Grandpa Gets Oily! Everclear Extracts For Shatter Or Oil!

I dabbled in extraction I have a distiller, extract craft , bubbledude machine and 10 ton dab press
MY experience :
the distiller is fantastic for rso caps/syringe , don’t forget to use a spray bottle with some alcohol, to reclaim every drop of goey goodness
if I try it again i would strain my wash thru my Buchner filter with DE and charcoal first after coffee filters to see if it would lighten it up. Large smell, and should only be done outside

the extract craft is fantastic for tiny, and I mean TINY batches ...I grow and process for personal use and my stage 4 palliative care neighbor ONLY, and it was even too small for us. holds maybe 2 cups of solution for every 4-6 hour cycle The pro version is not available to me in Canada. Zero smell, can easily do it on your kitchen counter . I lost more alcohol than a distiller , easily . I want to say it’s a cleaner end product than the distiller, but I have never run a wash thru the distiller that I filtered with DE and charcoal first so who knows.

the bubbledude machine is a dream and the Keif from trim I recovered was worth the investment. It is literally idiot proof . the only thing missing is the ice, water, and two buckets. run the machine, drain into the bags, refill water and ice and run again , there will be no trics lefts to be sure . I tried ice extraction manually once before with the buckets , mixer, drill etc, ill stick with the machine , I was going to try dry ice extraction, but this machine killed that curiosity . Highly recommend For those that don’t know what to do with trim.

the 10 ton press is fun for resinous strains . I usually only press, prepacked , non presentable buds that I don’t use to make butter . I don’t use bags so used pucks were popped in the freezer To be washed when the jar was full.

I toil over my Keif stash and have resorted to spicing up joints and/ or throwing a puck in a batch of butter , or puck wash , etc. not a big hash fan, I would rather dab clean resin for a kick . I tried pressing a keif puck for diamonds and it was a long , long process with minimal return.

tried bho extraction before I learned that is a no no , easily The quickest , cleanest end product. produced more shatter like results . I personally prefer sticky resin to dab vs. hard crumbly extract . Tastes better also . To each their own , haven’t met too many shatter fans in my life so it’s just not something that interests me.

im glad I went down this expensive discovery journey. The research, curiosity , and end products prolonged a life . I saw it first hand . The Medicinal , social, and educational benefits inspired a soul to be with us longer than anyone predicted . Call me selfish but I am not ready for new neighbours :( I learned everything here at 420 and for that , we are grateful ! Thank you for sharing .

ohhh. .lastly ....I have tried iso ( NEVER RECOMMEND it for ANYTHING except cleaning your gear) . I would only use high food grade alcohol for washes. ( everclear, ethanol) Personal preference, taste, cost , legality? I don’t consider alcohol a solvent , nor do I consider water a solvent . I don’t think my opinion would keep me out of jail however, haha ..Call me unscientific but I don’t believe that washing a plant with ice and water to reap it’s medicinal qualities is a criminal offence .
I hope someone benefits from my morning wake and bake ramblings :Rasta:
Thanks for that info NH! You have a lot more invested in your process than I intend to. My son got a bad cough this summer and quit vaping and smoking for a while, but when he went back he went back to vaping almost exclusively. He sinks a lot of money into pods (mostly STIIIZY) which seems silly given the jars of buds I have on hand. And I want whatever I end up with to be vapeable without having to add PEG or VG.

That said, I'd like to get the biggest return on my harvests with a single method of extraction. Bubble hash is great but still needs to be pressed to work in a vape (no one likes flower vapes in my house), so that's my conundrum.
Regardless of your extraction method you have to have a carrier oil? Unless you use resin on coils in a cart pen ? I’m confused but interested because i vape too ..when you figure it out please post :)

i could only make a cart with decarbed low temp pressed resin dissolved in ‘wax liquidizer‘. I thought about a 60/40 pg/vg mix but didn’t really put a lot of effort into it . ..if you don’t decarb first it will solidify in the cart weirdly .?
my Homemade attemps had a limited shelf life and turned dark quick ..looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)


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I know the VB11 is. If you google wax pens or dab pens you should get some hits.
I think you will find that those pen things gum up pretty quick .

a 15% terpene ratio mix with decarbed rosin is probably the best option ?
You mean buying terpenes separately? That's not on the agenda. And why would I decarb it first if it's going to be heated in the rig? Am I missing something?

I'll read reviews before I get a new dab pen but I would think they wouldn't sell many if you had to clean them every hour!

Haha I thought we were talking about making vape carts . I’m medicated. Dont mind me I’m medicated
I have no idea and googled unsuccessfully.. can you share ? :thumb:

You want a dynavap with a coil.
I don’t have one, but this is the business. The ‘coil’ is a small roll of punched titanium plate. It sits in the little chamber which would be the flower area otherwise and vapes like it’s just too easy.
No clunky glassware and it’s portable too.
I don’t have one, but this is the business. The ‘coil’ is a small roll of punched titanium plate. It sits in the little chamber which would be the flower area otherwise and vapes like it’s just too easy.
No clunky glassware and it’s portable too.
Thanks ! I will definitely check it out guys ! :thumb: :Namaste:
Emergency about out of capsules going to use the sugar leaves.
My 00 Kush taste great but I need not smoke .

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