1st Time Grow With DWC Top Feed Burmese Kush

I'm a Manufacturing Eng. for a place that makes IOLs. It's such an easy surgery dude. She's gonna be just fine.
If you guys have ANY questions I would be more than happy to tell you all about it
If you guys have ANY questions I would be more than happy to tell you all about it

Haha it only took 20 mins I was impressed by that, she sees much better it’s a little blurry still she said but I guess that means I get to stick around one more day right Scrog lol. It’s her birthday today too so I’m taking her out to red lobster as there isn’t one anywhere near our house so we’re taking advantage while we’re in the city. I’ll be home later tonight and will be flushing so wish me luck.
Haha it only took 20 mins I was impressed by that, she sees much better it's a little blurry still she said but I guess that means I get to stick around one more day right Scrog lol. It's her birthday today too so I'm taking her out to red lobster as there isn't one anywhere near our house so we're taking advantage while we're in the city. I'll be home later tonight and will be flushing so wish me luck.
It's a super easy process. Kinda crazy when you consider what they are working on. Glad it went so We'll! Cheers
Nice glad it went well OG!

Your girls are looking fat and sassy, I can feel the harvest buzz from here hehe

Have fun trimming!
Surgery went perfect she can see the best she's been able to in years. I came home tonight and looked at the calyx's and they need a few more days so i'm gonna deal with intermittent internet dropping for another couple weeks. I topped them up with nutes again and will keep an eye n the trichs. they only need a few more days I think.
some bud porn from tonight before lights off.

I'll definitely be chopping a branch off to dry the day i start flushing to see what its like without. Just a waiting game from here right? Have a good day guys.
Damn lookin chunky! They definitely fattened up nicely under that light for you!

Can't wait to see em all trimmed down :D

Flush Just happened and this was all I could think the entrie time so as we enter the final stages of an epic grow, heres an epic song! have a good night lol!
Click. I just hung up.... Fuckin Canadians. Europe... my God.
Those trich shots look gooey man, can't wait to see em all hung up in all their glory!

Let the fade begin :D
You'll be back you can't stay away from those colas and plus I already made up your bed next to mama and the cheese and cleared a spot for your flip flops. :rofl:
Dude! Im dieing over here that was so damn funny! Momma and the Cheese just put out a double album called Green Dreams ironically
So was making some more butter with some of th bottom bud from under the screen and some sugar leaf I trimmed off and wouldn’t you know on the last run I dried it all over th kitchen floor so I’ve just spent the past omgour degreasing my kitchen floor:rofl: and water a good ounce of trim in the process!!! Fml oh well I had enough left to do another run which is just starting right now.
I did not but my dogs sure got a good taste before all was said and done lol they're both passed out with the wife in bed :rofl: I will however be having a double space bar later today as compensation:rofl:
I made brownies once and two of my dogs got some... I dont even know how, but one was leaning against the wall while relieving himself and the other wouldn't move without help. I felt so bad
Hey all Been a few days. Just been hanging out with the Mrs. We made butter and then space bars the other day as you know. With them being made from bottom buds and sugar leaf they are quite potent this time around. I also smoked just a nig of the branch I trimmed off the other day and this stuff is potent howI had hoped it would be, I can't wait to get into some of the tops. So the white castle did not show up which was sad as I had really high hopes for it but I contacted Attitude and was rebuffed by them as they state the seeds are for souvenir purposes, there was nothing they could do but I wrote them back and told them its legal for me to grow and that's what i am buying them for they offered to contact Nirvana the breeder Directly on my behalf. I didn't hear anything else about it and figured they paid me lip service. This was at least two weeks ago but today when I checked the mail looking for the dreaded after xmas CC bills, there was a padded plain white envelope and inside was a package of Ice Fem seed direct from the breeder. So Attitude might get one more crack at me after all.

The butter me made in the espresso pot comes out a very light shade of green, much lighter in color than when I used to do it on the stove in a double boiler for 4-6 hours, and I'd honestly say it more potent as well. I highly recommend looking into one if you like edibles like me and the wife do and you can use them for oils and tinctures as well.


The little branch I cut ended up weighing in at 3.2g when dried and trimmed off the stem down fro 17.7 g when I first cut it off.
It smoked perfectly and had just a tad bit of harshness that i hope to be taken care of with the flush this week.


Mama and the cheese ad a run in with dry buckets basically the other morning. We went out for the night and when i nudged them before leaving I figured I was great til the next morning when we got home. Nope they had barely an inch of water left and were droopy as hell. They've both recovered perfectly fine within a few hours really. I even added my clone light on the back wall as extra lighting for them as they're both getting huge.


And lastly the flush took place Friday and I replaced that Saturday with fresh water ph'd to 5.8. They';re about to get 2 gallons of ph'd top up water and that's all she wrote. They will be able to sustain til Friday now from this point and that's when I have a buddy coming over to help me with the fun part. Here they are in all their glory.


Off to read some journals and vote in some contests!
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