Outdoor Mazar


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This lady is from seed and was from a botched hydro attempt. After lack luster results in hydro and a never ending 'funk' of nasty water in the hydro, i removed this lady from the netpot, grabbed and tore off all its root mass and plugged her down in the soil outside. 2 Months later, I have this. Enjoy.

I did prep the soil with fox farm ocean forest mix, plus hydroton and another brand soil mix. I made a hole about 2 feet x 2 feet and topped the soil with hydromite. (to hopefully help retain water moisture)

She was about 4 inches tall prior to transplanting.
Looking good Mayor. She's hanging nice and low - I like the training you've applied.
beautiful and healthy plant. the PNW has some of the best weed
Thanks for sharing your outdoor journal - looking good.
Moose, Or any other grow mod w/outdoor experience. I have a question for you!

The whole time this year I have watered it because there was no rain. in fact, it was one of the driest years this year (since when I planted it til now at least) but today and yesterday we have had, and are expecting about 1~3 inches of rainfall, should I do anything for the plant, or will it be ok? it is in flower as the pics above show. I'll take a couple rain pics shortly too.
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