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Emmie's Vegan Fertilizer, Pineapple Chunk 2020 Celebration: Experimental Soil Grow


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2020
If you've bought in the last month or two you may have 2.5.

The most recent change started shipping on Aug 13th. Anything from then on, regardless of bag, is that most recent product.

In my reading on the back story, the gist of it is that when v2 was put together, it combined the v1 formula plus the supplements. This eliminated the need for the supplements overall as a whole.

There may be minor places where one could add a tick of this or that, but for the most part it's good to go.

Yes, they still sell those extras, but IIRC they are so folks using Jacks as a base can use those with that.

Some of the early adopters in the MC thread are on v1, which is why you see them adding additional supplements. From v2, and now v2.5/v3 (whatever you want to call the update shipping since Aug) shouldn't need much of anything else other than more of itself.

@farside05 has been running with a boost in potassium (from a silica addition), but also countering it with a little nitrogen (from CaMg) as he's found that if you get the N->K ratio out of whack (1:3, IIRC) then it will lock out some of the basic nutrients like Ca, etc. He can better explain that part. :)


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All of this is good information but it appears that they are actively updating their website with new information on their international operations, so it would make sense that they also updated their supplement calculator so they are not setting us all up to fail. I do note on that site that the only product listed as "use as needed" is the calmag. I guess I will be attempting to blaze new ground with my plan here... let's hope they don't burn up too badly.


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I’m going to be adding BudExplosion during flower this round to see how it goes! Last time I added anything in it was In Veg and burnt them to where I needed flushing. They recouped fine and got flipped later on. After that I haven’t attempted to add anything back in. I’m wanting to boost them in flower though so I will be adding the BE to my mix this time to see the results. If all goes well I will begin to tamper with the other additives.

mill be watching closely Emilya so if you could post your mixes that would be fantastic


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Using the Greenleaf's supplements on top of Mega has not gone so well for several other growers. Check with @MrSauga and @Dutchman1990 .
True enough! What I've found though is it can be used although the amounts will be small and you end up using calmag anyhow to balance the NPK.
I have v1, 9-6-14. I'll try and show a couple of examples below. I know that v2 of MC is 9-6-17 and if I have 6g of that it works out to the following parts(NPK x Qty Used) All measurements below are using 4L of water:
N 64.8
P 43.2
K 122.4
If I use the same numbers with v1 I get the following:
N 64.8
P 43.2
K 100.8
K obviously is quite a bit different. Overall the MC NPK ratio is 3:2:5 approx. From my understanding 2:1:3 is a good safe ratio to use throughout veg and flower without having to use grow or bloom additives. So I've always tried to maintain that number regardless of the MC ratio.

For me to get to a K of 122.4 or higher( I say higher because after all if you use a bloom enhancer or carb builder you are increasing the P and/or K) I have to use the following mix:
5g MC
.5g BE
1g SC
10mL Calmag (1-0-0 <--important to keep low N)
This gives me the following parts:
N 64
P 49.49
K 129.29
Compared to v2 my N is almost the same and my P and K are higher, which is what I was trying to do! My NPK value is 4-3-7 with an NPK ratio of 2:1:3 approx.
We all seem to agree to some extent that MC can or cannot be used with or without additives. Environments and mediums I do believe affect it's capabilities meaning that yes you may have to add more K if you are over the recommended amounts of MC from GLN.

I'm not sure about it's effects. I did grow sticky buds, but I had floppy plants. I'll be using more protekt this next grow to see if it makes a difference.

The sea kelp I have used since I started with MC. At the time, and the bag has changed, my directions were .4g/gallon after I broke it down. It gave me some huge amount to mix it but not a smaller doseage direction. So, at .4g/gallon your NPK ratios do not change at all... it's so minimal.

Anyhow, hoping some of that info helps.

I do note on that site that the only product listed as "use as needed" is the calmag
I strongly advise against the GLN calmag. At 13% N it almost destroyed my plants at recommended doseage. Stick with a low N, high Ca and Mg and you'll be much better off if you need it.
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I've been adding .3g of SC to my 6.5g of MegaCrop v2 for the last 2 feedings- not sure if it's the reason-but, as of Saturday, I'm getting a lot of new pistils late in flowering- might be a coincidence,But I usually don't see that this far along...


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Veg, Day 18
Please excuse the bad pictures this morning, but I left the memory stick from my camera in my computer at work yesterday and without it my fancy camera was worthless this morning and I had to resort to my phone camera.


Growth in this @Vulx soil mix and the MegaCrop is totally amazing. I will be topping them this evening when the lights come back on, between nodes 5-6. Wow.

Based on nothing but their sheer size, I upped the MC all the way up to the 4g/gallon level. Despite their young age, these would have to be considered mid veg sized plants.

