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Carcass' $150 Low Budget Grow 2019


Grow Journal of the Month: Nov 2018 - Plant of the Month: Dec 2020
And one of the buds-they're not real big, but they're pretty dense, and there's 32 of 'em.
Well done! Those are such pretty buds. :drool:


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I’m excited to hear how she smokes.
Good Morning, HH! I've got a little popcorn quick-drying right now, gonna test her tonight!
Congrats on the awesome freaking harvest carcass!
Thanks, BL!- she was heavier than I thought she'd be...
You’re a master at that! Jeez Luis!! :11:
I smoked a little delta8 before I trimmed this one- made the four hours seem to go a little faster, and I didn't start to get sloppy after the third hour like I usually do :)
She’s a real beauty, all the way through. Best mistake all year
I could dig more mistakes like that!
Looks like a great harvest C Dawg
Thanks, Trala- She didn't stay all green to the end, but she did get pretty!
On the edge of my seat for the mystery reveals.
One more day....
How do you do your dry weight estimations? I usually figure that I lose about 75% of the wet weight.
Good Morning, BigD-
If the buds aren't "stemmy", I'll figure the dry weight at 25% of wet weight- these buds have quite a bit of stem, so I figured this one at 20% of the wet weight- It usually comes out pretty close to the estimate, like within 10 grams or so.I get the final weight after they're de-stemmed.
Congrats on the harvest Carcass!
Thanks, Boo- my patience finally ran out at 11.5 weeks...never saw even a tiny bit of amber...
Those are such pretty buds.
Who knew? I'd like to grow that one again...
I haven't forgotten!
Well, she was a fauxto...for a little while...;)

Congrats on the Harvest and the new spouts!
Thanks, Candy! one sprout is doing "fair", the other, not so much- ....I'll post up pics at tomorrows update-
I dropped another photo seed this morning, because I don't think the one is going to make it...


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And ,as I mentioned on Thursday, today was Harvest Day for the Super Silver Haze..
She was 128 days old, flowering for 80 days...never did see any amber trichomes on her, but I got tired of waiting...
Such a beauty! Love to see colours like that!

The "faux" thing was actually a case of "mistaken Identity" till Justin and I got it sorted out...:high-five:
Ahhh, that's almost a disappointment now... :p


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Good Afternoon, 420!
No grandkids today (we visited Nova yesterday) so I might as well do a Monday Update!

This Super Silver Haze is just plugging right along...She's starting to turn some interesting colors (I usually just get yellow or brown) so she's pretty close to the end...almost all her trichomes are cloudy now, and I'm just waiting on a bit of amber before she makes the ultimate sacrifice..
She's 117 days old now, flowering for 68, so 2 days shy of 10 weeks...she's still drinking the pot dry every
2.5 days or so, so she's not quite ready to give it up yet....

The Saugaview®:

And a little different view with the top down:

And a couple peeks in through the door:


And a look at a bud or 3...



She's still fed 4.5g/MC, 4ml Silica Blast, and .5g Bud Explosion- she never has been very hungry, seems very happy with what I consider a low dose for a flowering plant...

Here's a silhouette shot:

And that's about all that's going on with her today, she'll be ready to harvest as soon as I see some amber trichomes, but that may be awhile- there's not even any amber on the sugar leaves yet...

One more thing, since I'm in here...
I received my order from one of our sponsors- @OregonHempFlower on Saturday- I ordered some more CBG isolate, and while I was ordering something, I decided to give one of their "Delta 8 Moonrocks"
a try.
The Moonrock is a CBG nug , covered with Delta8 THC oil, and then coated in CBD isolate and CBG kief.

Here's a pic- They tossed in a gram of cbd isolate free of charge, and you can't beat that!

Now...maybe I'm the only person on this forum who didn't know that Delta8 THC gets you high,
but now I know it definitely does!

It's like a Delta9 high, but without the anxiety and paranoia that sometimes accompanies it.
There's also not a lot of psychotropic effects- but there is a little, and it's nice.

The body high is exceptional...it seems to me like delta8 thc might be just the ticket for pain relief, because it actually gives your whole body that "warm,fuzzy feeling" :) without getting you too stoned.
I wasn't in pain, so that's just a guess about the pain relief...but my impression is that it would benefit
someone with chronic pain issues- it just makes you feel good!

The moonrock is kind of gooey, so it smokes like hash- a LOT of smoke from just a tiny bit of it- that 1 gram nug will probably last me a month or more...

That's about all- I just wanted to mention the delta8thc thing for those that might be interested...

I'll keep you posted on the state of the trichomes...historically, they seem to take awhile to amber up
under my cheap light, so we'll see if the SSH is any different than the last couple plants have been!

Thanks for looking, I appreciate the support!
And please, continue to stay safe out there...:peace:
Very nice silhouette pic @Carcass, those are some delicious looking buds:bravo:. Heres one I chopped just over a week ago, not as sexy as yours but still looks cool.



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:nomo: Waiting for Monday......
Is it monday yet!... :popcorn:
Very nice silhouette pic @Carcass,
Thank You for the compliment! Yours ain't too bad either!

