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Photo of the Month - Mar 2018
Hello all! LopinNSmokin and I dropped seeds and got some nice taps on them before going into coco. Below is the list of strains and I will get more info on them later when I have time, which is never when I want it.
Wonka Bars
White Widow
OG Kush
Cheese 1
DUD 91
10/10 cracked and 8/10 had good taps.
*P.S. this is Lopin ghost writing :ciao:


Photo of the Month - Mar 2018
She's helping. Couldn't have dropped them at a worst time. Last 2 days been working 13 hours after I dropped them but after meeting up with Penny on Saturday and talking about how we were Jones it from not growing in a while I just had to do it.



Photo of the Month - Mar 2018
Cool, I wanna get into making seeds one day✌
Yeah Ghost I think it's time we take on some projects like this so when we do get together we have some "packages" to give one another. Lol


Photo of the Month - Mar 2018
Hi Derby. Looks like you are going to grow some goodies right there. I'll be sitting in the corner watching this.
Thanks for joining rugged. It's still early but if you've seen any of my other journals they get a bit crazy at times. For some reason I just can't stay in the box. Lol


Photo of the Month: Mar 2018


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