Highya Krissi,

Or we all could meet a SO's! Of course, if he and she's willing!

I'm hoping you're okay, again. Also hoping you're exercising your prioriy list. Taking care of what's most important. How long before you drop some beans? How's your stash holding out? You know, inquiring minds!
I'm really glad you still have a bestie! And a nurse to boot!! Does she suggest healthful solutions?

Well, I need some lunch, so I'll leave it here, and say I appreciate you very much. Happy Smokin' :love: :love: :love: :hug::hug::hug:
We're open to that Bode!
Highya Krissi,

Sounds like very good therapy. I'm glad you're taking care of yourself! And growing beautiful seedlings is very fulfilling.
Always, as you know my friend!
I had forgotten that you're parents were with you. Was missing you more than usual. I was almost ready to send out a search party! I'll leave it right here,and pick it up again at a later time. Hope you're well!! I appreciate you!! Happy Smokin' :hug: :love: :hug: :love: :hug::love:
No need for that, I am here good Sir! I figured you needed a reminder that I was just with company for a week and not AWAL again. I appreciate you! You're one of the messages I have to get to today so I'll talk to you soon!
We're open to that Bode!
Yippee!! :circle-of-love:
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