Light Addict Tries To Get Grafting - Target Of One Mom With 15 Strains!

So folks we've had to kill off some plants...! The big original grafting project, on the male stock! He had no male parts left and had 2 fem strains grafted on. Well she was a huge ass tall bush and would of been fun to flower out. Yet I'm stuffed for space and running a space I shouldn't already, so she had to go!

The main multi mom plant is suffering due to being so rootbound its daft. I'm not that fussed as I'll limp her across the line. I've my sights set on my next run where I'll get all donors started at the same point and have a way younger and quicker multi mom but with way more strains! I may even go for over 50 :)
The main thing I'm seeing is some branches of the original strain of the stock have dried up and died! So I'm quite interested in the plants process at present as the grafts seem strong and doing well...? :). Its something new to me lol so its a good thing in my eyes lol.
50 Thats a great number ,, at the moment our ashram is having its 50 year celebrations:high-five:
Sorry about the Fella not having any man bits:geek:I guess he was a she Taking a walk on the wild side:Namaste:
Well my life's falling to crap presently but my plants be OK!
She is truly an amazing work of love :thumb:
I been thinking about you guys a lot recently :love:I hope things are getting better :thumb:
Be real close for a nice X-mas wreath? Keepem Green
So one thing noticed with mega multi plants!

You need all grafts well established before flower. So far all the younger more immature grafts are the ones struggling. I've knocked one or two of the end small ones off already through miss-handling in a small space lol. In general though at least 9 strains are doing really well all at once!
Now I'm not being very loving as I've no PH pen at the moment and won't be buying one again! I'll just mix nutes and adjust PH by memory of mixing same volumes as I've done for an age. Probs a bit out but I'm done wasting money on pH pens as they don't seem to last me! ;)
Is there a difference in the flowers? Kind of looks like they might have held the individual food requirements. Some seem hungry yets others happy and lush green. Or is that my eyes? Keepem Green
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