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Hi there!
First we want to introduce you a very nice video created by 'Chilled CBD' - Chilled CBD is a fantastic producer of legal marijuana - you can buy high-quality CBD flowers at our Cannabis Seedshop...this is a very cool video we like, hope you like it as well:

And then we have some very nice weedseeds for sale at our cannabis-seedhop:

1.) Bruce Banner feminized seeds by Apeorigin: a cross of the OG Kush 2004 with the famous Strawberry Diesel - it is a mostly Indica, easy to grow and offers an absolutely brilliant smell reminiscent of the most intense Diesel you can find. Additionally, this fantastic scent is rounded off with a hint of sweet undertones. These feminized seeds from the breeder ApeOrigin were created by self-pollination of the famous Bruce Banner from the breeder Dark Horse Genetics...

2.) Forbidden Blueprint - El Krem by Purple City Genetics: easy to grow for indoors and outdoors, this cross of (Forbidden Fruit x Watermelon Zkittlez) and Blueprint offers a wonderful scent of very exotic fruits combined with sweet notes, a fantastic strain for beginners and experts...

3.) CBG #18 - a strain for CBG lovers: a great cannabis strain that yields up to 18% CBG and always stays below 0.3% THC - it is an easy-to-grow CBG strain for indoor and outdoor cultivation. With these feminized cannabis seeds, even the most inexperienced gardener can get a completely legal, and extremely fragrant harvest that smells deliciously of tangy fresh lemons and berries!

4.) EEP by Helvetic Seeds: if you search for a strain that reminds on the legendary 'Erdbeerli' ... this is your chance - a cross between (Erdbeerli x Erdbeerli) and Purpurea 09 - with this cross Helvetic is almost on target to have the famous Erdbeerli aka Strawberry again as the grower used to know it. This cannabis strain is easy to grow outdoors and indoors, the plants smell extremely delicious of strawberries and they are great to grow even in higher areas...

5.) Lemon Miracle feminized cannabisseeds by BlackFarmGenetix: a cross between the Glukies and the Secret Lemon that's fantastic for indoor and outdoor growing. The plants are very beautiful towards the end and offer deep green tones often complemented with light purple and blue tones. Lemon Miracle emits sweet and savory smells of berry-mint-lime cookies and a nice hint of Kush!

We will continue to post our updates here in future - please do not forget to check our latest cannabisseeds and our recommended weedseeds as well...

Cheers and happy sunday :)
They all look awesome
Hello again!
Some new nice strains available at our Cannabis Seed Shop :)

1.) Serios feminized by Serious Seeds: ... one of the fastest cannabis strains from the range of Dutch veteran breeder Serious Seeds. This cross of the legendary AK47 and the best Serious Mimosa has an enormous smell with tremendous power: Seriosa smells wonderfully fruity due to the Mimosa and at the same time, thanks to the AK47, like sweet spices...

2.) Seriotica cannabis seeds - Serious Seeds: a mostly Indica from Serious Seeds that was created by crossing the varieties Mimosa and Girl Scout Cookies. This blend grows very compact and (typical for an indica) stays relatively short. The smell is quite strong and penetrating, a mix of sweet biscuits combined with hints of delicious fruit. Seriotica can be grown excellently both indoors and outdoors

3.) Baghlan Hashplant by Khalifa Seeds: The Baghlan Hashplant comes from a very remote village in the mountains of the Hindu Kush, where the best hash has been made by the residents for many generations. This true landrace is a real, proper hash plant with a dark appearance. The smell is intense and absolutely fantastic, for all old school lovers this landrace is the absolute 'real deal'!

4.) Chapel of Love feminized - Purple City Genetics: Chapel of Love is a great indica that gets extremely fat and smells fantastic of vanilla and ice cream – in addition you can always find a small but perfect touch of fuel in this very complex scent! Purple City Genetics crossed the strains Wedding Cake and Gush Mints (itself a cross between Kush Mints, F1 Durbs and Gushers) for this cannabis strain and created a true high-end indica plant.

