Waikiki Queen - My 1st Indoor Grow Ever!


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I want to chronical my 1st indoor grow. I am using a 2x4 tent and two 300W LEDS . I am using super soil method, phase 1. I need to figure out how to posts pics here as this is my first post. I have four feminized plants that are a week old and are growing strong. I know this is too many plants for the space so I will give at least one away. I am psyched to go though the grow process and want to produce nothing but the best and have been watching tons of vids and reading a lot. I welcome any and all advice! So here I go!


Yeah, it was out of laziness. It exhausts really well though and those LEDS don't produce any heat really. I just do not like the fact it takes up floor space. But, also, my overhang pole seems a little taxed as it is as it bends down. That carbon filter and exhaust fan is pretty heavy. I did consider hanging it today as my friend is coming by and she could help. We'll see...
It's better if you have enough space.

General consensus is that your intake and exhaust should be positioned as far from each other as possible. I tend to agree.

Cold air enters at the bottom, hot air rises, and that's where your carbon filter and exhaust should be - at the top.

Light will leak through the intake hole with or without fan if you don't position your intake tube at 45 degrees angle, at least once, preferably twice.
I still do not feel comfortable withe the way my ehaust is set up as it is basically duck taped together. I am afraid it will come apart and crash again. So my local hydro store recommended that I have the the filter and fan outside the tent and reverse it so the duck runs into the tent as opposed to out so it sucks the air from tent out that way. I think I will try it this way when I get out of work today.
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I apologize about the photo issue. I should have paid closer attention but I was anxious to get this thread started. I got it now and it won't happen again.

Besides a slight slow in growth since Saturdays accident, my plants seem to be recovering well over the last 4 days, which is good because I was freaking out!!! I plan on watering them tomorrow for the first time since the accident as I want those roots to dig in. I am wondering if I should even wait one extra day just for that reason? Anyway, my local grower said that some of his most damaged and shittiest looking young plants have become some of the best at the end. He also said he would have planted them back into the red cups and not the medium size fabric containers but added it was not a big deal. We will see. I will update pix next week - correctly!

I also bought a speed control switch for the exhaust fan which is set to medium and hung a C02 bag.

Oh, and I would have exited the duck out of the top of the tent but I did not have enough length.
Ok, so three of the 4 plants now have yellowing bottom leaves and one is also cupping at the leaves. It was progressing and I thought it was due to shock. But it continued to progress. So last night I checked the ph and it was high (I should have let the bucket of water I originally tested and have been using sit and then re-tested prior to using - lesson learned!). So I corrected that last night. I also raised the LED up a little higher as I think that one plant that is cupping was being especially sensitive. I also misted the plants - I am sure some more humidity would also help (currently inside tent between 40/45% with temp at an even 80/81F) and a C02 bag hanging. Again, I will post picks next week and hopefully all will be corrected by then! I hope so, as it been hot as hell and I've been running AC when I'm not even home costing $$$. I need for this grow and follow up grows to produce and pay for all this stuff I bought! That's my plan, anyway.
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