Icemud's LED Grow - The Tangie Pheno Hunt

Ya plus with tangie being a fairly euphoric uppy buzz, if its potency takes a bit of a hit it will still be a pleasurable smoke. Plus the flavor would still be there.

I've never had tangie buds before, but I have smoked tangie extract and wow, very very delicious :) It will be interesting to see what happens. :)
Are green LED's during dark cycle also used for gas lantern cycles? I have never really looked into their purpose in dark cycles, but am familiar with Gas Lantern as a way to prevent flowering hormones from taking over in a plant.

I always leave on green light. It drowns out any light leaks u my have. The only time I don't use one is during breeding. Tangie has a great clean taste to it. I smoked it for the first time this year at my cousins wedding.
At this point I'm not sure what to do...

Option 1- to finish off this flowering cycle and see what happens. Is there more hermies that will pop up? did I act quick enough with the water to prevent the pollenation? Will I get beans that are mostly female, or will they be 50/50 chance of being female or hermie? hmmm

Option 2- since I have a identical clone of each do I start over, scrap this grow and start over? I could veg out all the tangie youngins I have, take clones and then flower them, removing plant 7 (actually already did this) At least then I know I will get a true female grow with no chances of seeds, unless one of the other plants decides to hermi.... HMMM

I'm leaning towards option 1 because at least I may get some meds out of it, even if they are seeded, plus I will have a ton of seeds on hand for future planting or experimenting with.... but I almost feel it might be better to just scrap it all and start fresh with my clones/vegging tangies, and at least then I know that so far they are all female...

Hmmm.. may have to see what others suggest. I have no problem letting the plants go, if I will still get good seeds out of the results, but if all the seeds will have hermi traits, then it might be better to just scrap it and start over. I know in about 2 weeks I will be testing a new light brand, so I may just wait until I get the lights, and decide then. Hmmmm any suggestions of those who have had this happen?

I chose option 1 for myself. I need a baseline to compare future grows, i need experience.. Be it male, female or all the above.
Also for the seeds to run experiments with.
(and lastly for that tiny bowl of med that i might get)
So sorry man. If it were me I would keep going. I would save whatever seeds I had for growers who pestered annoyed me for freebies (just kidding (kind of). I wouldn't grow them myself unless there were an emergency and I had no choice. Some hermies are so hard to catch you would be scared of having the same thing happen again when growing the seeds. The plants further away will likely have much fewer seeds so of course continue.

I would check the other plants as often as you are able. Keep an eye out for nanners and male flowers with the other plants to make sure you haven't missed anything. Keep looking through flower to make sure you catch any new hermie events before they open.

And remember since it is early in flower only the buds that are showing have a chance to be pollinated by this event. All the further growth can still be sinsemillia. So if you continue then snip off the bottoms of the bud when the buds are dry and put them in a separate bud jar. Then the rest of the jars should have almost exclusively seedless buds.
Day 20 flowering!!!

This is a quick photo update.

Things are going nicely in the tangie tent and the plants look happy, healthy and are continuing to grow fatter and larger buds. Not seeing much for trichome formation at this time yet, but I know within the next week I should see them starting to stack heavily as most of the strains I have grown usually start showing tricomes around day 25 flowering.

My last feeding was 2 days ago and was a earth juice tea, and this feeding will just be a dose of cal/mag with some K added and then next feeding will be a compost tea.

Here are today's photos:

Beautiful Icemud. I hope you end up with some bud to smoke for your troubles.

I hope so too Closed Circuit, even if some of it is seeded I think it will be a lot of bud. My just have to do it 80's style and pick out the seeds :)
Icemud those pics are very nice! Hope the male did not sow his oats all over the place and you get a lot of nice smoke. I would however save all of the viable seeds! :)

It will be interesting how far the pollen spread, and what actually seeds. I'm hoping that it stayed localized where it only hit the closest plants, but even it all get seeded, I will be happy to have tons of tangie seeds at my access :)
WOW only day 20:thumb:
Those look great Icemud. :drool::drool::drool:

Yep :) can't believe I'm nearing 1/3 of the way there :) I always love and hate this part of the grow, because my impatient me wants them to be done now, but I love seeing the buds form and the mystery of how they will turn out :) So far things are looking really good :)
A little late for this one. I hadn't seen you around in a while Ice, glad to see your still working at it. Good luck and I'll be around.
A little late for this one. I hadn't seen you around in a while Ice, glad to see your still working at it. Good luck and I'll be around.

Hey Mello!!! welcome my friend! Hope all is well with you :)
Absolutely fantastic bud, you?
Absolutely fantastic bud, you?

Life is good with me. Ya know there's been ups and downs, but when your soaring high, even downs are good :) haha :) Things are definitely moving in the right direction lately :)
So I was a little bit bored tonight, well not bored but had some time free and decided to test my brix levels of my plants. They look pretty healthy so far so I wanted to see how they were ranking in the brix area, and since I have been feeding these more traditionally with earthjuice nutrients and not paying as much focus to foliar feeding and some of my other nutrients that I use for high brix growing such as cold pressed seaweed, more compost teas than feedings, and hydrolyzed fish, I was curious on where they were charting on the refractometer.


My process is quite simple. I pull a leaf that is fully developed usually about 5-7 nodes from the top. I first do a sap reading by squeezing just the petiole (leaf stem) with a pair of pliers and drop the sap onto the refractometer. I still haven't really figured out if this is a needed measurement but I figured to take the measurements anyways for some extra data that doesn't take much extra time.

Then after the sap test, I rinse off the refactometer and pliers, ball up the leaf in my fingers and squish it over and over in the pliers to make sure to bust up the cells in the leaf. After about 5 good mashes I squeeze a few drops of leaf juice onto the refractometer and test.

Between each test the pliers and the refractometer are cleaned and dry to prevent any cross contamination or flaws in the tests. Each leaf that is pulled is tested immediately so there is no evaporation occurring which would influence the readings.

Overall I was not super excited about the readings, but since this grow I am treating more traditionally than with foliar feedings and specialized nutrient drenches I wasn't really expecting exceptionally high readings, but still was pleasantly surprised in the results.

Here are the readings..(first reading is sap, 2nd reading is leaf juice)

Plant order is from left to right, back to front with #1 being back left, and #8 being front right. Plant #7 was removed due to being a hermie.

Plant #1
Sap brix: 4.5 brix
Leaf Juice brix: 16 brix

Plant #2
Sap brix: 5 brix
Leaf Juice brix: 12.5-13 brix

Plant #3
Sap brix: 5 brix
Leaf Juice brix: 15.5 - 16 brix

Plant #4
Sap brix: 4.25 brix
Leaf Juice brix: 11 brix

Plant #5
Sap brix: 4.5 brix
Leaf Juice brix: 12.5 - 13 brix

Plant #6
Sap brix: 4.25 brix
Leaf Juice brix: 15.5 - 16 brix

Plant #8
Sap brix: 5 brix
Leaf Juice brix: 16 brix
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