5.) Bubba Kush seeds - Barneys Farm: Bubba Kush by Barneys Farm is a mostly Indica that was created by crossing a great Afghan landrace with OG Kush. Descended from the famous Bubba Kush, this delightful cannabis strain has been stabilized by Barneys Farm and raised to a standard that fully lives up to its well-known history and reputation.

6.) Forbidden Fruit - ApeOrigin: Forbidden Fruit (Cherry x Pie) is a really delicious cannabis strain that shows beautiful deep purple hues. As well as gorgeous looks, she offers a fantastic terpene profile: the perfect blend of Cherry Pie's musky, sweet cherry undertones and Tangie's extremely tasty tropical flavors. This smell is supported by notes of pine, mango and passion fruit.

Check out the latest cannabis seeds and buy lowryder seeds at our cannabis seed online shop :)
Cheers and happy weekend
The very cool lowcost breeder Ape Origin Seeds offers a PRE-BLACK-FRIDAY - all available cannabis seeds (regular and feminized) except Mazar-I-Sharif (note many packs left) are reduced massively till 13th November 2022!

Ape Origin has some very cool strains like Sour Diesel regular, Cinderella 99 fem, Grape Ape fem, Bruce Banner fem, Thaifun Horizon regular and the amazing (and one of the strongest strains in 2022) Kush Mints female...and many more fantastic highquality cannabis seeds

We think this is a fantastic offer, we sold them very very good over the last years and with this promo, you can not do anything wrong!

Wish you a great autumn and some great deals - cheeeeers

Growers Choice - highend marijuana seeds now available @ Cannapot cannabis seeds online shop :)

Growers Choice has been on the radar of many growers for many years, the dutch producer of feminized cannabis seeds is always developing new strains and also helps some other big breeders with their work. Growers Choice dates back to 1996, but officially the company started producing seeds for other companies in 2006.

Here are some nice examples what Growers Choice offers:

Rainbow Candy seeds: Rainbow Candy is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that resulted from the marriage of Zkittlez and Dosidos. This strain gives new meaning to all the flavors of the rainbow: sweet candy with fresh fruit combined with berries!

Ultraviolet GMO feminized: GMO Cookies, also known as Garlic Cookies, is a strong indica-dominant hybrid strain born from the cross of a Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies. Ultra Violet GMO is a combination of the popular MK Ultra (Purple Pheno) and the famous GMO Cookies...

Blue Forest Berry: a very fast cannabis strain for indoor and outdoor gardens, this cross between Blueberry and Lion Sativa is easy to grow and therefore also ideal for beginners. Blue Forest Berry smells very sweet fruity with hints of delicious Haze.

Frosty Gelato feminized: rowers Choice crossed their in-house Braindamage with the world-renowned Gelato, and used these genes to create a delightful cannabis strain that smells super strong...

Purple Sunset: Purple Sunset will make any gardener's mouth water - this cross between Purple Punch and Sunset Sorbet combines smells of cookies and aromas of tropical fruits absolutely perfectly. Purple Sunset is extremely strong and is best suited for indica lovers looking for a relatively quick and easy strain...

Wish you a happy weekend - next week we think that Sowahh by Karma will be back on stock...cheeeers:)
Yes we send to Australia, shipping is EUR 9.99....if you want 'stealth' it costs extra, please check our infopage about shipping n returns :)

We have satisfied customers in Australia, delivery takes about 2 weeks and sometimes little bit more
Cheers :)
I would like to try ordering from y'all for first time. Any discounts for folks on here. That we might need to know. LoL . For the pour folks yal know. . the little guys
Here is a code with 12% discount...just use it when you go to checkout - everyone here can use it till 17th Nov. 2022 :)


The promotion works for all seeds except for our specials @ "cheap cannabisseeds for sale"

Cheers and happy weekend :)
Here is a code with 12% discount...just use it when you go to checkout - everyone here can use it till 17th Nov. 2022 :)


