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transplant gone terrible


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Hello everyone .. Im new to growing and new to the site.. Looking forward to a lot of helpful insight.
So heres my issue.. My plants were about a month into veg. started from small clones.. about 30+ days i noticed a lot of yellowing on the leaves.. So i thought i needed to transplant into fresh ph soil.. so yesterday i transplanted all my plants. and since yesterday they have all drooped over... and wilted.. i transplanted them into band triple 15. fertilizer mixed with regular soil.

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Well bloody hell!! That is some serious transplant shock for sure! What has your watering schedule been and how was the original soil root zone looking during the transplant?
To be honest If I was you I'd repost this query onto the FAQ section in the grow room bit up top! You will get a better response to your troubles :)
Best of luck sorting it!


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Welcome to :420:

Wow I can see why you are worried. Those ladies are struggling! I hope you find some help over on FAQ.

If I was to transplant I would keep the root ball stable while placing in a larger pot, trying not to disturb the root structure. Then water heavily to settle the roots. No nutes for now until their shock dissipates. Then raise any nutes in stages.

I am fairly new to MJ but have grown gardens for years. I'll go over to the FAQ and see what others have to say.

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