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I grew these. Very much for the same reason.

Give my completed journal a peak.

Happy growing!
Snapped some pictures for the journal this morning. The AI is definitely picking up the growth pace. By next weekend i expect to move it to one of the smartpots. I'm leaning towards the 3 gallon since this girl is supposed to be the star of the show.

U1 received some nutes today and was also moved to the flowering tent. Fingers crossed it's a girl and it's some good shit!
Nute mix was 1/4 strength fox farm trio for bloom. I'm following this chart but per recommendation dialed back the amounts. PH of the water was at 6.70, which I believe to be in the right range for soil.

U2 will get some 1/4 strength as well, but minus the tiger bloom. The leaves on this one are wider and fatter than U1. Some posts I've read indicates this is sign of an Indica dominant plant. That would make me happy :)

AI: 3 weeks since it broke soil. Probably looking at at least another 3-5 weeks vegging for this thing. Seems to be doing well though.

U1: On to the flower tent we go. 6 Weeks in Veg.

U2: FIM'ed, or at least topped :) earlier this week. A bit funky looking? Hey diversity is a GOOD thing!
Another quick update. All 3 received plain water today. I did splash AI with a cup of very diluted nutes, about 1/8th strength, as i transplanted it to the 3 gallon container.

AI in her new home. I'm thinking i should wait a few days to top/fim, until the roots start taking off again. Any thoughts on that?


U1 Looking pretty good i think. Counting 10 tops on this one. Hopefully by next update we'll know if it's a girl!

Thanks GB!
Some sad, but not completely unexpected news. U1 turned out to be a dude. Out in the compost he goes...
The good part of that is that it will make room for another feminized Aurora! I may try and germinate tonight, but if not I'll do that tomorrow.

AI is looking great btw. I did fim earlier today, but i'm afraid i may have just topped it. Either way I'm happy how she's progressing.

U2 is getting really tall and lanky. Not sure if i should try and cut it way back to manage length, or kinda just go with it.

Later tonight or tomorrow I'll post some pictures of AI and U2. Since I'm not looking to make rope, U1 will only contribute by becoming compost. :)
Alright, here are pictures of the 2 remaining plants.

The AI was just topped (hopefully FIM'ed) but it's looking great and is really starting to grow. Nice, short, and uniform growth, and no sign of nute burn from the very diluted feeding it received.


Here is an image from above. You can see the trimmed part better here


As far as U2 goes, i managed another sideways picture. I don't have time right now to fix it, so if you're reading this you'll just have to tilt your head. Next time i'll rotate it and save it prior to upload. Friggen thing is tall! Leaf growth is non uniform, but the plant looks otherwise healthy. I may just throw it in the now vacant flowering tent. Thoughts?

Been a little while but nothing really exciting.
Here's a quick recap though.

AI is growing really bushy. I'm liking where this is going! Still haven't had to water it since putting it the 3 gallon container, but I'm keeping a close eye on the soil moisture level. The FIM I think didn't go right so I basically topped it. Still happy with the results so I'll hone that skill more later.
The AI seed I tried to germinate may be a dud. It's been 4 days, but i'll give a couple more just in case. Today I also started germinating my last unknown seed. Paper towel method btw, seems to be a solid option.

IF the AI seed is a dud, i'll probably look at cloning the AI plant. Any tips on that would be mucho appreciated. I had picked up some cloning gel a while back but I haven't attempted to use it yet.

Now to the pictures: (Apologies for not moving them into regular light this time. My time tonight is a bit limited.


Shot showing the bushy undergrowth

From top down to show the spot I topped


And lastly, a somewhat sad looking U2. I'm just not that excited by this one...

Put U2 in the flowering tent. Was away for a couple days and it got a thirsty. If it turns out to be female i'll put it in a bigger pot. Not sure it's the conventional order of doing things, but i'm thinking it will need some more room to grow. As you can see in the pictures below it's not really looking all that great. Hopefully the leaves will be perky in the morning
Thanks for checking in Golfer!

FINALLY watered AI today. First time after transplanting to the 3 gallon pot.
Following Fox Farm matrix, I went half strength Grow Big and Big Bloom.
The water measured 6.67 pH. I also measured the run-off water, never done this before, and it came out at 5.50 pH. Is this anything to worry about? The plant looks healthy and fine imo.

Took a few pics after watering, and included a std size beer bottle to give the plant size some better perspective.

Thanks for stopping by SmallGrow! I'll be checking your journal out as well. Best of luck with it!

AI is taking off now! Thinking I should probably FIM all the tops one time and flower it in about 2 weeks. That puts veg at about 2 months.
I may also transplant it to a 5 or 10 gallon pot. Why? you ask. Well, U2 (Not really surprised) turned out to be a dude. He will re-enter the circle of life via the compost bin.

No watering since last update, just 18hrs of artificial sunlight.

Getting bushy!!

With the beer bottle

Alrighty.... 1 week later here we are.
Saturday I transplanted the plant into a 10 gallon pot. (Should probably invest in a couple 5 gallon pots as this one seems HUGE!)
Gave it plain water and moved it into the tent with the AdvancedLED P300 light. NOT flowering yet though, still 18 hrs light.
I'm thinking once the pot dries our i'll feed it and flip to 12/12 so the magic can begin.

Pics as of a few minutes ago:



Thinking about another week til next update, unless anyone has any input :)
Looks amazing, Chef:thumb:

She's going to fill out those 10gal's nicely. One option to think about (only because I think it helped me) would be to do some LST with those branches around the perimeter. Tie them down to the side of the pot to open her up a bit. :Namaste:
Thanks golfer!
I'll start at least pushing some of the branches down. With the smartpot i don't really have anything to hook into on the side of the pot, but i'll see if i can work something out.
The FIM has made it really bushy so i'm looking at a lot of tops! Excited about the prospects of a massive harvest :)

Nice job on the NL Autos btw! Do you just like to keep them short or is there another reason you prefer the Autos?
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