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Show me your 10g plus colas


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I think I'm pretty confident to get 10g per main stem now, I have 10+ main stems/colas, 90+ per 4x4, I have put a screen above them at the moment to help the the first lot of growth to come through them once the lower stuff catches up then I will install a second screen, I'm using a 600w hps but I can add more of needed.

At least with this sog being in a 4x8 on side 1 then at least the plants have got a wider air space, bigger and better environment.

so my target is at least 2oz per plant but with the amount of training to them get an even canopy where there will be a bud site every 3square inch if like to hope I could hit at least 1g per watt.

I'm hoping for each main stem to be 4-6" above the second screen then I plan to flip them to flower .

the strain in growing is Green Gelato by Royal Queen Seeds which has a n estimate of 5-700g per sqm.

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