Norris Flake's Grow Journal, Critical Kush 20% Sativa 80% Indica

Good morning Norris,
you mentioned on another post when to go to veg. Plants start the veg state after breaking the soil and most people run their lights 18/6. I've heard others run them 24/0 but not sure what the advantage is. This is a snippet from RQS:

'Putting a plant through pregrowth means that we will keep the plants in their growth (also known as 'veg') period for between one day and several weeks, and we do this by putting the lamp timer on 18/6. This means 18 light and 6 hours night/sleep for the plants. The plant is now equipped to take advantage of the light in full and begin to develop in breadth and height.'

I hope that sheds a bit of light on the veg stage.
I ran the lights on my seedlings for 4 days by mistake once. Forget to switch the timer to timer and they never go off. But 18/6 is kind of the norm.
They are most welcome indeed. Here's the Little one, 12 days old now. How's she looking? The leaves don't appear to Be typical cannabis leaves though?
Ima chill here with @Pennywise
As my guy said any half decent nute line up will have all you need. Maybe a bottle of calmag wouldnt go a miss as a extra. But yer also as he said the biggest factors are your environment and lighting looks like you got ya environment locked though.
As @MrSauga also touched on Id yank that tin foil out and invest in some mylar or if not just flat white paint will do the trick.
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