Devil's Carnival: The Community Grow Experience

I love seeing what everyone has going on and I am very happy to read that everyone is enjoying this cross. Currently we have 4 of them going right now and they were forgotten about in the they are flowering in 1 gallons whoops.

Thank you everyone for keeping this thread alive. It is greatly appreciated. This year there will be a few more DCs that make an appearance and i'll be sure to get some pictures.


It was our pleasure entirely. :laughtwo: My DC is some of the strongest cannabis in my jars, intense enough I relegated it to brownies because the high smoked was too much. Lol!

That grapey one Brix grew is more delicious and just as potent. You have ya searching for the best of the best Nis. :hug:
@Blazinjones, surely you’ve jarred up the rest of the DC. What were your total weights? Those looked like dense buds that I’m assuming made you feel particularly proud at the final tally. :battingeyelashes::green_heart:

Ehh so so I ended up with about 5 ounces so not bad considering now I got over a quarter pound of some flame ass bud but for 2 plants kinda low. But this strain isnt a huge yielder any how atleast for me anyway lol. But man is it potent so I always like to have some on hand. I figured I'd add in the smell an taste as well. Cause it smells like a grapey berry of some kind mixed with a lemon scent maybe. Idk but dam each time I smoke a bowl I end up getn a new flavor. I'm in Hope's that I can get another harvest with my autos that I got going plus I got a bluecheese photo right now I thought was a cbd critical cure but isn't in flower about to harvest anyday now. But I'm in Hope's I get enough of a yield from them to cover it an let me do a SUPER LONG cure with the D.C. cause that right now is all the bud I have sorta lol. But yea with like a 2 month cure an more I cant wait to see how good it gets then lol
Today I am bringing some pictures of the two phenos that we have of the DC. They are in 1 gallon pots and are doing a hell of a lot better than I thought that they far at least. The first one is pheno that goes purple early and becomes a really deep purple, almost black when dried. By far one of my favorites so I hope she keeps on trucking. One other characteristic that I have noticed is that the DC has 9 bladed leaves. Fun fact.

The second pheno we have is more or less a pink pheno and definitely has more traits from the mother carnival. The leaves are more sativa like being very thin bladed and she already has that sweet carnival smell as well. This one really looks like she got a head start in flower as it looks like she is a little bit further along than the others. This will be a 7-8 week pheno vs. the 8-9 the purple one has.

I hope everyone had a great 4/20.
Good morning everyone :hug:

I have the pleasure of standing in front of a DC3 from the genetic line @Graytail found that’s reaching maturity.

The colors are amazing!

Her trichomes are mostly cloudy with a slight touch of red. Yes, you heard that right... she isn’t going amber, she’s going ruby red. :slide:

We’ll be harvesting tomorrow, I assume, since it got pulled from the lights a few minutes ago.

It’s a shame I don’t get to taste this when she’s dry. :straightface: Ah well... I’ll be content to know the line is growing steonger as we go.
I just jarred my 10th DC. :cheesygrinsmiley:

This one is an entirely different pheno than the others. It was lanky and sparse, but it grew big buds, with a lime/fuel aroma. Still testing it - don' know how strong it is yet ...

Harvested my tiny DDA.
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