Xave's - Indoor - Autofem Jack Herer - First Auto Grow

hey everyone I got my 600 watt hps/mh system today with a digital ballast and wing reflector!! im so happy. can anyone tell me what the distance u hang 600w hps from ur plants? I am right in the middle of setting it up ;)
day light photos of the topped jh.... cant wait !!!

Nice buds mate and still filling up nicely.still fuzzing mate u wna leave her until u see the buds form together properly some big buds to come for sure top job;)
I would guess 2-3 weeks, do you have a loupe or something similar to check the trichs

no dirt I don't have a loupe or even a magnifying glass. I guess I could try to get one. but isn't there other ways to tell like when all the leaves are yellow and falling and just bud left?
I tell u what guys I can already see a faster pace on the packing of weight on buds for the nl auto already with the 600w hps.

the 4 cfls I had over top weren't doing shit and was too far away from the 150w hps. what a difference

my next grow is gonna be f'ing amazing

incredible bulk auto

lsd 25 auto

pyramid white widow auto

and maybe amnesia auto but I still have another JH auto seed I never germed so I could save the amnesia and do another with the jack that we all love.
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