Black Domina x Zombie Virus - Sweet Zombie Grow Journal

Oh yea earlier I said it had a menthol finish> What I should have said was it has a eucalyptus tasting finish . Was smoking it all day, yesterday. As far as Zombie effect, I 'm smoking some small bud of Tropicanna banana today & late last night & it was upping the zombie
Set up the lights for full flowering today, added another LED for a bit more intensity
Besides, they look a nicer colour ;)


Happy cannabis plants, happy grower :ganjamon:
Not allowed to enter photo competitions, so I post my would-be entries here instead
I'm into photography, so took on a technical challenge and here is my result, after extensive planning

Roy's Grow Tent After Lights Out

I'm no pro, but I thought it was pretty good :rofl: :hookah:
Black Domina x Zombie Virus - Sweet Zombie Grow Journal

I have had to take these down early for various reasons, so I've packed up until next spring for a lick of paint
Going to make some changes to my setup to grow specimen plants next year to focus on quality over yield

Thank you to all who have contributed to this grow

2023 Black Jack Auto..?
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