DWC - Drip Irrigation Scrog 2400W

yeah x good question.

I do get some gunk and slime in res from using the sugars more than the beneficials. I usually run the piranha until around week 2 of 12/12 unless ive had to flush with h2o2. if ive ran h2o2 i'll follow with a week of beneficials. It doesnt really block the flood lines, it just leaves a bit residue.

I top feed in the wilma systems and coco but never tried doing that in dwc or flood and drain. but i see great root growth in both so not sure i need to try doing that unless i come across probs in the future mate.
so start of week 6 on 12/12 on flood drain today. looking good but def need some canopy management and staking as they are very floppy.









Looking good with 3 weeks to go.
bpn is one of the best out there for sure i got to use it for free once and was impressed with it , it did fairly better then foxfarm did but the stonyness was the same just the plants did better a small increese of yeild form the same clone batch side by side in the same lab with fox farm and i even used less then recomended. 1/3 less. i love love foxfarm and general hydroponics nutes as i am really good at gauging what my plants need. all other products dont do as well as fox farm and blue planet. with one exception. the ultimate best is the humbolt brands. but cant justify the cost for them but plants do love that stuff was going to switch entirely over to them till i did the math on cost.
so i am sticking with what i know really well.
Thanks for the reps C!
And here's one for those beautiful floppers you got's hangin!
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