The promotion works for all seeds except for our specials @ "cheap cannabisseeds for sale"

Cheers and happy weekend :)
Thanks you! You know I love this bank!
HI there :Rasta:
Some nice new strains are now available at our shop - check out the latest cannabis seeds at Cannapot - here are a few suggestions and, just to let you know, we have a nice promotion by Helvetic Seeds (suisse cannabisseeds) - 25% discount on every strain till 31st December 2022 (no discount-code needed)

Fruit Punch Deluxe feminized: created together with bavarian legend singer and musician Hans Soellner: a nice blend of Sativa- and Indicagenes - it was included in SoellnerBio's assortment because it offers one of the fruitiest sweet and sour berry aromas that can be found in marijuana at all. In addition to the berries, some of the smells you'll find are of tangerines and oranges.

Princess of Bavaria regular seeds: The origin of this fantastic and very high flying cannabis strain is an original Haze from Neville Shoemaker (one of the absolute best Dutch breeders of all time) that has been propagated and stabilized over many generations. Due to the careful and geneuen selection over many years, one had already found the right basic stock. However, an "accident" made this Haze mature much faster than the original. In this accident, a few pollen of an unknown Indica accidentally came on the best female plant in the garden, and these pollen pollinated this Haze....

Femme Violette feminized: this great looking purple Indica can be grown indoors and outdoors at its best, within no time any grower, experienced or not, will get excellent results that will really blow your mind and bring you to your knees. Femme Violette is also an excellent medicinal cannabis strain for pain relief, insomnia, migraines and it also helps to reduce nausea...

Soellner - Vadda's Marijuanabam - marijuana seeds for sale

Cherry Pie Automatic fem by ApeOrigin: one of the best automatic strains available at the moment - smells deliciously sweet of fruity cherries with a nice hint of fresh pastry. It is a cross between ApeOrigin's Cherry Pie and the legendary Lowryder from Joint Doctor Seeds - the plants grow very well in all environments and produce great results without much care. Cherry Pie Auto is best suited for outdoor growers looking for a guerrilla plant...

Killer Bees by Archive Seeds: a cross of the legendary and very strong sativa Malawi Gold with Northern Lights Haze #2 and Moonbow 75. It is a great mostly sativa that is easy to grow and always delivers very good results. Even beginners will find Killer Bees a really good cannabis strain with which one can hardly make mistakes in growing, due to the share of Moonbow #75 (Zkittlez x Do-Si-Dos) Killer Bees is also really fast compared to the other parents Malawi Gold and NL x Haze...

Thai Landrace regular by AceSeeds: this is a very special one for lover of oldschool thais (thaisticks.....) - this one is a traditional pure Sativa from Chiang Mai (the Golden Triangle of Thailand) that has been reproduced by Ace Seeds to preserve the best qualities of classic Thai Sativas. It is an authentic, pure tropical Sativa that delivers a fantastic quality that is hard to find on the market anymore. Any grower who knows classic Thai strains will know what quality is involved.

Burma Myanmar Sativa regular: another great sativa, very unique - a fantastic mostly sativa that is every landrace sativa lover's absolute dream. The strain smells deliciously of sweet cinnamon, hot pepper, lemongrass and a hint of raw mango - this is an easy plant to grow but requires a lot of patience. Burma Sativa hardly needs any fertilizer, she has no problems with mould, mildew or fungus but, as said, she requires a lot of patience! If you are looking for a really exceptional sativa and have a little patience when growing, you should definitely have this strain in the garden, Burma is really an incredibly good hemp strain of the best quality.

I wish you a happy weekend, and do not forget to check our cheap cannabisseeds for sale - greeeetings :ganjamon:
Here is a DISCOUNT-CODE for all 420 Members - you can use it till 31st December 2022


Works for all cannabis seeds except for our specials @ Reduced Weedseeds - dopeseeds for sale - Cannapot Hempshop ... just copy and paste it, you can insert the code when you go to checkout :)

AND very nice news - we have two very great seeds by Karma Genetics back on stock

Sweets by Karma: a fantastic blend of the Guave Galato and Sour Diesel, incredible great strain for indoorgrower...

