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Welcome Growers to my 420 Magazine Sponsored Comparative Grow featuring Girl Scout Cookies FEM seeds by @Weed Seeds Express, and featuring other great sponsors.

*If you'd like to JOIN this comparative grow, go here to find out how:

I recently beat my previous Auto Best when I harvested 10oz from their Girl Scout Cookies Auto.
I have been extremely pleased with their genetics and their company overall.

Loving to get out of my comfort zone, I want to see what I can do with the PHOTO version of the same seed, in different conditions.

Along with that change, I’ll be unboxing and showcasing the new @Atreum Lighting Hydra 1000, at only 100W.

If that wasn’t enough, I’ll also be ditching my normal MC nutes, and trying out the @GeoFlora Nutrients 2 Part (Veg and Bloom) Organic Nutrient System.

They have also been kind enough to provide me with 5g GeoPots for this and future grows, and Earth Alive soil activator to try out in my soil.


The Place: Goody’s 420 Mag grow wall, middle tent (2x2’, recent home of Green Crack.) Washington, USA

The Nutes:

The Strain:

The Light:



The Review:
Lights like this are the future of indoor LED growing. Simple, low wattage and guaranteed to do real work for many hours without issue.

The first thing I noticed about the light was the weight. Almost unreal how lightweight this is, even in the package. The Box was unmarked/discreet, and also inside another Amazon box. Packaged well with minimal waste and easy to open. There’s a simple startup guide that will have you lit up in just a few minutes.

I have been buying LED grow lights in different applications for about 10 years. Most of them have noisy fans that clog up with dust over time, and come with very thin silly hangers and seem overly heavy.

This light is NO NONSENSE. It’s basically plug and play right out of the box, unless you want to remotely mount the controller/driver, which would set you back a few more minutes. Easy to hang, and the simplicity of it’s design makes it nearly indestructible.

Heavy red spectrum LED lights are a thing of the past. White light with the proper mix of reds and blues will get the exact results you want for yield and trichome production.

LED’s have gotten more efficient and MUCH cheaper over time, so naturally grow lights should have as well.
Don’t let the price fool you, this light packs all the punch of a light claiming way higher wattage. With a trusted Meanwell driver and trusted Samsung LED’s, this light will serve for MANY years. Not to mention the pleasing white light is easier to look at and work around, and takes much better photographs.

It’s apparent when you hold this light in your hands that it is quality made.

It’s also apparent when you turn that switch on that great things are going to happen in your garden/tent, starting today.
My only advice would be purchase a lux meter along with any light, to make sure you have the proper distance between your light and your garden.

With new LED technology, it’s much harder to tell by sight how bright they really are , and there’s not much of a warm/heat indicator below like many old fashioned ‘hot’ lights used to have.

These would also be great for commercial growing as they daisy chain together and are light to transport and hang.
This would be a solid purchase for any grower who wants to save room, and save money, while getting a powerful little package.

Easy setup.
No fans.
No sheet metal to cut hands or bend.
Cool Running and nice looking.
THICK quality cables to suspend light, extra one included.
Perfect spectrum for flowering and vegetative growth.
Super low wattage with maximum efficiency.
Controller and driver can be mounted remotely and has an extra cord to accommodate that.
Ultra Lightweight.
Samsung trusted LED array with a quality Meanwell driver.
Great, even coverage.
Digital wattage output 1-100% readout with Dimmer.
Daisy Chain with other lights (cord also included).
Quality Warranty with opportunity to extend it by several years, and get a free gift.
Great customer service inside and outside the US.

Nothing so far
I put her right to work and here we are, ready to go

The Crew:
Come pull up a chair/carpet/beanbag and ride along with me on my newest adventure. Tag your friends and tell your neighbors: @420 @Teddy Edwards @Dwight Monk @Mr. Sauga @Carcass @InTheShed @VetSmoke85 @Grand Daddy Black @Trala @BooWho2 @Virgin Ground @Amy Gardner @DonkeyDick @Rexer @Sunnyskies @Backlipslide @StoneOtter @West Hippie @Heavenly Hybrid @DutchinAB @Baron Von Blurple @Van Stank @The Celt @TriangleCheese @Pat Puffer @multiVortex @Cola Monster @syenite @013 @Bionic Chronic NZ @SeniorMoments @Timhomegrow @Momma’s Kitchen @ChefDGreen @GoogleGenie @bluter @Fredwak @BubbleBucketz @Buds Buddy @Emilya @Mr. Krip @johnnystackz @candycane @Thirvnrob @Grandma Weedstein @ProfessorFlora @Squiggle @NuttyProfessor @Cola Monster @TegridyGrower @N420 @Listersmeghead @Farmer Reading @Lime @Reave @copperrein
And sorry to anyone I didn't mention!

Floating in 20% h202 (3% strength) and tap water.
Lux Atreum.jpg

Lux around 22k, Temp 72F, RH 50% Seeds went in last night about 5/8" deep.

Let’s GO!
And for all of your needs, check out our sponsors-

Virgin Ground

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I'm in.

Justin Goody

Grow Journalist
420 Staff


Member of the Month: July 2019, Sept 2020 - Grow Journal of the Month: Nov 2019 - Plant of the Month: April 2020

Justin Goody

Grow Journalist
420 Staff
My name wasn't on the list, but I'm Gona gate crash this party.
I'm on board.
Fabulous write up in the first post :thumb:
It probably just didn't notify you, no worries, you are here now. Enjoy and thanks for showing up!
:headbanger: Awesomeness overflowing. I'm in.
Thank you, sir. And congrats on your POTM win!
Mee too! These @Atreum Lighting low wattage, (low power consuming!) lights are the future! I can't wait to see it produce for you Justin!
Looking forward to seeing what everyone else can do with this awesome little unit. Good to have ya!
Yippee, first page for once!
Looking forward to the show, JG!
Great to have you here, I hope it's exciting enough with just 1 plant ;)


Photo of the Month: Mar 2021
I've been looking at the Atreum a one of the choices for my next light. Add me to roll call plz! :tommy:

Edit: Hey Justin, can you link to that 1170g auto please? Not sure which signature link it's in. I'd love to see the plant!

Justin Goody

Grow Journalist
420 Staff
I've been looking at the Atreum a one of the choices for my next light. Add me to roll call plz! :tommy:
Done! I apologize for forgetting ya ;)

And remember, @Atreum Lighting has much more than just the small single-panel lights. @Mr. Sauga and @Virgin Ground are having a great time using their awesome light bar systems that can be adjusted in size and strength.
Made a bit more for the DIY person as there is some assembly, but still on the very affordable and very efficient side.


Grow Journal of the Month: April 2020
Thanks for the Tag Justin. I’ll definitely follow along. As far as popping a GSC and adding to the comparison, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to join in in that capacity. I will say, that (one of) my favorite cultivar(s) has GSC genetics. The cookie family in general is extremely potent.

should be a great thread!

Justin Goody

Grow Journalist
420 Staff
Thanks for the Tag Justin. I’ll definitely follow along. As far as popping a GSC and adding to the comparison, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to join in in that capacity. I will say, that (one of) my favorite cultivar(s) has GSC genetics. The cookie family in general is extremely potent.

should be a great thread!
I hear that. I’m running Wedding Cake again just for that reason. Another great offspring of the GSC family.
I’m going to grow this one a lot like an auto, it’s should be interesting. I also haven’t done a photo (besides outdoor) in almost a year so I have to make sure my brain is working and I’m not leaving the tent open etc.
Great to have you here Chef!
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