4-20 Solo Cup Auto Challenge

Don't go camping for 2 days and leave your large plant in a little solo cup without water.
I knew this would happen but I was hoping it wasn't going to be that bad. I even water/feed her all the way until the last minute friday but 2 days was 1 day too long.

Bringing her back to health now. In the future I will probably do a Hempy cup, that way it can buy me some time

Could have taken it with you, lol. I mean... it's in a Solo cup, lol.

Er... Unless bears are attracted to cannabis, I suppose ;) .

Glad your plant is fine. I've kept "mini mothers" in small cups before, because it's a lot easier to park three of them on top of the medicine cabinet under a two-CFL-fixture than it would be if they were in five-gallon buckets. I saw "the droop" from time to time, it's no big deal. Try to water them before the entire plant goes crunchy.

The three tomato plants of Mom's that I didn't get planted "are bigger than the plants I've got in the ground" (said my brother), so you can imagine how quickly they suck the moisture out of those tiny little containers they sell plants in. She left them on her hot porch for three days without watering and they looked deader than last Christmas by the time I was able to get back over there. <SHRUGS> I just poured some water into the containers (which mostly quickly flowed right through, of course, due to what happens when you try to water bone dry soil) and went back in and ate a sandwich. By the time I had finished and was ready to plant them, they were back to standing at attention.

Plants, in general, are pretty resilient. Otherwise, there probably wouldn't be any left on the planet outside of a few special-environment boxes, what with the actions of Homo sapiens and all. . . .
Didn't start a solo cup this time around as needed all the space I have available. I got the blueberry auto in the little juice bottle to harvest on my last grow. Just. She faded quickly in the last couple of weeks. Buds are a bit airy but got 14g dried and cured in the end. Not bad off a tiny little thing. Had to harvest her a little early so the high has a real racy 20 mins then mellows out a bit. It's fun. Be interesting to see how your plants do in the final weeks.

Oh my that looks tasty. Well done. Hopefully my C.R.E.A.M is something like that, but I am not betting on it.
Thanks bud. Not the smoothest smoke right now as I think it dried a bit quick. Getting better though and for my first time growing I'm more than happy with it. Her big sister didn't have the same issues. Fingers crossed for you. I topped her and did a little training. She gave me no problems whatsoever until the last few weeks but I expected that. I'm sure you'll get a result. I'll definitely try it again at some point.
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