Dutchman’s Pheno Hunt!


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Welcome everyone! I’m excited and pleased to have you all here with me again on this journey and I can’t wait to share some new exciting things with you all! So without further delay let’s dive in to what this new journal is all about!

Since I began growing last year I had been discussing the expansion of the Dutchman’s growing adventure with Mrs.Dutch She said yes and we began to expand! I looked into getting my ACMPR license to legally grow my MMJ in a larger volume and after learning about it more I ended up applying and getting my license. I am now legally allowed 25x plants instead of the legal regular 4x plants here in Ontario. Since I have gotten myself this far I am wanting to go on a pheno hunt for some top shelf meds and a collection of mother’s who I can take clones from and run for years to come.

I’m going to be running multiples of each strain to help find that winning pheno from each lineage. After this grow I am aiming to have 6x mother plants including my Critical+2.0 which is doing great! From here I will be doing another pheno hunt this fall of a few other gems I have lined up but those need to remain a secret for now!

Alright! I’m sure by now your interested in what’s going on this round and what genetics I have chosen so let’s take a look at the lineup and the specs of this grow!

What Strain is it / Is it Indica, Sativa, Hybrid:
  • Pink Kush - Barney’s Farm
100% Indica / 22%THC / Flower: 70Days
-OG Kush Hybrid

  • BadAzz Kush - Barney’s Farm
100% Indica / 24%THC / Flower: 65-70Days
-Original OG x Urkel x Afghan Kush

  • Wedding Cake - Canuk Seeds
Sativa Hybrid / 25%+THC / Flower: 70Days
-Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie

  • Canuk Cookies - Canuk Seeds
Sativa Hybrid / 24%THC / Flower: 70Days
-OG Kush x Durban Poison

  • Purple Queen - Royal Queen Seeds
Indica Hybrid / 22%THC / Flower: 70Days
-Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani Kush

  • Purple Gorilla Auto - ShortStuff Seeds
Sativa Hybrid / 24%THC / Harvest: 11weeks
-(GG#4 x OG Kush) x Auto Purple Amnesia

Growth Stage:
All seeds are germinating

Indoor: 3x Tents
-Mother / Clone / Seedling

- Veg / Flower A

- Flower B

Promix HP

Greenleaf Nutrients

Pot size:
Variation in sizes based on growth

(1x) 600W HPS
(2x) 450W LED
(2x) MarsHydro SP-150
(1x) 23W CFL for seedlings

6" Canfan s600 w/ carbon filter
(In the 4x4 tent)

4" Canfan s400 w/ speed controller + carbon filter
(In the 3x3 tent)

4” duct fan forcing air in as well as the passive intakes on each tent(s)

Temp: Fully Controlled to optimize VPD
RH: Fully Controlled to optimize VPD
  • Both using the INKBIRD controllers

PH of medium: 5.9-6.5

-None and keeping it clean!

-Based on plant requirements

-Quadline and LST

Additional Equipment:
-Heatmat with temp controller for seeds and clones

April 29th

Well at 7pm the collection of seeds hit the water in shot glasses so tomorrow we will see how they are all doing and fingers crossed we start this grow show off with a 100% germination rate! I can’t wait to show off some of these strains and I’m hoping to get some real winning phenos with some beautiful colours and heavy terpenes!

Thanks to @Barney's Farm for seeds and some wicked genetics!
Thanks to @SmokeSara for the lighting Mars-SP150 and tent MarsHydro 3x3!

Pink Kush and Wedding Cake are some of my favourite strains and I am absolutely stoked to be running them this round! The colours I’ve seen from Canuk Cookies and Purple Queen should be some real show stoppers and with all these yummys strains its going to be difficult picking a favourite!

Lastly I just wanted to thank you all again for tagging along, being the supportive and caring friends that you all are and inspiring me to grow better each time!

One Love! Stay Blessed!
Stay Medicated!



Member of the Month: Dec 2018 - Grow Journal of the Month: Apr 2019 - Grow Journal of the Year: 2019 - Nug of the Month: Nov 2022 - Photo of the Month: Nov 2022


Member of the Month: Dec 2018 - Grow Journal of the Month: Apr 2019 - Grow Journal of the Year: 2019 - Nug of the Month: Nov 2022 - Photo of the Month: Nov 2022
Congrats on your new license brother, I’m jealous you can grow that many plants. :passitleft::420:. Looks like a great lineup
Thanks Bunk! I’m pretty excited to get things going and fill the tents up!


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Member of the Month: Dec 2018 - Grow Journal of the Month: Apr 2019 - Grow Journal of the Year: 2019 - Nug of the Month: Nov 2022 - Photo of the Month: Nov 2022
I’m in Dutch! The hunt is on mate!
Let the hunt begin! Welcome!

In like Flynn!
Oh yea! What’s up Shed!

How’s the mega crop treating ya Dutch? I really want to make the switch to dry ferts.
MegaCrop is treating me really well so far and the ease of use is fantastic! In the past I was mixing 6-8bottles of nutes each feeding now it’s one scoop and done! I haven’t given it a good run yet as I’ve just started using but give me a few months and I’ll give it a bette review!

Nice one Dutch! You got some Wedding Cake I see. I'm in boy! :popcorn:
Oh I searched high and low for these seeds haha! Once I got them they were instantly in my next lineup haha! Really excited for Pink Kush and Canuck Cookies !!

Yes please! Congratulations on your license!
Thanks Curious and Welcome aboard!

Hey Dutchy, nice strains Junger.
Great grow coming up.....
Thanks Low and welcome! I’m really excited for this round!

Congrats Dutch I’m subbed in!
Woohoo! Glad you made it Penny!

... :popcorn:...cheerz...:high-five:...h00k...:hookah:...
Hey hook my man! Welcome!


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Subbed :lot-o-toke:

I told my friend to get some Pink Kush seeds for me but unfortunately it was sold out. I will join the Barney's Farm new strains club in 2 weeks with Gorilla Zkittlez and Blue Gelato 41.

Can't wait to see how good that Pink Kush really is. It should be a more indica leaning version of the classic OG. The thing is, I don't know why I am looking for an alternative version to the original OG. I just love the classic OG Kush buzz. It is high enough and very uplifting. When I got my hands on that real stuff, I was having a remarkable experience on each joint. But since it is a new take on the OG by Barney's Farm, I consider that beans grow worthy. I think I will stop trying all of these new breeds and return to classics like WW, SSH, NL, GDP and others.

I hope they will turn out perfect bruh :passitleft:
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