Tha Melon by Karma Genetics: Melon x Biker Kush ... fantastic punchy melon flavour, a very great strong Indica

We also have new Grand Daddy Purple Seeds on stock, for example

Candyland female: a fantastic cross of Bay Platinum Cookies and Grand Daddy Purple, a real highlight of the breeder's range.

Confidental Purp female: ...a very easy to grow, and very strong mostly Indica, created by crossing the legendary LA Confidental and Grand Daddy Purps #5. Ken discovered this strain by accident

We wish you all the best - enjoy Xmas - do not eat toooo much ;) :ganjamon: :peacetwo:
Sweets sounds super enticing to me! The kerosene and the sweetness together is one of my favorites.

Adding this one to my Indica Spring grow list I think!
Sweets sounds super enticing to me! The kerosene and the sweetness together is one of my favorites.

Adding this one to my Indica Spring grow list I think!

just to let you know --> not many packs left, and you can also use the discount --> 420XMAS2022HHBA
just to let you know --> not many packs left, and you can also use the discount --> 420XMAS2022HHBA
Awesome thank you! Gonna a have to phone my bank to let them know there will be something coming through from overseas. Thanks for the code!
@NorwayFTW I haven't gotten to buy autos from here yet, but I have had amazing plants in my photos ran through this bank. The selection is to die for. Outsource the best of the best and the most unique strains you'll hear of. You may pee your pants. I'm serious. And they are not in the US so there's that for you, too.
Some news again ... we have new and nice stuff at our cannabis seed shop :)
AND for all users of 420Mag, here is a discount-code with 10% for all products except the reduced weed seeds


You can use the code when you go to checkout ...

And here are a few examples of our latest strains:

Tropcial Tangie by Dutch Passion: Tropical Tangie is a real elite tangie selection (Tangie x Tangie) that can be grown very successfully and easily both indoors and outdoors, a really exotic cannabis strain with a fresh, sour and very fruity aroma.

Limon Blanco by Khalifa Genetics: a true F1 hybrid, a mostly Indica that produces incredible, very lemony flavours. It is the result of a cross between a strong American hybrid (Terra White IBL) and a pure landrace from Northern Afghanistan (Afghan Lemon IBL). Both parents are citrusy, with the Terra White producing rather sweet, lemony terpenes and the Afghan Lemon smelling of tangy lemon and lime...

Wedding Caka aka Triangle Mints by ApeOrigin: one of the absolute best cannabis strains of recent years (Leafly named it the best strain of 2019), it is also known as 'Triangle Mints 23', and was created by crossing Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. It is a mostly Indica that is easy to grow, perfect for indoor gardens, greenhouses but also for outdoors as it matures very quickly...

Pistachio seeds by Humboldt Seed CO: it offers an impressively pungent nutty/gassy nose with a fantastic hint of pistachio ice cream. It is very easy to grow so also a superb option for beginners who search for a mostly Indica for indoor- and outdoorgardens....

Vanilla Cream Pie by Humboldt: smells incredibly good like a very sweet, very creamy vanilla dessert - many growers think she smells like a really delicious vanilla cake. This is a mostly Indica strain that is the result of crossing Emerald Fire and Ghost of Humboldt OG...

Nepal Mist regular Seeds by ACE: a cross from the late 1990s between an excellent Nepalese Sativa and the glorious old Kali Mist, Serious Seeds' Kali Mist as it originally was. ACE Seeds has re-produced this blend as a special for the 15th anniversary of the company, and now finally made it available to all growers...

Sunset Paradise feminized by Paradise: a mostly Indica that smells deliciously of orange, lavender, berries and raspberries with a slight hint of Skunk. Within a very short time, this cross of Girl Scout Cookies (Thin Mint Pheno) and Sunset Sherbet produces very beautiful plants with an incredible colour show, and a concentrated load of exoticism...

