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What are you paying for an ounce?


Nug of the Month: Oct 2008
Paid $420 (no lie) for an oz of Sour Deisel (NYCD) in Jersey last summer. Last bag I ever bought. It was phenomenal bud too.


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420 is a bit much tho.. omgg.. for that much you could grow like 1/3 of a pound which would be like 5x of what ya bought ..

on a scale of 1-10 how good would you say it was?


Member of the Month 2nd Place Winner (Feb 10')
I'm actually going to be growing some bagseed from up there.. what strains are u familiar w/?


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i dont pay anything i grow my own but if i had to its 140 quid on the oz fucking liberty if you ask me :peace:


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The cheapest I've ever had an o was $20, but he was a good good friend. I now get it for about 50-60 for reg.


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we must be around the same age
there were no scales back in the day
a lid, a can, a bag used a finger measurement, like 4 finger bag $10
I remember when exotic pot came out and I thought the pricing was high and I didn't participate.
But now that I'm getting medical mmj with a rec, oz's are costing me 350-400 for name brand

Man I see all these prices and think I can remember getting an O of columbian gold for $40, British honduras for $40, Jamaican for $60 and Thai-stick for $20 a stick=1/4 oz. O of blonde hash was $60 back in the day. I use to get 1/4lb. for $110. Prices didn't shootup till Reagan took office. Man I'm old!!! :smokin:

Sky Blue

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65 an ounce for mids
BlueBerry for 380, guessin my BlueBerry price is way high but usually don't get too much of it at a time so it's fine with me.
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$420 for an oz? dude, grow your own! All it takes is a box, a light and some auto seeds and PRESTO!... for less than $100 bucks you have some good stuff in 2 months. -Disclaimer: I am in NO WAY connected to the auto-seed industry- ;)
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