Round 2 - Fight! - Or Well - Grow Actually


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Strain~Nirvana Ice
DWC~5 gallon bucket. 3.5 gallons of water currently.
Clay pellets
Dynagrow Nutes~ProTekt, Grow, Bloom, Mag Pro As it sits now pH 5.5 and 620 ppm.
Vegged ~ 61ish days
Switched to 12/12 today.

So, second grow. No fridge/sauna this time. Tent in the closet. Much more stable. In vege temps didn't get past about 75F with RH 35-50%. Ppm is a bit higher than I intended but she's pretty good size so we'll roll with it for now.

I intended to have 2 plants but had a horrible time getting a second one started and Bjork got big enough I decided to just go with one for now. Always gotta be some drama right?

So now, few pics to whet you whistle.


No LEDs...


The roots are looking super sweet!


I've been running a 5" disc airstone in the bottom and a 5 inch wand airstone down the side. Notice the roots grown out to one side more...
Since I didn't get my second bucket going, I put a second 5" wand in, so now I'll have three airstones going in the one bucket. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned!
Not much changed today. I did notice that she is growing a bit asymetrically. I guess due to the asymetric roots? No idea. Centered the light more. Light is 14" from the top of the plant. Everything looks healthy. Temps are peaking right at 80F. 70F with the lights off. RH 36-50%, mostly in the low 40s. 560 ppm. Res temp 71F.


No LEDs...
bang!!! bang!!! bang!!!

ya said I could, lol

thought i'd pop in and check out yer stuff.

lookin good there.
Morning Jayne, if possible I'd like to stay a while too.

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I may not fancy hydroponics but I will join too, watch this and maybe I will get more understanding about it and like it better. Nice flower, she surely looks healthy and vital. And damn, I gotta get some nice tent too. So clean and ready to use. :goodjob: Keep up the good spirit.
those just look like drops of moisture that magnified the light, cooking the spots?

that's what I see anyways, cause I don't see it broadly over the rest of the plant.

looked back, I see one other "spot" and the other fan across from the worst one has weak color.

the rest of it is beautiful. wait n see...
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