And we also have superb strains for real connoisseurs by Artizen Seeds, all strains are awesome, great work ;)

You can always find the latest weedseeds here @ The Latest Cannabis Seeds - New Weedseeds - Feminized & Regular

By the way, this is important for all fans of breeder THE PERFECT TREE ... Perfect Tree is closed the next months so there are not many packs left ... grab them asap if you need them ;)

I wish you all the best for 2023 - may the force be with, especially on 4th April ;)

PS: I forgot to tell you bout NEW 420 Seeds we have at our auction area for cannabisseeds called my.cannapot

New420Guy Seeds has some new stuff for our fellow growers - one of our personal favorites! New strains in stock… 3 Run Homer, Panama Red, and Electric Maui! Plus Post Traumatic Purple is back in stock as well as Power Glue! And don’t forget all the other favorites like GDP, Glue Cookies, Tahoe OG and Tajikistani Hash Plant! Get your seeds from the shop at low prices or even lower prices from the auctions!

My last 2 seed orders have come from @CannaPot and I couldn’t be happier with the selection, quality and speed of their international shipping that has always included some free brand name breeder seeds. Sorry I just missed this sweet sale but I still got a good deal.
Heres a photo of my current grow with some Chocolate Skunk autos that came from you.
Thanks for being a @sponsor here at 420Magazine:love:
Hi there!
Some news here after a few weeks of silence :)

The first thing is the 420 special 2023 at the Cannapot Seedshop - most seeds are reduced from 1st April till 30th April 2023, just visit our cannabis seeds online shop and grab some great offers

And second thing(s): we have some fantastic new strains available, here are a few suggestions, all different strains are of best quality, think you will enjoy a lot :D

STRAWBERRY AKA ERDBEERLI REGULAR: this one produces extremely sweet, fruity-aromatic leaves that will always amaze the gardener flying high. The strain is a perfect choice for outdoors (even in the worst conditions it still produces excellent results) but indoors it is also a truly magnificent plant with above average results...a true legend

APPLE TARTZ FEMINIZED: an insanely good cross of the gorgeous Runtz with the fantastic Apple Fritter - this blend smells great like a mixture of biscuits and apple pie. Any lover of high quality cannabis will instantly fall in love with this really awesome intense smell...

GRAPEFRUIT SATIVA FEMINZED: a great mostly Sativa is the result of crossing Cinderella 99 F2 from Origin Seeds and Lebanese Sativa from Ace Seeds. Grapefruit has a lovely fruity smell with hints of sour oranges and really very explosive, totally intense lemons...

ACID DAWG by Karma Genetics: fantastic cross of Stardawg and Sour Diesel BX3 by Karma Genetics - the terp profile of Acid Dawg is very gassy, with the mix of the sour fuel of Sour Diesel Bx3 and the chemical notes of the Stardawg

LEMONATOR by APEORIGIN: a delicious sour lemon-scented cannabis strain that was created by crossing Lemon and an Afghan Indica - Lemonator is absolutely easy to grow, you can grow it indoors in a Sea-of-Green without any problems..

And last but not least - you now can order Grounded Genetics online at Cannapot - fantastic feminized seeds of best quality

Here are two very nice strains that I have to introduce

Vitamin Z: Vitamin Z is one of the ingenious hybrids from the Z Road line, a great mix of indica and sativa, the intense smell will make any lover's mouth water...

Bizcocho: Bizcocho (Biscotti x Bacio #4 x Z Road) is a great plant that tends towards the sweeter, candied side, producing phenotypes with a more balanced display of profiles from both parents. One finds delicious smells of unique sweet "biscuit gassiness" in it, topped off with unique funk...

We have more nice seeds by Grounded Genetics like Blue Fizz, Pink Limez, Rasberry Z, Z Pointer and many more...

By the way ... Grounded Genetics won't be reduced because they are very rare :)
Greetings and happy weekend

PS: do not forget to have a look at the fab Trichome Jungle Seeds, these strains are awesome!!!
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