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Hey guys.. I'm going to start a new journal off, now I've got all I need to make it a 100% success.

So what do we have.

Seed: 3x amneisia haze ( royal cannabis seed)

Tent: 60w x 120l x 180h light out

Lights: 1x viparspectra 600w v/b switch,
1x viparspectra 300w,
1x quantum board 301b, 3000k with far reds

Nutrients: mother pukka range.
Coco clown starter set.

System: D.I.Y OCTOPOT....

Medium: canna terra pro soil mixed with aqua pebbles

Res: main solution will be from the mother pukka coco clown feed chart adapted week by week, with h202 and p.hd between 5.6-6.0.

Extraction: 2x 6"clip fans
1x 5" extractor with 8"carbon filter.

So I guess that the start of my new journal...

The beginning progress is in the last few pages of my old journal. I'll start from where I am today with a few added pics of my system.

The plants are around 5 weeks old growing lovly. The roots have just hit the drink and starred lapping up the goodness, so I've given the girls thier 1st defol.... couple of the higher fan leaves to allow for the branching to progress quicker .. we want a big bushy scrogg and I'm determined to fill the fucking tent .



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So like I said earlier.. I've took a few fan leaves off to encourage the branching... referring to the topic of extreme defol... the puppas will bounce back quick enough and this should encourage the branching instead of wasting growth on the fan leaves...

I've also brought another quantum light this afternoon to a company my 600w in the middle.. I will have the 2 quantum hanging down the sides angled to the middle and my viperspectra at the top on bloom switch. So I should have plenty of light penetrating the canopy everywhere except underneath.. I'm also think I might need a slightly bigger tent 80x120x180 would be perfect.

You can see in the photo hownibhave off set the light on the right dropping it down. That's the sort of coverage I'll be going for



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Yh they are coming on nicely stoneotter..

Well it's been three days since I topped the girls and took thier biggest of fan leaves...

Little puppas look like tiny Christmas trees right now lmao.. but you can see the branching starting.. Which I'm buzzing for... and the roots are well in the drink now...

I've added my nutes mix to res, then diluted down with a few extra litres of water.. just to keep the strength down whilst THEY 're getting used to having food....

Loving the new light aswell.. the ambience of the grow tent feels more natural and not space like with just blues... feels warmer. Yet having check2d my temps... the new light kicks off zero heat compared to the reds on my viparspectra.

My second quantum light comes in a few days. It'll be nice to rig it up and have them both at half power with the blues.... Evan though I might turn the blues off aswell untill they get a bit bigger ..

I have 180cm2 worth of coverage for flower now... plenty... I'll use the quantum lights down the sides of the tents and the viper up top.. I've got nearly 360 light surrounding the girls then lmao...

Any hoo enough shit... herees the pics



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I just had a great idea... I have a massive tent.. so I have wasted side light ... not no more. I took my base sheet and hung it like a curtain and then closed the girls and lights down tight and we have this...

Boom now we have less wasted light and more intensity on the sides.. cnt wait for the other side light.



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So so so... we've had a little trim

Ahhh I don't like fans leaves, they here for a good time not a long time..

The light wasn't penetrating to my stem. They had fully bushed out... So I think I'll allow them to bush out every time then trim them...

I'm loving my new lights however with all 3 running. We are hitting 32degrees.

Not good. So I ordered some c02 to compensate. I may introduce an intake fan at the bottom to help... not sure I'll wait till this bloody weather calms it's tits back down..

I've also took my rocket fuel foliar spray... dilute 100ml with 100ml h202 and then I added 800ml of water.. it'll last longer lmao.

I'll grab some pics of the roots next time. I've added the h202 to the res as well.


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Hey guys.. not alot to report .. other then the roots they are flying now.. and I'm loving how these made this little line of hairs lmao

... I'm going to start to take out some water to encourage the roots down further. If like a little swamp of white hairs lmao

I got a little bit of burn on my plants aswell. I think too much h202 in the foliar spray so I've laid off it .. not good. But things happen


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Thanks guys. So far I'm pretty happy, I've noticed a slight slowed growth like I say since the foliar spraying, I also think this is due to the roots dropping into the drink the way they have...

They have obviously been doing alot of thier growth down wards, I think your right once the decide they have developed and established thier root system. I guess the tops will spring into life.

Only time will tell.

My c02 bag has arrived and I've placed it in the tent. Just because of the heat recently. I think it was a good idea as the idea of c02 is to run at slightly hotter temps with stupid amount of lights ... which I think I now qualify for.. If not I will chuck my old 300w back in there


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I'm going to leave with the foliar spraying for now to be fair.. cause I really don't like the way it coloured and burned my leaves... made them go from beautiful to sickly in 30seconds lmao. I'm sure they will recover out of it though.

I've given the girls some slight lst just because I like as much light as I can to be hitting my stalk. That way I kmow I have penetration and max intensity..

and I've also drained my res... so lets see how quick they make the drop.. the water level is say 3inch away from the top of the root mass.. there is still the main tap root that's all the way in the drink though.



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