GreenThumb J's 1000W Grow Box "Producer" 2x Pink Kush

re: GreenThumb J's 1000W GrowBox "Producer" 2x Pink Kush

All that power draw isn't including my growbox either, which i actually just got the power specs from the manufacturer.

I definitely pay the most for electricity in the building by far.. unless someone else has a medical grow in their apartment.. i doubt it tho.

I have my subpanel all figured out which breakers control which outlets etc. I have kitchen sockets that are rated higher amperage than the rest of my outlets, so i run 2 of my lights from one of those outlets (could run a third, but wouldn't be as organized as it is now), and run my other 2 lights from a separate breaker. I also disconnected every breaker that ISN'T being used, like my baseboard heaters. I have a gas fireplace in my apartment that eliminates the need for baseboard heaters, and i have the ducting from my 4 lights in the flower tent venting directly into my living room for added warmth in the evening when the lights are on.

The power bill is high, but patients help balance those costs, and this summer will be interesting to see how i manage the temps. It was pretty tough this summer before i got my AC unit, which also added to the power bill, but i got temps and such under control with it. I think i might try to move my grow to a separate location, where it isn't so hot in the summer.. The apartment just turns into a sweatbox basically, as i face south and get sun pretty much from sunrise to sunset! Although Lady GT wouldn't like me spending all my time away from her at a different location haha, at least with the grow here, i'm only in the other room if she wants a hug or for me to roll her a joint haha!
re: GreenThumb J's 1000W GrowBox "Producer" 2x Pink Kush

You should do it all together so we can keep up better.
And some pics please.

Sure thing Dusty!

i got a couple nice root shots of the Pink kush ladies too.. i'll just upload them now!
re: GreenThumb J's 1000W GrowBox "Producer" 2x Pink Kush

last thing I would consider is a relocate,unless its to a new spot,(apt,house loft)kinda got life by the shorts now,its a crappy kind of worry when you cant check on stuff,or you think you forgot

if the misses is good,then all is good.staple of life.:cheesygrinsmiley:

that's good with the wiring I was sitting back and thinking,shit boys we getting some power now,place will start to hum and feel energy in the air
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Haha thats what all my friends who i trust knowing about my grow say.. doesnt your apartment light up like a christmas tree?? haha It sure does inside the tents!

Anyways.. Here's the photos Dusty asked for!!

These were all taken yesterday. They are already bigger today.

Right Side:

Left Side:

Full View:

Left Plant's Roots:

Right Plant's Roots:

That's where we are at..

I possibly see some mildew coming back.. these damn pink kush love the mildew for some reason.. I'm going to get in contact with the source of these clones and figure out what else they are suseptible to!
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man that looks phenomenal

Thank you Smithy! Glad to have ya along!

I am actually about to do a reservoir change, so i'm going to do a photo/video update shortly..
re: GreenThumb J's 1000W GrowBox "Producer" 2x Pink Kush

oh dear here we go . very happy that i caught this GT, i know this is going to be a great grow,
cant wait to see my brother from another mother get the best out of those good looking plants.
hope you and all had a good xmas. and happy growing for 2015.:peace::goodjob:
re: GreenThumb J's 1000W GrowBox "Producer" 2x Pink Kush

i forgot well done on your roots man that how roots should look. oh yes

Thank you very much!

I am actually just doing the reservoir change in the grow box, and i have to say that the plants have easily doubled in size. Except the left plant.. still catching its legs!
re: GreenThumb J's 1000W GrowBox "Producer" 2x Pink Kush

Hey everyone!

I'm back with an update for this week. I think i'll keep it to weekly updates, unless something major happens.

Today is day 9 of 12/12 and the Pinks are really starting to fill out the box. The right side plant has almost completely filled up the screen. The left side is lagging behind cause it got hit hard early on with the WPM and growth was stunted. I also think i damanged some roots when i was transplanting them into the netpots, cause growth was slow for about a week after it went into the growbox.

There is nothing really to report other than the plants are doing phenomenal. Growth in this box is amazing, and RH and water temps have stayed consistently amazing as well..

So heres a few pictures of how they are looking today.


Left Side:

Right Side:

Both plants:

Left roots:

Right Roots:

And thats all folks. I will be back in the New year with the next photo update.

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, and wishing everyone a Happy, green New Year!

Big Buds for all!
re: GreenThumb J's 1000W GrowBox "Producer" 2x Pink Kush

Hey Dusty, I have for my plants in flower.. I still need to get my Awesome blossoms and Sugar Daddy tho.

I'll pick those up once the funds become available

I'm currently changing the reservoir on the Pink kush and it will be the first time the Pinks get the Technaflora nutrients, so we will see how they like it!

Hey C526, Thanks brother! The roots look even more white without the basking glow of the HPS!!
re: GreenThumb J's 1000W GrowBox "Producer" 2x Pink Kush

Happy New Year GTJ :party:
re: GreenThumb J's 1000W GrowBox "Producer" 2x Pink Kush

Happy new year man!! hope next year brings you everything you want :)
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Yo Jay, subbed on youtube. Are you gonna put up a step by step in creating that rwdw for the pink kush? I think you should do a video grow journal. Also what do you think about Skunk Labs tea?
re: GreenThumb J's 1000W GrowBox "Producer" 2x Pink Kush

Hey Midas,

I will do a step by step on how to build the RDWC's that i'm using..

The little pink kush RDWC i had to unplug the water pump. That mag drive 7 pump runs SUPER HOT. in 18 hours, my water was almost 30c. So i'm just gona use them as a DWC until i can afford a chiller.. And then, it will be used on my massive RDWC, and not in veg. I will just do regular DWC in veg, or my usual hand water to waste

I read up on skunk lab teas, and i think for less hassle, and probably less money, you can get some Gen Hydro Subculture-M and Subculture-B and make root drenches. The microbes do not need to be "brewed" like most teas, and awaken upon mixing into unchlorintated water. RO or Distilled is the best, but if you have near perfect tap water like myself (pH 7.0 ppm 5) then some simple aquarium dechlorinator works just fine!

No need to wait for water to be ready to use, and no need to wait around a day or two for the tea to brew.
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