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I can disclose one mission ill start as soon as Im out in spain. Im gonna grow myself a cpl of sun loungers, 4 chairs and a garden table with a sun shade umbrella.
Ill harvest then treat all the structure so it lasts.
Just gonna be my way of showing what can be done with our favourite plant.
Ur creativity seems so endless. No doubts that you will excel in all ur future masterpieces.

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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Welcome one and all, to my perpetual, final home, here at 420!

This thread will have it all. I'll be fluxing, grafting and all other things that peek my interest. I'll be running new unreleased genetics from time to time. Probably some new lighting or equipment/nutrients, every now and again. Just having some fun to be honest. I wont be about as much as I've been in the past, yet a little more frequently than I've been lately. :)

So whats been going on with my little green world? Well I gladly finished my Deathstar journey and am now back to growing some normal ish plants!


Ive now got a new place to flower! so expanding into another tent, I shall be soon!:)

Things are chugging along into flower :)


Then my veg/come auto flower spot is always rammed to the limits!


My next plans: Well Im gonna flux it up still. Going to do some grafting soon also. yet at the moment im just bumbling along, trying to work my grows using Remo nutrients without a PH pen lol. Its been over a year now so Im used to it, it just makes it a bit more of a challenge lol.
I'll be swapping out my nutrients soon though and will get a ph pen for that run as its a big new line :)

In short all I do will be here, I wont be starting dedicated journals for any sponsors, all will be here without listings or links, just my use of said products. This way I shouldn't get into any trouble with the mods here :)

Please ask questions on my growing...! Yet, please dont be posting your own pics or links to your own work on my thread!

Anyway that me for a while :) best of buds to you all :) :circle-of-love::420:
I just got turned on to this and you, and before I even read on, that first plant, the one that looks like the sun or something - this is the Death Star? Is this REAL? I've never seen anything like this. OMG. I can barely believe this isn't photoshopped. Clearly I have much reading to do. Then I'll be peppering you with questions, lol. Wow. I gotta rub my eyes a while after seeing this.
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