Seedsman Purple Ghost Candy | 420 Magazine Comparative Grow Journal | Coco

It leapt out of the pot overnight, honest
PGC clones are happy in their new pots, GSC looking very willing to produce :cool:
Now is the time to increase the nutrient strength and apply more light [about 35DLI for the tech nerds out there]
I'm using 4ml/L Canna Coco = 1:250 atm which is about 900ppm or EC 1.2 [I just made up those numbers, no f'kin clue what they mean]
These plants have suffered, as you know bluter, but they have recovered better than expected
Now they're flipped I'm keen to see how the PGC buds up and what the smoke is like

they have a huge open structure in most grows unless tied up. seeing a lot of folk dealing with it. i'm thinking of flowering a little earlier than usual as a result.
Something getting flipped in here?

Better be some 🥞 pancakes 🤤
Omg! I turn my back for two seconds and you’ve gone corporate!

Do I need to curtsy or bow? Coz I’ll need to warn the posters behind me. It’s no knickers Thursday here in Australia.


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