Icemud's LED Grow - The Tangie Pheno Hunt

Looking magnificent in this garden. Keep up the good work.
Alright everyone!!!! I feel like a kid at Christmas who just unwrapped that gift that you have been dreaming about for the entire year!!!!!

Lets play a guessing game...

What's in the box??????

Mars hydro 700w....? What'd I win?

Ding Ding Ding!!! We have a winner :)

It's the all new Budmaster COB-X-4's!!!!! I am so damn excited to be trying out these lights!!! I won't have a full photo update, review video and all up until this weekend because I don't want to rush it, but I was so excited I had to announce it!
Ooooooh a video update, I cant wait!!!!
So I decided to show a few photos of the new COB-X-4's by Budmaster!!! I haven't hung them yet, but just wanted to give a few sneak peaks at their new design! I have to say these are beautiful looking panels, shiny cases with nice design, lots of vent holes, very nice lenses over the COBs and I love the modular design. More to come over the Holiday weekend!

:drool: This must of burned a whole hole in your pocket!
Lucky dawg! Score!!! :yahoo:


I am so stoked!!!!! I've been wanting to try all white COB/LES chips for a while and finally I get to see how they perform!!! I'm so happy and feel really blessed :)
Ooooooh a video update, I cant wait!!!!

With all my new LED sponsorships and test grows, I always do a full unboxing/test video to show and verify all company details. I typically include a Draw test, IR thermo test of case temp, PAR readings at multiple distances, as well as full review of all features of the light so I should have that fully filmed and edited by the end of this weekend.

My goal with the videos is to show the buyer what exactly they get, and what to expect as well as usually share all the details about the lights, chips, build and other goodies that go along with it. Hopefully I can make it shorter than my typical unboxing/test videos because they usually are about 20 mins long... I'm going to try to get it down to 10-15 mins max. :)
Agreed ^^^^
very nice Ice

site says a (80x80cm) 30x30in coverage. and 204W

How much space you using it on?

I am using 180x3=540 in the almost the same space (32x32).

Sure would be nice to get the same growth out of 204W

and are they dimable or any on board timers?
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