The growth on these plants is way beyond anything I have ever seen before in soil. Even before topping, all of the lower nodes are aggressively reaching toward the top. After topping, this side growth is really going to take off and in a very short time these plants are going to be monsters, ready to go to flower. If I was one inclined toward hurrying, I could have already had these repotted into their final containers and ready to go in a week... but I live in Missouri, and very little gets hurried around here.
Look at how aggressively these lower nodes are reaching up already:


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2020
Well, I for one am happy I'm not the only one with picture issues. :19::19::19:

Granted I'm too lazy to pull out my real cam gear for plant pics, so there's that too. :laugh::laugh:

That aside, plants are looking fantastic. That Vulx is doin some work, I tell ya.


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This evening on our plants' start of day it was apparent just how hard these plants are working. Transpiration can be defined as the plant's ability to draw water up through the roots and then evaporate it out of the leaves. Look at the puddles these plants have left during their 6 hours of darkness, just waiting for the light to come up and burn it off. I have never seen anything like this... not indoors anyway.

Two of the plants were ready for their first topping tonight, 2 1/2 weeks above soil, and at 5-6 ! This too is a record for me. The third plant is maybe a day behind and it will get topped when I can get a good grip on the same node. I am sort of excited to see what accelerated side growth is going to look like in these plants because it is already at the levels we usually see AFTER the topping!



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Hell yeah! Do you have a current record for dry weight from a plant? At this rate you'll probably break that too!

Congrats, looking amazing.
on that one I am flying blind... I am still only 1 grow in on this new set of COB lights, and that is only my 2nd LED grow... So I have no way to equate weightage from the past with what is coming out today... sorry.


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on that one I am flying blind... I am still only 1 grow in on this new set of COB lights, and that is only my 2nd LED grow... So I have no way to equate weightage from the past with what is coming out today... sorry.
No sweat! Just amazed by this grow. You're pushing some serious growth here. Hats off!


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Cotyledons still looking nice too. Beautiful.
They will have served their purpose soon and I expect they will be pulled back before we get to bloom, and already one of the plants is starting to show signs of this yellowing starting to happen. It is nice to see such healthy cotyledons with this size plants though and it clearly indicates that these plants are getting the nutrition they need.


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2020
I trimmed mine off yesterday when I topped between 4 & 5, and cleaned off 1 & 2.

They were still looking really good though. Keyword: "were" :laugh:


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Veg, Day 19
A shot of the ladies this morning as they continue their jack and his beanstalk style miraculous growth. They are throwing off so much moisture that we have condensation on the walls of the tent this morning... I need a better fan!


Today we have an interesting reaction on one of the plants, code named Canary, to the MC at 4g/gal yesterday. Clearly it is possible to give too high of a concentration of this stuff, and it is curious how it presents when you do.


First we get a dramatic clawing or twisting effect on the leaves in the new growth who get the most impact from the last watering. Second, we see some of the classic tip burn associated with giving too many nutes. Third, we are seeing some spotting that looks a lot like a magnesium deficiency, but we know that can not be the case. Now I know what the beginning stages of Nitrogen toxicity looks like in the MegaCrop world, and we now have a little better idea how fast to up the concentration as the plants grow. Once again I tried to push the limits but have found that the advice on the MegaCrop thread seems to be valid... only increase by 1/2 gram per watering as the plants are growing.


Lastly, we can see what is happening just below the surface in this shot. These nutes and the @Vulx enhanced soil is producing absolutely incredible root growth... so much so that the roots are starting to leap up out of the soil!



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Veg, Day 20
The plants are not real happy with me today, but they are getting over it.

The one plant in the container not all the way filled up has used all of her water already... That indicates we are going to need to uppot soon. I watered her, and instead of compounding my mistake of over feeding them the last time, I have given just plain old tap water just like my dog buddy drinks. This round of water should allow the plant to use up the nutes that are left over from last time, and I hesitate using this term, to flush out the soil. The other two will also get just water on this next round.

The two that were topped have gone insane and the node 2 side growth has just about reached the point of dominance... in one day! Node 1's tips are right behind and due to hit the canopy in another day or so at this rate. It will not be long before I am forced to top node 2. The plant that is in last place will need her first topping tomorrow I think and we will see if the other two are able to use up their water as rapidly as the first one.

Last night when I peeked in I was expecting the damage being presented from the overfeeding to be pretty ugly this morning, but it mostly has resolved itself leaving only a few marks on the leaves. This was only a warning... and a line I want to try to avoid crossing again.


Grow Journal of the Month: April 2020
Hey there Emmie! Happy thanksgiving, best wishes to you and yours.

I always love that, how the second node down explodes, but quite often the first node picks it up right at the right time and they stay exactly the same height. Ahhh good old browning tips. The classic sign to take it easy. They really do communicate with is if we listen.
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