transplant gone terrible


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Hello everyone .. Im new to growing and new to the site.. Looking forward to a lot of helpful insight.
So heres my issue.. My plants were about a month into veg. started from small clones.. about 30+ days i noticed a lot of yellowing on the leaves.. So i thought i needed to transplant into fresh ph soil.. so yesterday i transplanted all my plants. and since yesterday they have all drooped over... and wilted.. i transplanted them into band triple 15. fertilizer mixed with regular soil.
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Wow I can see why you are worried. Those ladies are struggling! I hope you find some help over on FAQ.

If I was to transplant I would keep the root ball stable while placing in a larger pot, trying not to disturb the root structure. Then water heavily to settle the roots. No nutes for now until their shock dissipates. Then raise any nutes in stages.

I am fairly new to MJ but have grown gardens for years. I'll go over to the FAQ and see what others have to say.

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