The Red Cup!

My solo lady is eating herself alive.. idk if shes gonna make it lol.


Maybe i need to up the calmag? Almost looks like an n deficiency.
Heres my bagseed that ended up an auto!




I guess she stressed into flower early in life. Just thought I'd stop by and share even though shes out of contention. Im looking forward to the next round. Time to seed hunt! Hope every is having a great weekend
Although I’m enjoying this journal very much - I’m so disappointed I missed this round of a Solo Cup Challenge! There was talk of a ‘Sativa Solo Cup’ at some point which sounded like fun. Anyway, I’m waiting for the next round to begin. At this point, my plants are at their happiest and healthiest in their Solo Cup full of potential and promise. It’s been all downhill after that!
I'm going to have to drop out of the competition before the flip, had an issue...
Oh. No! Agemon said only one made it last time. I hope someone can finish!
Oh. No! Agemon said only one made it last time. I hope someone can finish!

Well we started out with 4 or 5 when we did the clones. I was out of town for 8-9 days and had a timer issue. Not sure why everybody else dropped. In any case, we've had a much better showing for this go round and I'm sure we'll have more than one person finish this time!.

I did a very light defol on my Haze X today. 4 days to flip!!!!
Nice! Yeah great showing this time for sure . Let the count down to flower begin ☺
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