Completely normal bro!

trichs, are king. Nothing should determine when they are done, but the trichs. Keep an eye on them, and get the preferred amount of amber, and yourgolden! :thumb:

So the jewellers loupe I purchased isnt great. It would do the job if i was a jeweller and could bring the diamond to my face.... unfortunately grabbing your amnesia by the stalk and shoving it up to your face in front of the lens isnt really an option. So instead ive returned that and spent a few extra pounds on a USB electronic one so that i can get a really good close up look at those trich’s. Should arrive tomorrow. If i have the time i’ll get out there and get some proper close up images and update the string.

Happy Friday all!
Morning all,

Sorry for not sending an update as promised over the weekend, it ended up being a busier one than planned! The digital microscope arrived and it certainly gives me more comfort in getting up close with those trich's and seeing whats going on. Pictures below:



Then a shot of each of the girls out of the tent:


Just keeping a close eye on all them now, the two white widows still have a way to go yet and the amnesia i really cant tell, the stunted growth is making it very difficult, especially as the buds dont seem to be growing any larger now. I was going to start flushing this week as i think the next 1-2 weeks it will ripen and mature.
1st pic, cloudy. Second pic, cloudy. third pic, cloudy with a few amber. 4th pic, cloudy.


Thanks bro, for this grow im aiming for mixed trich's. I want something thats gonna give me a solid all round stone. Based on what youve said that means im getting there with amnesia (so im definitely going to start flushing) but the rest are all the white widows so a while yet on those i reckon, the buds need to fill out a bit.
The way I’ve understood it, is flushing for two weeks, will make the plant search for nutrients that aren’t there. @InTheShed says yes you can flush, but to deprive them of nutrients for the last two weeks is not necessary. Flushing old salts out of the soil yes, but flushing nutrients out of the buds, no. Let’s see if I can summon him in here and clear this up a bit better for you.
The way I’ve understood it, is flushing for two weeks, will make the plant search for nutrients that aren’t there. @InTheShed says yes you can flush, but to deprive them of nutrients for the last two weeks is not necessary. Flushing old salts out of the soil yes, but flushing nutrients out of the buds, no. Let’s see if I can summon him in here and clear this up a bit better for you.

Thats interesting.... i thought flushing the nutrients out of the buds created smoother smoke at the other end. But im only going on stuff ive read and certainly not through experience. The other reason for a flush is the Amnesia is definitely exhibiting signs of more nute burn over the past day or so, which is mad considering im doing like 50% of the recommended doses at the moment.
Once a plant shows signs of nute burn, it’s impossible to reverse those symptoms. All you can do there is just be a lil more cautious on adding nutrients on the next feeding.

Shed has all the links to the #noflushclub I’ll let him do the explaining to you.

I’m all for flushing, but to my understanding, it’s impossible to flush the nutrients out of the colas.
Thanks for the shout Backlip! Indeed, flushing to clear old nutes and salts from the soil a few weeks before expected harvest can be a good think for a plant, as it allows the roots a fresh start with fresh nutes (which you feed after the clear-out).

But feeding only water for the last few weeks of a plant's life has no effect whatsoever on the taste or smoothness of the buds after harvest. Although you will read that all over the place and folks swear it's true, the hard science proves it untrue. It's what we call it bro-science, passed down from grower to grower based on nothing but a hunch or coincidence. Urban myth.

What makes you harvested bud taste good and smooth at the end it an excellent dry and cure. Feed your plants until harvest but learn what to do after harvest for the best results.

The two #noflushclub links in my sig are the science if you're interested in the actual proof.
Hello All,

Sorry for the radio silence lately. I just havent had much to update. Except i did chop down the amnesia last week. Mainly because nothing was happening, she was stunted, the yield is pathetic and is now currently on the drying rack at day 7... not quite dry enough for jars just yet in my opinion but when i make that move i will weigh it and send over a small update.

As for the two front runners, they are ripening very nicely. Frost central on those colas right now and the smell is kicking up. I had them both under the digital microscope today and there are visibly more amber trich’s now although id say still only at around 15/20%. Within 7-10 days i think both will be getting the chop.

Something else I have done recently is lolly pop both plants in preparation for harvest but also because i hear its great for bud sites that are flourishing. Pics below, i feel like a very proud grower at the moment, considering its my first.

Already have my next seeds on order but due to an upcoming holiday in December, i cant start them yet.







Have a good weekend all and ill be back soon with harvest updates.

Having checked both under the microscope last night, it is clear that the top on white widow 1 is good to go, however, the rest of the plant is definitely not quite there. After doing some research on this it seems partial harvest is the option. Having nothing to lose by trying it out, ive decided to give this a go. Pics below:


Wet, its weighing up at 65 grams which im pretty pleased with considering its a first time attempt and i had some issues throughout.

Now for the rest to ripen up!!

I will keep updating as and when more is harvested and will eventually, at some point, provide a totalled dry weight, although thats probably 2 weeks away.
Lol you would be surprised, there’s some weird people out there! I mean I would hope not, but I watch a lot of crime shows and learn about some weird people haha

You're not wrong there! I do love a true crime show after a smoke. Currently making my way through Cold Case Files on netflix, that shits too good.

So i decided to chop everything down last night. They reached week 14 since germination and although im doing my best to look at those trich's under a digital microscope, keeping your hand steady to actually get a good look isnt easy and i also think the heavy defoliation may have stunted them at the worst possible time.... during late flower. Lesson learned there with an autoflower, be very careful when you defoliate. Anyway, White Widow 1's top cola is also now dry so that got jarred up last night and tested, unfortunately, i think it came down too early, the smoke is OK but its much more of head high than i really wanted (i like my body high / couch lock stuff). Having said that, it will make a good weekday smoke. The real winner (i think) is White Widow 2, she really stinks and was so sticky when trimming last night. Few shots below:

WW1 (Jarred up):


I checked the hygrometer in there this morning and it has crept up to 65%. I burped the jar this morning and threw a 62% Humidipac in there. Hopefully, that should even it out a bit. This one is the light smoke (weekday bud).

WW1 (remainder of the plant after a partial harvest):


While i was doing this, I thought i'd trial out a new centrepiece on the dinner table:


I love it! The Mrs. not so much.

WW2 (after a long debate about why we cant have a white widow plant as a centrepiece on our dinner table):


This one i think is the golden plant of the three. The yield seems very good, the smell is crazy strong and its so sticky. :tommy:
Really looking forward to testing this one at the weekend, im hoping its got that body high im looking for. :lot-o-toke::slide:

I do plan on providing one more update for you all once the dry is over, which should be this weekend. I will send over some dried weights. :woohoo:

I just want to say thank to all of you who have followed me on this journey and if you have given me assistance along the way then even more thanks, i simply wouldn't have got this far without your help :Namaste::thanks::hug::thumb:
Thanks man, ive already got my next seeds at the ready but wont be going again until end of December now i think. I look forward to trying again, knowing what i know now im hoping it'll be a slightly smoother and more potent journey next time.


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Checked on the rack this morning and i think it has dried perhaps a little too quickly, 3.5 days or so and its dry. Anyway, managed to sort it all in to jars this morning before work. Total dried weight of 70 grams 2.5 ounces. :Rasta::lot-o-toke:

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