2nd Indoor Grow In RDWC 3 Pineapple Chunk & A White Widow Under Perfect Sun COB

Well correct me if I’m wrong but the scrog is doing it’s job, it was used to manifold the plants and spread it all out. Scrogdawg aren’t meant to be used as a support trellis but more as a guide to a flat canopy? The support will come in the form of many many many yo-yos lol.
Day 22 Flower:

Did a res change yesterday and stopped the grow portion of the feed. They grew into the lights over the weekend so I’ve super cropped them and it’s a fairly even canopy now even if the bar aches all go in different directions. They have definitely slowed on the stretching and hopefully now it’s time to start filling out. The bud sites are starting to stack a bit so I think we’re well on our way. The widow is completely overtaken, I’m going to get two mains and that’s about it the rest is just nowhere to be found in the jungle of chunk. I had a bit of a ph dip on the weekend and I’ll be monitoring it now that I’ve changed it out. Next res change is in three weeks when I start on kb dry. Here’s a bit of a photo dump, I’ll be defoliation tomorrow.

I’m at work and the last pics I have are over a week old but I will get some updated ones up Monday after i switch them on to kB dry. They had to be bent broken tied and basically 50 shaded into cooperating but I managed to keep the bleaching minimal and did manage to make my coliseum of wed so to speak with the otters about 6” taller than the middle tops in a bowl type shape tapering off to the back so I have the light offset as a result and the bleaching seemed to come under control.
Ha! Thank you, Gpa! I couldn't remember who had the grow that had me chuckling because... BTDT with those damned leggy Pineapple Chunks. OG, are you ready for KB dry already!? Isn't that a last week or two of flower additive? And what the hell is a coliseum of wed with the otters? Are you speaking Canadian? :rofl:

Coliseum of wed... so that's a church? How cute. They're made for each otter.
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I use kB dry the last two weeks before flush then flush 5-6 days, three weeks from yesterday will be 63 days in flower and from everything I read these are 50-55 days flowers. So that puts me to April 12 th chop date and that way I’ll have some for 420!!! If by chance they aren’t quite ready by looking at the trichs I will leave for a couple e tea days with the kB dry soup but they are showing signs of coming to an end already with the fans starting to look tired and aged. As for the coliseum of weed my canopy is a concave bowl of tops with the outer tops the tallest and gradually stepping down to the middle where the tops are lowest by about 6-8” difference from the middle to the outer edges. Try to keep the same par even throughout the canopy to try for even bud development. I’ll get some pics up Monday to show you what I’m rambling about I’m at work and the lights are off while I’m home.
Wow, they've come a long way since your March 6th update then. Can't wait to see them! I'm glad you were able to bend them to your will. So much easier than raising the roof.
If it's anything like the PiChunk/Thai mix I grew you're going to love this strain. The smell is a little overpowering but the effects are so very pleasant. I think you're in for a treat.:p
Was ordering some boveda packs on amazon for the upcoming chop and like always I dreamingly search for a bluelab ec/ph monitor to see if they ever drop the price, and lo and behold did they ever. It’s currently on sale for 50% off the connect model which I believe you can access from a smart phone anywhere. If you’re in the market now is the time to grab one holy smokes.
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I don't know why but it rotates every picture and if I upload it pre-rotated it doesn't do it. I dunno, I'm pretty annoyed since these are nice shots.

It is a bitch to have to rotate buy you can do it after uploading by going to Your Media. Select the picture then on the bottom right click the (...) Select Edit Image and then click the rotate icon.

For me using an IPhone if I shoot horizontally it loads properly but if I shoot a picture in the regular Vertical direction it always rotates.
Was ordering some boveda packs on amazon for the upcoming chop and like always I dreamingly search for a bluelab ec/ph monitor...
Unless you want/need the connect feature I prefer the GrowBoss because of the full immersion probes and even lower cost.
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