We Can't Stop Here! This Is Bat Country

I'm nervous... the lower fans are going mellow yellow in a big way. Gonna lose most of her skirt before this experiment is over. I know these strains, so I'll know a difference in potency. I'm gonna see this thing thru until the leaves all shrug, but it's sketchy.
Arrogant, ignorant, impetuous, presumptuous, petulant, insolent, juvenile... I'm debasing myself hard this morning.
I played stupid games, and I won stupid prizes.
"What's the stupid game?", you ask????
⚔️🪒:yummy: Refusing to do a Proper Defoliation!!!
"What's your Reward Rhino, my main man???"
[Ding ding ding] *in announcer voice*
"It's Pooooooooowdery Mildeeeeewwwwww!!!*
Found it on a night-watch - down in the in the skirt larf - now I'm sick like a new-born pup with worms. Kicking myself for being a bitch with the clippers.

WTF was I thinking? These are monster cropped clones and I let them grow Wild???... what an asshole.

Fuck me right in the goat ass.

It's Chop Day, boys and girls.
Raze the plants to the ground.
Bleach and vinegar to any survivors in the tent.

I'll be back with photos of my Girls and the Chop when I return from my bid in Trim-jail.

Pray for me yall, this level of stupidity hurts like hell.

It looks like there was a small infection, mostly near the door, and only on Trio². I've decided to let Amber⁴ stay in the box - under heavy supervision.
I found a moldy seed pod in my vegetable tray the other day and I may have cross infected her with my "filthy pecker-hooks". (As my Uncle S used to say)
Took me all day to trim Trio²'s fuzzy ass by myself, but the deed is done.
I took some terrible photos during the operation, enjoy. I'm off to a nap before I have to pickup the kids from school.




Damn! Monster plant Rhino! :thumb:
She was thicker than a snickers!
Looks, to my naked eye sockets, to be around 7oz of pretty hanging buds and 3oz of heavy tric-laden larf and trim.
Due to the biologic nature of this harvest, I immediately froze the trim for bubble hash/ live rosin - I normally would have cured it.
Next up is a Bubblegum, I'm looking to get that dank fruit flavor you were taking about a couple grows back.
"Looks like another Love TKO..."
I had to chop Amber, I couldn't let her lavender buds become subject to mildew.
It was a "boutique harvest", (as I heard another grower say) I took around 8 ounces of big beautiful buds and 3oz of larf. I left the rest of the plant to mature for the next 2 weeks, then I'll finish the job.




Beautiful buds Rhino! Congrats on the harvest.
Thank you sir! This will be my last run with a monster cropped plant if i can help it. You boys have heavy scissor-hands and can probably keep these bushy broads in check, but me, I like em low maintenance.
awesome plants Rhino......what did you do with that rice you made earlier?
Thank you!
I stabilized the inoculated rice with brown sugar! I pulled it from the woods and mixed it with an equal amount of brown sugar by weight, seems to be a good culture so far. I'll know better once I use it to make IMO3.
I have so many fires burning that I forget to update when I put one out!

This journal is winding down as the new plants are gearingup! I'll do an update with the jarred-up buds and a smoke report tomorrow, along with some pictures of the finished KNF inputs and a progress report on the boom-boom room pollination project.
It's hectic around here!
(Sneak peak of the new plants going into the big SIP. The Bubblegum is the big one, the cbd is the tiny one. Plus a nice nug of Orange Punch Mimosa ready to smoke, slow cured for 5 months.)



A test run of dry ice bubble-hash. Turned out pretty well for only a couple ounces of trim. Now it's time to drop a pound of larf and trim in the bag and see what shakes out!


I left the Orange Punch stump under the shop lights after harvest, and those lights burn day and night. The flowers are going ghost, white like Rush Limbaugh, shits crazy. Is it re-veg or just a dying trunk?




"It's your Golden Hourrrrrrrrrr"
The little ones are ready for their place in the big SIP. This is their last night in the croud of vegetables and herbs on the planting room table, they're gonna be the Stars of the show! This is also the last time they'll be featured in this thread.
They'll get their own journal to show what they can do.
The plan is to use all knf nutrients, but I'm leaning away from the foliar sprays with excess sugar to avoid mold/mildew issues. I'll feed these broads thru the big straw in the reservoir. Also my fish amino isn't fully broken down, so I may have to bolster the nitrogen if it goes high yella on me.


Update on the Boom-Boom Room:
The Trio Clone is doing well, although the silver kills any leaves that it touches. My boy came thru with some pollen from a male plant his uncle is growing. (His uncle refuses to believe that it's a male, he's been vegging it for over 9 months in a window sill)
I dusted 4 different bud sites with it, hopefully it makes some babies!

Oh yeah, come checkout the new thread! It's up and running!






The boom-boom room experiment continues! I'm not sure if it's working or just burning the shit out of the plant, but imma keep wetting it up for the duration. I see a pistol turning brown on one of the pollinated buds, maybe it took and we're gonna have a seed baby?? That's what the boom-boom room is all about, that dirty dirty baby makin action, yeah!

I forgot to show the jars, not the biggest haul I've gotten, but respectable, considering I was an asshat and didn't trim the jungle under the canopy. I did have a ton of sugar leaves and larf that made some amazing bubble hash.
I made some mistakes creating the bubble hash, and more mistakes turning it into Live Rosin, but it turned out phenomenal anyways. I'll go into the process I used, where I fucked up, and how to get it right - when I'm back on my feet. The Rhino drank too many Bud Light Limes and paid the price this morning. Time to relax until the room stops spinning.

Boom-boom room is really working up a head of steam! This little princess is only growing in 2 liters of dirt, but she's putting together a decent bud package.
I don't think my colloidal silver is working, but I'll continue to use it until the end. I also nabbed some more pollen from my buddy that I'll slather on the plant to try and make some seeds. I WANT SEEDS DAMNIT!


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