill battle with Neem and Safers for about a month until my boss (perks of working at an OMMP club) told me he had a bunch of Azamax left over from his growing days, so I got that treatment going about 3 - ish weeks ago (I know it's late for it but I figured anything was better than nothing). The spider mites definitely subsided immensely, the gals perked up just about right away (reminds me of working lamb - the maggots that get under their coat just nibble away at them until they croak - getting the medicine and killing the bugs helps them feel a million times better). They've steadily been recovering since, not quite photogenic but I'll snap some pictures when the lights turn on tonight so y'all can see their progress/struggle.
Aside from that I'm not sure if there's much, pulled down our Hashplant 4 days ago, small yield but a nice coat of frost, got that hanging in a little DIY curing box for now while the rest of her sisters finish up. Did some pollination on the Hashplant's lower branches with Pit Bull pollen I collected the last time my garden was up and running, & those beans are just starting to really finish up & round out now that I chopped the buds. My main passion is breeding and I fortunately have access to lots of awesome genetics as well as a huge stash of seeds from all my previous nomad grows, so if a flowering cycle goes to finish without me making at least one cross I'll be disappointed :p
Sorry to bore you to death with a wordy update and no pictures, lights don't come on for another 3 hours but I'll get some for sure then! Gonna be doing some more pollination tonight so maybe I'll try & document my process for that.

Thanks for staying tuned!


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Hey again! Snapped a couple pictures in the garden, so without further ado, my girls!

Here's one of a few headbuds on my Urkle Cheese 1, the cross I've been working with on and off since I started growing. The genetics came from the first Dispensary in New Mexico (my home state), the pollen donator, 'The Urkle' was their cross of 'The White' and Purple Urkle. And the Cheese comes from a seed found in a bud of their Big Buddhas Cheese. On the 2nd I pollinated some of the Urkle Cheese 1 with pollen collected from one of her F1 brothers, who also leaned towards the indica, shrubbier with wider fan leaves.

And here's a little bit of the frost coming in on my ReCon, definitely filling in a bit, also pollinated her lower branches with Urkle Cheese, we'll see how those come out eventually I'm sure.

Anyhow that's it for good pictures I snapped, (my gf actually got them, she's got the eye for it), I'll grab more soon, with some Macros of my finished Hashplant as well since I brought the USB Microscope home to play with it.

The gardens feeling good and looking better every day, just fed the healthier gals for the first time since I flushed all of em and started treating with Azamax, so I should be sharing more of it for sure!

Thanks for staying tuned!


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Hey all! Hashplant is all cut down and dried, curing up in a jar now, we don't have a scale at home so eyeballing it it's about an oz I'd say, it filled a pint mason jar. About half popcorn buds and half nice little head nuggies, it's really nice smoke, heavy body stone and a nice mellow sedating effect, it works great for my stomach troubles (& stress too!). The flavor is creamy, best out of a bong imo. Anyhow that's the smoke report, here' a couple macros I snapped;

Not the greatest microscope in the world but it was a free, so I'm not looking a gift scope in the mouth. Looks to me that the trichomes are mostly cloudy with some clear, the nugs on the branch that are finishing for seed stock should get nice and amber by the time we pull that, I'll keep y'all posted :p

Mmmmmm trichomes :roorrip:

Thanks for staying tuned, I'll have more updates as I chug along finishing flower & hopefully getting some nice seed stock as well


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Hey again! grabbed some more pictures, as promised, the crummy ones are mine lol and the nice looking ones are taken by my lovely gal & garden assistant (or am I the assistant? sometimes I really wonder :p)

ReCon is definitely the frostiest of the big girls, so we were focusing our little photoshoot on her

A nice shot of the whole little shrub

& the Senior Pic! consider proud dad mode engaged, I'm not sure what I did other than bumble through flower and mites but she did really well for me, something I'll definitely keep in mind!

my Urkle Cheese - or as I should call it Eat Crow cause it's totally a different cross I made and only saw the label after I posted about it & got myself all excited to make it a momma to some F2's :oops: The actual cross is World of Seeds Kilimanjaro x DNA Genetics Pure Afghan F1. I was going for a pure sativa pure indica cross, I'm tons more skeptical about genetics now but I believe those were from my very first seed order, anyhow I like the bud structure a lot and its the best yielder of the lot, so it's something I'll try to hold on to - can't hardly wait to smoke some :lot-o-toke:

A nice picture of the gang, worshiping the Sun God :p

And lastly but definitely not leastly, a Silver Snake clone that got extremely sick - if anyone knows anything about Silver Snake or about what might help her get better, help/info is greatly appreciated! anyhow to be super honest one of my cats snuck in to the garden and took a shit in her dirt - I'm 99.9% sure that was the issue and I feel like a double asshole now that Im seeing her remaining branches flower out (phone pictures don't do justice - I'll have to grab our camera for it), but she's still fighting for sure.

that's all for now! hope you enjoy!



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Just another quick update before I head to bed! Gonna be polinating the Silver Snake with some pollen I collected from a nug of Dogwalker that we have in our club. Dogwalker is Chemdawg x Albert Walker & has a lovely body high, mellow and great for mood, plus a delicious O.G./Diesel taste!

Here's a macro I just snapped of the hermie pollen sacs in the Dogwalker, normally I wouldn't breed with female pollen (I believe males are tremendously important, plus hermaphroditism is not a trait I want to pass on), but I'm in love with the Dogwalker and the Silver Snake may be on her last legs, so consider it extenuating circumstances

as you can -maybe- see, there's still a glob of pollen inside the sacs, so as soon as I find my tweezers I'll go take a whack at knocking up the Silver Snake. Wish me luck!



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Howdy all! Just finished up trimming and hanging the last 4 gals, ReCon, Urkle Cheese, Afghan x Kilimanjaro, and Headband, snapped some nice pictures and got a healthy chunk of finger hash from the ReCon. I'll get some pics up in the morning when I get em all assembled, it looks like a nice robust harvest, much better than I was expecting for sure.

thanks for staying tuned!



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Hello all! Got some harvest pictures, as promised;

A nice top shot just before we started (& one leaf munching kitty)

Starting the nights work...

My AfghanJaro, probably my best yielder, not the frostiest but I like the bud structure a lot & she took a lot of stress, so I've got her stump and some veg growth back under the LED at 24 hours

One lone survivor :p munchin' mites to the bitter end :headbang:

What's a nights work without a little treat ;) ReCon was intensely frosty and the missus was intent on giving it the closest trim possible, so we got a healthy chunk of some finger hash for a taster :roorrip:

Finding a place for it on our Hashplant (in my electroformed bong, best Xmas gift ever). The stone from the ReCon, or her fingerhash at least, was intense, heavy and sleepy, gluey your eyes shut and make you goofy smiley, so I'd say we definitely have a winner on our hands :tokin::51::bong::bong::51::tokin:

Thanks so much everyone for staying tuned, I'll have at least one more update with a final harvest report, I've got the last seed stock finishing up and the mommas re-vegging, so we'll see how my crossing went (fingers crossed, pun intended), then on to the next growing adventure!

stay stoned!



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Congratulations on your harvest!
Thank you! Always an exciting moment :) the room is barely running right now, but I might kick it in to gear to veg a couple special gals pretty soon, I may have found a plot for this years outdoor season! Don't wanna count my eggs before they hatch but we'll see how that turns out :bong::tokin::bong:

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