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Hi everyone. This is the only forum I've ever joined, on the internet perioid. Can't really get enough advice when it comes to caring for a plant of this importance and use, so thought I'd be safe and pick the minds of the "been there done that" community. So...

I've planted a single critical kush seed in a 12L pot, inside my grow box I built. The grow medium is mainly coco coir and clay pebbles.
2/3 coco coir 1/3 clay pebbles. I soaked the coir and pebbles in PH water for the better part of a week prior to planting.
The grow box is fairly basic, it's a timber frame with ply panels. Wrapped it tarpaulin to black out any light ect. Three 4" PC fans act as intake and outakes, they don't do too much but they certainly keep the air from stagnating and regulating the environment.
Now the lights I'm using are CFLs , just mounted on an plain board. I have in total (for now), 4 23w 6500k "warm daylight" and 2 28w 8500k "cool daylight " bulbs. They can all be turned on/off individually, but for now the seedling is under the 2 cool daylight bulbs with the rest off.

Since sprouting the seedling has been on a 24/0 light cylcle under 2 28w CFLs. Placed a humidifier in the corner, and a small fan blowing a very light breeze over the plant. The temp inside the closed box (thermometer screen is on the outside) stay in and around 25-26 degrees margin, with the humidity levels hitting the 60-65% region. IMG_0245.JPG
This is the little beaut at day 3. Sprouted after 5 days of germination.
Soil was moist, with a PH of 6.4/6.5 at the point of sprouting.
This is day 6.
Soil levels where consistent.
To my eye the leaves look healthy, good shape and colour, with a second pair coming in nicely.
The stem is looking good to me, a sort of purple/green colour, I researched and they appear normal although I have seen some really pale looking stems?
As far as watering goes I've just been doing the finger test, if the soils moist a knuckle down, no water, dry, then I'll water, for that I spray Ph water on the soil top until it's moistened.
That's been my routine thus far.
02/07/2018 was the 6th day of sprout.
She's a week old today.
Noticed the soil was drying out quite quickly last 2 days. Just have it a litre then, see how it is again tomorrow.
Does anyone know at what stage is best to put it into veg
We'll cross that bridge when you get there. Cannabis uses nitrogen, Potassium and Calcium mainly. But any full spectrum nutrient product will work. I use Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro and Protekt.
Good morning Norris,
you mentioned on another post when to go to veg. Plants start the veg state after breaking the soil and most people run their lights 18/6. I've heard others run them 24/0 but not sure what the advantage is. This is a snippet from RQS:

'Putting a plant through pregrowth means that we will keep the plants in their growth (also known as 'veg') period for between one day and several weeks, and we do this by putting the lamp timer on 18/6. This means 18 light and 6 hours night/sleep for the plants. The plant is now equipped to take advantage of the light in full and begin to develop in breadth and height.'

I hope that sheds a bit of light on the veg stage.
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