Fluxing It Up One Last Time! The Flux To End All Fluxes! LA Style!

Hey Skyb :)

I've been running my same coco soil mix that I just recharge/top up and recycle over and over its about 80% coco :) that and running Remo nutrients for a while now.
As for my biggest flux to date it was 23 oz a while back beginning of the year! :)

Donpaul PM'd me on here, but didn't really say much. I've tried to coax him back via a cpl of email addresses but no joy!
Damn LA, that must've been hell to trim up that much weight, but those are the good problems!

I wish donpaul would make his presence known. He was such a wealth of knowledge and a pioneer of new techniques. I remember he once stripped a plant after harvest clean of every leaf to try and reveg it, and did!:slide: At any rate, I'm with you in the hope he will once again post on 420!
Well I've chopped me flux! She was coin my head in to be honest and I may be short on patience currently due to my main girl :)

So some pics taken a cl of days before chop!

Then as I mentioned her, even if she ain't a flux lol, here's my big lassy :)
Thanks for the update on whether you are going to stop fluxing. I can dig it, you want to just grow. I can't even imagine doing all that you do as far as answering our questions, fluxing your ladies and living life and all it entails. Happy to know that the light will shine on 420.:goodjob::thanks:
Ha Skybound be back :) welcome old buddy! How's life been treating ya?

GaBoy420 lol this isn't my last flux! This last one was a binned off effort as her structure was not suited. I've still got to start my big flux to end all fluxes! Even after that I'll still flux from time to time, I just won't dedicate any journaling to it! I've documented it enough and want to get back to just growing!

Soon I'll be switching up my growing methods all together, so will want to focus on all of that :)
I eagerly await Light. Can you tell me how you liked the Dedoverde strain you mentioned a couple of months back. I bought a some and was thinking of trying it next time crop.
Dam my man you be fluxin some shit up!! Looking so good you are the man when it comes to Fluxin around!!!! Live-Love-Learn

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LA you do great things, I've been lurking and reading a ton of your threads. Can you link me the thread about your Bud Star, I really want to keep track of how that's going.

Keep doing what you do brother! It's great to have a community full of people that love this plant as much as I do!

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Hi LA,

Our adored friend in common gifted me a Tut....it is under the veg light....I'll be watching and learning..... :circle-of-love:
Hey Shawnee, Tutt is an awesome strain, one I haven't grown out since Gert, way back when! It trains well and can handle pretty much anything you throw at it, bar over feeding.
I'm excited to be running a few Tutt girls this round as looking forward to finding some phenos! :)

Now as were miles away from useful pics of these wee fluxes, here's a big ball of bud!
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