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Four Fine Fall Phillies


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I'm excited to bring these 4 potent potentials to you all. Some older and some brand spankin new. I haven't grown any of them so it's a surprise to me exactly what's coming down the road. Some goals are to have an organized journal that folks can understand. Grow different cultivars. I've grown all one type so far. Get to know Happy Frog Potting Soil. General organics nutes in the tent is new, also Fish Shit Soil Conditioner indoors too. I think the main goal is to relax and let these seeds tell me what to do when they sprout. There's some shakey confidence for ya!

The equipment:

4X4 Tall Tent
a 4 bulb 4 foot t5 light for early veg
2 - 288 watt cob diy lights that I did not build.
6 inch exhaust
Carbon filter
Final pots to be 10 gal cloth
Fans galore

Nutes and such:

General Organics: BioThrive Grow for veg. Biothrive Bloom for flower
Molasses for most of both veg and flower
Fish Shit also for most stages
Mammoth P for most stages
There may be others.
I'm using up what's left from the summer growing outdoors.


Happy Frog Potting


Some folks know me a little, you already know to let it rip. Anyone new please ask questions, make jokes, I have grown a few times and am on the verge of knowing enough to really get into trouble. I'll be needing you all from time to time I'm sure. Don't let my being serious fool you, I need a good laugh most days!

The Line up: ALL Photo's

CBD Cream and Cheese from Seedsman. mostly indica, 22% thc 18% cbd, 60 to 65 days

Gorilla Bomb from Bomb Seeds. Mostly sativa,25% thc, 9 to 10 weeks(63 to 70 days)

Strawberry Cough I bought 2 years ago and think from seed supreme? mostly sativa, 10 to 15% thc

White Rhino from GreenHouse Company. Mostly Indica, medium thc, 63 days

They Haven't cracked yet. Tomorrow they most likely will have and will be going into solo cups under some t5 lights to veg. Pics to come!


Member of the Month: July 2019
First time being first.

I'll pull up a seat and join you if I may :popcorn:

I love the "MAIN GOAL=ENJOYMENT " attitude.

Welcome. And with good attitude come altitude. Thanks for coming, funs on the way. I'll be over to visit.


Member of the Month: July 2019
I’m in too. Looking like a good lineup.
Good day Urban. Good to have you. That strawberry cough's been calling me for a while. Then the CBD Cream and Cheese. Hope they pop!


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Member of the Month: July 2019


Member of the Month: July 2019
We have lift off! It's a great day when all my seeds pop their little tails on the same day. I cut the cups for drainage. Filled them with soil and slowly gave them a drench(I got that lingo from the good Brixies here) Drench is such a bold word. Nice one Doc. Now the magic of putting the seeds in. The holes I made are a half inch deep or a little more. I make sure there's no big chunks of pearlite or stone or anything that could cause trouble. Then the seedling goes in. @Pennywise has mentioned the deep planting may keep helmet heading at a minimum so here goes.

Here's the new space I made for starts and early vegging. Cups on top for moisture retention. Never say dry seedlings!!


TaTa for now. Usually 3 days until I see green life emerge. Edge of my seat til then. Edit: Lights will be on 24 hrs @13 inches until seedlings come up then 18/6
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Water is a big consideration here. I have a well and run around 450 ppm tds. (parts per million total dissolved solids)I believe. So I harvest rain in a barrel from my roof. Transfer it to two 55 gal barrels in the growroom in the basement. PPM runs around 50. This gives me enough to have a winter grow if I use half the rain then refill with well water. The ppm's are fine at this rate. Somewhere around 225. During the first half I will be using calmag to make up for the minerals and things missing.


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Virgin ground

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You deserve a nice fat bong after voting! And so do I!

Hi Stone. Mind if I hang?


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