Well here we are..finally time for my Monday Update...
As you know, I recieved a couple of "mystery" boxes last week...(sorry the"reveal" took so long, but I had a busy weekend)

In early January, Mike from @Atreum Lighting got in touch with me, and asked if I'd like to
try out their new Hydra-1000 grow light- needless to say, I said yes (Hell yes!,actually :) )
And I received the light last week...(box #1)
This 100 watt light is designed for growing in a 2'x2' space start to finish , or a 3'x3' space for vegging.
2 Atreum.gif

So here's a few pics of the light and how I set it up in "the box"...

It came double boxed- the light was very well packed in it's box- it came with cables to hang it, 2 of those pulley thingys for adjusting height, a cable for daisy chaining 2 or more lights together, a 6 foot cable for mounting the control and driver remotely, and of course, a 6' power cord...
Atreum 2.jpg

Here's what it looks like once the packing material is removed-
Atreum 3.jpg

If it looks like a quality light, that's because it is...here's the "business" part of the light, showing the unique LED spacing- this is done so the light in your growspace is as intense around the edges as it is in the middle -it also eliminates "hotspots" in the center of the space...pretty friggin cool, I'd say...
Atreum 4.jpg

The dimmer unit and Meanwell driver are mounted on a couple of nifty brackets, and can be removed from the light to be mounted remotely with the supplied 6 foot cable, either inside or outside the growspace:
Atreum 6.jpg

I also noticed that if I mount them remotely, I can get an extra 3 inches of headroom in the box, so that's what I did- I've always left the light stationary ,and raised the plants on spacers, and that's not going to change- so the light is permanently mounted to the coat hanger bar in my wardrobe box...
(those 2 wooden dowels hold the roof up- sometimes I sit the plants on top of the box)
Atreum 8.jpg

Where did the control box and driver end up? Well, this light puts out very little heat, and I need a little heat in there, so I opted to mount them inside the box (notice the remote cable )
Atreum 9.jpg

And here's where the control and driver will live- out of the way, in the corner of the box-the wattage readout and dimmer feature is pretty darn cool!
Atreum 10.jpg

This light is incredibly bright for using just 100 watts- the LM301B Samsung led's are super efficient
and will last for years- this is a very high quality unit- @Atreum Lighting has really covered all the bases with this light, so this is what I'll be using in the box from now on, and I want to thank Atreum for giving me the opportunity to upgrade my box with this great little light!

And finally, a pic of the light doing what it does best- growing weed!

And now the second box- I was also contacted by Sean, from @GeoFlora Nutrients about giving their 2 part nutrient system a try, so I'm ditching the MegaCrop for something a little different...
These nutes are even easier to use than MC, and I like easy...So lets see how this goes!
I'll give more details as I use them- these are brand new to me.
GeoFlora 1.jpg

Now for the "plants" part of the update!
The Kalashnikov auto is finally growing, after just sitting there for about 8 days (building roots, I suppose)
She's 13 days old, and was up-potted to her permanent 3 gallon pot on Friday- She's now in 3 gallons of ProMix HP, amended with 2.5 oz. of @GeoFlora "Veg" nutes.

And the Iced Grapefruit- she's not doing so well- she's got a damaged cotyledon, and the leaves are "funny" ... I'm not sure what's going to happen with her, so I dropped a Northern Lights photo seed yesterday- it's in a paper towel on top of the router as we speak..

And here they both are, basking in 62 watts of @Atreum Lighting illumination (I'll turn the wattage up as the plants grow)

And that's about all for today- A new light, new Nutes, and 2 or 3 new plants- we'll see if I can make them play nice together over the next 3 months or so...
I'm an old fart, and I don't usually like things to change, but I think these changes will definitely be for the better!

Thanks for looking, I really appreciate all of you great folks!
And please, stay safe out there:peace:


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Congrats on the new light and nutes Carcass!
Thanks, Boo- I hope I can do 'em justice!
Too bad about the iced grapefruit, I was really looking forward to that one
So was I, DAB! - I'm going to keep her going, hoping for the best...I grew out an Alaskan Purple auto that looked worse than the IG, and she ended up one of the best I've grown yet, so I'm not going to give up on her...although there is a plan "B" just in case she doesn't snap out of it!

Grand Daddy Black

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Oh, boy! Somebodies gonna have some fun.

Congrats on the new light and the new nutes, @Carcass.

I'm trying the GF now for the first time and it surely is easier than MC. I'm just not certain I'm using the right amount. :Rasta:


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Thanks, GDB! out with the old, and in with the new!
I'm just not certain I'm using the right amount. :Rasta:
Yeah, I'm sure ther'll be a little learning curve, but we'll get it dialed in...hopefully I won't kill any plants in the process :oops:
I also love that we get to see that wardrobe box all opened up, nicely done!
Thanks for the compliment, Boo- That has got to be the best $18.00 I've ever spent!
Still going strong after 2-1/4 years, too- never thought it'd even last that long:)

Atreum Lighting

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Excellent post timing! (4:20am Pacific time) Coincidence? I think not...;)

Really like how you've placed the driver and control box, this is a perfect use case!
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