1st Grow In 40 Years

Very Nice! I just chopped my second girl today. I think I did a way better job on my trim this time. The buds are way tighter than my other one but I think that was cause I was afraid to mess it up. Can't wait to see the final weigh in!
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Its was also apx 40 yrs ago when I did outdoor grows in 1977 or so..... I remember the Secret Service flying over my crops in a helicopter and circling them , they freaked me out , it was just President Reagan coming to town so they weren't after my crops after all , just looking for terrorists . All my crops were junk like you said because of no real growing info in those days . BUT ONE thing I do remember though , NEVER use peat cups for seedlings , they give off moisture and dry out the seedlings too easily . Use dark plastic that holds moisture and have vent holes in the bottom . .
hi 1970grower, i thought i had come across this journal before, my plants are not as tall as yours but i can even see into my plants all indica and indica dominant, but like you said i dont want tall plants with cfls so i should be ok with the cfls for this grow.

@Bcguy, have you got a journal on here we could take a look at, im just into the flower cycle on mine, having problems with my net connection so wont be posting any pictures on till about the 30th when my new provider takes over my phone line, but my plants have grown loads, they have really spread outwards and not upwards, both have been topped and lst to keep the canopy even and its hard to say which is the top bud as all bud sites are very even, the plants packed on outwards growth more then upwards so does this mean more or less buds, only time will tell, but ive been in flower for a week and have got 3 out of 3 females so im chuffed about that
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