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i have two plants of mystery, from nirvana now. i cut some clones from them, so i can save one, if either turns out to be a girl. i have some fem blackberry on the way. which means i will now have like four packs of freebies, that i will probably never get to. but, i am looking forward, to my new ones growing up. the blackjack, full moon, papaya, and blackberry. that darn aurora, was sure potent stuff. really thick, acrid, smoke. mine i got as a clone. and, this pheno, was very short. finished at like 26", indoor. outdoor, she was an 8' beast. and she stank up the neighborhood. luckily, i have a rottweiller on patrol. so no losers came in. if they wanted something "free" it would come from the dog. not my plant. lol.
Wrapped up the harvest today and got everything into glass jars.
I had some nanners on a few buds, and while trimming the last bit I spotted a few seeds, ugh. Probably a dozen or so in total, but thats a bit bothersome. None at all on the main colas, but definitely some on the lower branches. I'll have to do more research as to what could have happened. Best case I just kept it past it's prime and it made itself some feminized seeds. Worst case I have other issues.
Tested for light leaks but i'll do it again before next batch flowers.

The overall weight after drying and trimming off all stems: 132g or 4.7oz
Can't complain at all! I'm rather happy with those numbers.

I vaped some dried popcorn last night, and while the taste was meh, the buzz was nice and relaxing.
Tonight i cut some of the albino tops off, and plan to find out for myself if they are garbage or not.

I recon i'll come back with a smoke report in a week or 2, but for the most part I plan on curing for at least a month before dipping into this crop.

Thanks for following the journal and all the positive comments. The 420 community is great! Perhaps it wasn't the most exciting of journals but for me it was fun regardless.

Some final pictures of this pretty lady :)

Stuffed a few jars and measured humidity with a hygrometer. various part of the plant ranged from 60-63 which seems like the right time to jar.


Yeah I cheat... Boveda 62 FTW!

Getting on the scale:

All behind glass :) Yeah... I got this giant tall one at IKEA some time ago.

Quick smoke report:

First I have to say it's curing nicely. It stinks up the room when I open the jar, but it's an earthy and pleasant smell for those of us who partake.
Loaded up the trusted Extreme Q, warmed it up for a few minutes, and filled a baggie with vapor.
The wife and I shared it, and it was plenty for both of us.
Definitely an evening med! It had us nice and relaxed in a few minutes, and no issues falling (and staying) asleep after a stressful day.

So for those with similar needs, I'm happy to recommend this strain.
It was also short and easy to grow which is great for a relative n00b indoor grower like myself.
Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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update. both of my mysteries turned out to be males. i dont have time to mess with any more of them. i recently got another company, to include two free fems, as throw ins. the aphis they are offering, are shit.
Party time :theband::tommy::party:let's all do a dance for the 12/12... that is a very nice and dense looking indica. I'll be checking in for this flower session. I'm subbed :Namaste:

Edit.: seems I only read the first page. Hah idiot. We'll do the harvest dance instead... Congrats bro
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