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Barneys Farm Sponsors Grow: Gorilla Zkittles, Orange Sherbert Plus Many More


Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2019

Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce you all to my new journal in which we will be growing everything Barneys. Ive been fortunate and have been gifted some seeds by @Barneys Farm Official which I shall be growing for your viewing pleasure. I'll be starting off with the Gorilla Zkittles and the Orange Sherbert then I'll be popping more beans as we go. For now I have some of their newer strains to showcase but later on I'll most definitely be running some of the classics, I've got a bit of a craving for some Blue Cheese for some reason lol. I'll be running the plants in pairs so I can give more detailed updates rather than doing what I normally do and run 10+ and risk not being able to keep up with progress properly. We will be using soil as a medium and LED's for lighting for this season however that may change depending on needs and circumstance. I haven't decided how long to run this thread for yet but I expect it will go for a year or so. Well I think that we had best begin then!

For the first part of the grow I will be using....

Gorilla Tent 60x80
100w 7000k LED Floodlight
Biobizz Allmix
1ltr Plastic Pots
Seedling Starter Tray
10in Desktop Fan

That's about all I'm using for now. When my other journal is finished up I'll absorb all the equipment from that one into this one. I'm not using an extractor fan as I don't need it for this stage

The 2 strains that have been selected to start off this journal are....

Gorilla Zkittles
Orange Sherbert

I chose these 2 as I've tried neither of them and they are both good looking indicas. They both promise colour, power and yield and have some lovely genetics in the mix. Check out ! Cannabis & Marijuana Seeds | Barneys Farm for full descriptions of the strains

Here's what the new packaging looks like. I quite like it....

The seeds all look healthy and consistent. None stood out over any of the others so I just picked one from each pack at random....

And now we have 2 in dirt....

That all took place last Saturday and 4 days later both broke ground at exactly the same time which is nice.

Part 2 to follow....


Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2019

These next pics are from 2 days ago. The GZ is one the right and the OS is on the left....


They came out without any problems and look nice and healthy. In a moment I'll be putting them into the first pots.

So there we have it. We are up to date

I'd like to thank Barneys for giving me the opportunity to run some of their seeds and would just like to say to anyone to feel free to share any pics and updates of any Barneys strains that you have grown in the past or are currently growing at the moment. I'd like to treat this as a community grow and create a nice welcoming place for people to visit. It's going to be pretty relaxed and I'm hoping I can make it a fun and informative journal.

Happy growing everyone :)
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Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2019
Looks like a good time... count me in!! :roorrip:
Then in you are counted! Welcome my friend :)
First page woohoo!! I can't wait to see how both strains do, those are the 2 strains I've been eying the hardest from Barney's Farm!!!
Hey Orlando. Good to have you aboard buddy. Orange Sherbert sounds amazing! I like anything with the Cherry Pie :)
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Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2019


Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2019
Gotta love it when you get nice fresh seeds that pop asap!

Hey Prof. I can see your grin from here. Yup, it's that big.

I'm will be watching this with great interest...
Lol, is it that obvious. Just setting up my new home for 2019. Caring for less plants is what I'm looking forward to most, that and loads of lovely smoke of course. Good to have you VG :)


Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2019
The seedlings have been transplanted. I simply used my finger to push the bottom of the tray and they popped out. Then carefully put them in their new 1ltr home. I know it's early but things are looking good so far....

Gorilla Zkittles on the left and Orange Sherbert on the left....

Gorilla Zkittles....

Orange Sherbert....

They have now been placed under 100w of cool white LED where they shall know no darkness until they're put into flower

Happy growing everyone :)


Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2019
Hooray Professor! I’m here with my pen and a pad, autos class is in session!
Hey HH. I'm not doing any autos at the moment although I do have a Critical Kush Auto that i got about 2 years ago. I see Barneys has some new ones so I may get some in the not too distant future and run them alongside the photos :)


Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2019
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