2nd Indoor Grow In RDWC 3 Pineapple Chunk & A White Widow Under Perfect Sun COB

Day 12 Flower:

Ph 5.7, ppm 595, res temp 71, tent temp 76.5, light is 23” above the canopy, and these things are kind of beating me into submission. I have 3” on my ratchets then they’re out and I have about 10” of space after that to lift the lights before the top comes off and the rider tent extender comes out. Here they are today and here’s the last shot of mama before she was cleaned off completely and one of here bent back straight to show where she stood.

The Burmese stretched for three and a half weeks so this should be fun if they keep going. Wish me luck.
Just got home from work and the cheese was snapping and sitting at 45% in my dry box so into the jars it went, the th in my house in like 18% the past few weeks so it’s been a bit of a pain balancing it in three separate areas. Oh well snipped and jarred the weight for that one auto cheese was 139 grams or 4.8 oz. almost double what I pulled per plant in my homemade sterilite busket thingamabob. So I’m not gonna lie I’m getting hard thinking about how this chunck is going to do with the same amount of root space and the amount they’re drinking and eating. Here’s the haul before and after jarring.

Lights were out when I got home so I’ll update where the jungle is at later on today when I wake up. Have a great day all I’m off to try some cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese :rofl:
It stinks like dirty socks and old cheddar. It smokes super smooth and is really potent i'm kinda in a stupor right now bu again ive been up all night so who knows we will do a real test monday when my uncle comes to visit. He has a G13 clone for me that I will be making into a mother plant. I'm going to quarantine it for a week to be sure i don't bring anything into my tents as he grows in promix and promix brings bugs.
Laugh all you want but I might be sending someone to get you to come show me your roof raising techniques. I know you want to come up here gloat about hat curling gold yesterday.
That curling match was a nail-biter. I made clients wait several times while I watched the play. I felt bad for Ragnar Lothbrok when he missed the broom in the last end.
As far as your plants go I fear you're going to be pulling your hair out trying to keep them under control. Supercropping each plant over the next may be your only hope. It may slow them down by a few days but they really don't seem to be bothered much by it, so be aggressive the first time.
Ok they’re eating me out of house and home I had to order 4L jugs of calimag and koolbloom today from my shop as the 1 l bottles aren’t lasting very long with 5-6 gallons every other day going in the res. I’m running it another week at 2.5ml/gal of grow and then res channging Sunday and no more at that point. I’ll run 18-20 days on that mix then switch out again and go to kB dry instead of liquid. I bough more ratchet straps and now have the light up the highest it can go without being strapped to the ceiling of the tent. That puts it 22” above the canopy and I’ll be bending them to stay there as much as I can before I have drop the legs off the shelving. If necessary that’s about 5 more inches. Here’s a few shots of the monsters and the buds starting.

I have a half assed plan of attack but who knows if I have a shot in hell. I’m grabbing a drink and the RooR and watching some TWD.
If I remove the legs from the shelves inside and the one under the res I will still be level on the plumbing, I set up my return on a 5 degree slant that wouldn’t be effected regardless of height. I did that just in case I ran into this problem I currently have. I really don’t want to have to do it but it’s an option at least.
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