4-20 Solo Cup Auto Challenge

Seems like there is more interest than I was expecting right away, perhaps we can start one sooner, and maybe still do another one on my original 4-20 date.

I will need to research other comparisons/competitions to see the what their parameters were, I am sure they have more in depth rules and regulations...like if all flowering time strains are included, whether you can make your cup an air pot (I say yes you can), whether you can use the power of the sun or is it strictly indoors, if we need to have a certain weekly code in the update pictures (as a FB tournament fisherman, I like this one)

Any feedback from anyone that has participated in, or kept a watch on one of these competitions, is more than welcome and greatly appreciated
How about "germinate a seed and plant it in an 18-ounce Solo cup, post some kind of update once a week or so (pictures are nice), then harvest it at the appropriate time," lol? I'd not even mind if it was open to autoflowering and photoperiodic seeds/clones as long as the various growers let us know which type they're growing (but am not going to get excited about it if the OP wishes to keep it auto-only). One update per week would be plenty (IMHO) to show the progress of the plant, and multi-participant grow threads can quickly become HUGE, so asking for more than that would probably make the thing unwieldy. For the same reason, I might ask that participants keep it to only one or two plants each (maybe one of each type, but only if they want to and assuming both types are allowed in the first place) - and to not use this thread for posting pictures/updates on their other plants, but instead merely post a link to their main grow journal threads if they wish to show their plants off (and/or ask for help with same) to those who are trying to follow along with the plants featured in this thread.

But the above are, of course, just my suggestions. I don't really see any of these "community grow" threads as any kind of competition. Mainly just a way for people who will likely never have the opportunity to meet each other to sort of do something together. If I had the means, felt that it was safe to do so, and it wasn't against the rules here, I'd offer to buy a big pack of some autoflowering strain or other and "pass them out" so that we could all grow one each of the same strain (along with a different one if we wanted to "roll our own"). But lottery wins seem to be few and far between, lol, so I guess there will be a bunch of different strains. That's cool, too.
Geez, I just found out that I have to reorder a bunch of miscellaneous stuff because the place I chose (ALWAYS question an "entire store, deep discount" special offer :rolleyes: ) is in the process of going t!ts-up. And that's complicated by the fact that it wasn't my card. Can we wait until sometime between the 10th and the 17th of next month? This isn't really the kind of grow in which I could catch up later on, lol. Especially since I won't be shooting for weight (I don't think I have any "almost entirely indica" autoflowering seeds, and might end up planting a Sweet & Sour Devil's Crack or Dark Devil Auto from Rifleman Genetics, which don't appear to be "mass" type strains).

If not, no big deal, and I'll be "doing me." In other words, "a little" behind schedule.
Can we wait until sometime between the 10th and the 17th of next month? , which don't appear to be "mass" type strains).

If not, no big deal, and I'll be "doing me." In other words, "a little" behind schedule.
:high-five:Not a problem for me I'm going to do a DDA that is mass challenged, I able to wait and be fine with that. So Mid month Feb. anyone want to refine it further?:Namaste:
Is this the right size cup? And no that's not a really big quarter.
Is this the right size cup?

I'm thinking that nobody would complain if you chose to use it, lol, but you'd be handicapping yourself 16½ ounces of medium/substrate volume.

You can take a plant to harvest in one, though - and I'm not speaking in terms of the theoretical.
World's Smallest Solo Cup Grow

Looks like a bit of work for negligible concrete return, though (but it should be a good conversation piece, and could be a fun "mascot" for a larger grow).
I do believe that those little buggers were a bit of a handful for him (imagine watering a plant that, regardless of its size, is in way too small of a container and pretty much fills it with roots - it's an event that should occur multiple times each day, and I don't imagine that the water would soak right in, either). He hasn't accessed the forum in months, sadly, or you could restart the discussion about them.
I had a 10 pack of the Lowryder 2 at one time. Can't find them anymore. Old school auto there. thought I might use it someday fro breeding. Can't do that now even if I wanted to LMAO.

Not sure if it's a bad thing or not LOL. More genetics are related to the Lowryders than most people will think. He was one of the first breeders to get it right. Hence all the Ryder part of the name in so many of the Auto strains a few years back.
I had 2 Lowryder#2 seeds(not fems) in my top drawer,that I started on 1/26 in solo cups,before I saw this challenge.
1 didn't pop,and the other one did,but the way it looks doesn't really give me that warm,fuzzy feeling..But,a crappy looking seedling doesn't necessarily mean a crappy plant,but it does keep you wondering for awhile...
Anyway,I started too early to join the challenge, (and I'll probably up pot,anyway) but I'll definitely be watching!
I just dropped eight auto seeds into cups of water:
1. Critical XXL Auto
2. Auto Northern HOG
3. White Widow Auto (CKS)
4. Blow Mind Auto
5. Sweet & Sour Devil's Crack (DDA's wicked step-child ;) )
6. Dark Devil Auto
7. Auto Jock Horror x Auto Amnesia
8. Northern Lights Auto

But I'm leaning toward starting something else for the Solo cup grow. I have Train Wreck Auto (Crop King Seeds), Northern Lights Auto, some mystery autos (Crop King Seeds, I think), and extra SSDC & DDA to choose from. Can't make up my mind. Will sleep on it.
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