VetSmoke85 - LSD Photoperiod - DYNOMYCO 2023 - Solo Cup Challenge

You got a nice variety of some delicious looking bud right now! Enjoy bro :bongrip:
What's on the horizon? You thought any more about a solo grow?
I'm still toying with the idea but leaning more towards 3-4 autos in 1 gallon pots right now.
Ok back to soil? Im thinking to reduce pot size aswell.
Not ready yet.
The closeup pics are very impressive, very big, nice, and frosty buds, how’s she smelling?
I’m doing another day with my Solo SIP. You def got me locked on yield!

She might come down at the end of this weekend. I dunno, I'd guesstimate 0.5-1oz.
The closeup pics are very impressive, very big, nice, and frosty buds, how’s she smelling?
She smells very hashy, is how I'd describe it. Not surprising with the Afghan genetics. I love that smell, it's nostalgic for me.
1995 today is the anniversary I think I got busted with a few oz of soap - 16 years old -juuuust. My mate had got busted with 1/2 an Oz of Thai pressed. (Cost 30% more)

So the hashy Indica and Thai Sativas take me back years when I get a blast “neat”

Castle Cary train station on my way to the first day of Glastonbury. He got a caution and done as less and he was 17. I was well over caution levels and only 16 so taken to jail. (Horse Parade ground gets turned in a temp jail scaffold and wire for holding cells) I got a cell yo myself as the only 16 year old. Design for like 30 😂

Called home and my Dad was doing his first ever WFH. He’s a lawyer. They had to let me go. Started off with childrens homes and police cars home.

Walked in to Glastonbury the social worker dropped me at the gate with two 5 pence pieces, 4 packets of Marlboro Lights and a dozen packets of Rizla on me.

Presented my ticket and one of my my mates walked up to welcome me in.

Sure it was 95, 94 was Reading. Maybe ‘96.

My g/f had my bags and stuff. She got busted for something else but was pretty so she walked. Caution on the spot even under age.

I had preorders for all mine. But gone. That 10p was all I had. None of them helped me out either 🤣

I was quite hungry those few days, but epic.

Cautioned a few months later but expunged immediately as I was 17 by then.

Close shave. School reports all sorts. I wasn’t say interviewing for an Ivy League Uni and very sporty solid family I’d have been in Young Offenders (Juvie) with that weight.

Life would have been very different!

(I didn’t get in the Uni and never got a degree!)

Miss those Summers .

Tonight is her final night. Need to get this tent wrapped up to prep a different setup for the next grow. She's done pretty well with minimal care.
Nice work bro :goodjob: she looks solid! Enjoy man :bongrip: I think everyone killed it in the solos👌🏽
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