4-20 Solo Cup Auto Challenge

Thinking of doing a few little experiments this year, and a solo cup grow is an easy one to knock off first.

Anyone up for a friendly comparison/competition?

Any strain as long as it's an auto
Solo cup
Soil or soilless, just no DWC
Any light, use what you have.
Any nutrients you want, same with boosters

My thought was to start on 420 to give plenty of time to acquire the desired genetics. No problem starting earlier, just don't want to start without a good number of participants. I myself want to get some new beans to try
Alaskan purple kush and dark devil are already in my shopping cart, just way too many others to choose from.

(Singing) "If I had a million dollars".... I'd buy the entire seed catalogue. I don't like choosing, very indecisive at times

Won't help you none! Once you have them you still have to decide what to grow next. Thats were the same problems arise again LMAO.
There have been a few of these over the past several years, back to at least 2014. My favorite was the 1½-ounce Solo cup grow, but these are cool, too. I don't know if I'll ever participate in one - I'm hesitant to consider donating one of my auto seeds to the cause - but have enjoyed the threads and expect to enjoy this one. No DWC, huh? I suppose a drip-feed (or even NFT) might be the way to go, but there's always "dunk-feeding" three times per day, lol. If you plan on a hand-watered soil grow, make sure to install the Patience of Job extension into your personal operating system, because there's not much room inside a little cup and I expect that the root growth will fill it to the extent that it'll take some time to push the water (add a teaspoon, wait, add a teaspoon, wait, add a teaspoon, oops grab a napkin, add a teaspoon, wait?) - and that you might (IDK) not be able to supply the plant's needs in this regard all at once, because it could use/transpire more moisture in a day than there'll be room in the root zone area to actually hold at any one time. Ergo, this challenge will have challenges ;) .

I wonder if those seeds I was given a while back that are labeled "unknown autos" are still viable? Hmm...

Maybe @Weaselcracker would be up for another Solo plant grow? If I remember correctly, he had a garden's worth of them in one of the previous Solo cup threads.
I'll take a place on this one. I have autos but no cups, can we do a similar size pot instead? My last one went in a tin can.

Edit. The tin can was 1/3 of a liter and sat inside an antique bottle Jack. Pullede a massive 4g of purple goodness.
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I am sure we can work something out. I myself have never actually owned, or used a real solo cup....just the 32oz thick plastic party cups we sold at work, same style, just jumbo's....this one would hold a decent size little auto, lowryders would suit it very well
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