Mars Hydro Summer Sale Giveaway 2/30: 2019.06.26

Mars Hydro

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Hey what's up growers? Mars Hydro Here again!
Mars Hydro is holding a big Summer promotion during 2019.06.24~2019.07.24 which contains as below:

- All the Mars II, Mars Pro II, Mars Reflector, ECO, COB, 10% OFF :circle-of-love:
- All the anti-smell bags, glasses, 20% OFF :theband:
- Buy any light or tent get free anti-smell bag or Mars T-shirts, or Mars Glasses.
- Total purchase above 2000USD, will get our TS 1000 for free; :love::love::love:
- Total purchase above 3000USD, will get our SP-250 or TS 2000 for free. :Rasta::Rasta::Rasta:

And in order to support the Summer Sales, we are also holding a 30 days Giveaway Promotion. Each day, one giveaway, and one winner. Today is the round 1 of 30. :lot-o-toke::lot-o-toke::lot-o-toke: We are going to give out our Anti-smell bags, Mars T-shirts, Mars Glasses each day, and the growers who share the most or participates most at the end might have chance to get our new light: Mars TS 2000 or Mars SP 250.

Now Rules:

- Post under this thread, (each day a new one) with: Mars Hydro Summer Sales is xxxx
- Time: 24 hours begin from now.
- We will pick a random number tomorrow the same time, to get the Prize.
- Prize for this round: Mars Hydro High Quality LED grow glassses worth at least 20USD/pc
- Every one can join, and quantity umlimited. :rollit:

Now lets' get the Party Started! :party::party::party:

Would love the chance to win an sp250. I absolutely love the one I have and to be able to give one to my brother in law who suffers from a degenerative nerve disorder and cant work so wouldn't be able to afford one on his own.
I'm not entering this one, because I already own one of these products. I just wanted to post that they really do work, they make the "blurple" LED light appear more or less normal (and entirely bearable to work under). You can also hold one of the lenses up in front of your digital camera when taking pictures to post here on the forum, and it'll be appreciated by those who view the pictures <HINT HINT ;) >.

Good luck, everyone!
Mars Hydro Summer Sale is just what my doctor ordered.

Hello @SmokeSara, new here but already a few names rise to the top.
Damn, if i could afford Mars kit I would but will keep till savings are fuller. Its very clear you guys are market leaders, so please pass on my regards to all the 'little people', am sure I wouldnt have half decent leds without you guys pushing the boundries on the tech involved making others do the same, give me a year and i'll be hitting you up for a couple units...

Mars Hydro Summer Sale is right on the money........

Always like your giveaways,,,,,, from one of the best sponsors on 420....
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