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This grow is all about juicing for cancer treatment. My goal is to harvest 4-8 oz of fresh bud and leaves to make 2 oz. of juice daily. Everything will be juiced except a gram or so that I cure for quality testing. Fresh cannabis doesn't have activated THC, so sampling is only way I can be sure I getting potency of medicine I need.

Also, this grow needs to be as simple as possible because of number of plants and also my health limits how much I can do and keep track of. There will be many things I could do to improve yield but don't yet because this grow already feels like more than I can handle. I'm gradually adding to my methods, but slowly. Please don't be surprised or offended if I don't adopt what seems like obvious improvement. I'm not rejecting it, just adding it to my long list of next steps in learning to grow.

My original plan called for 60 plants in flower plus clones in veg to keep it perpetual. I've gotten better information on converting the RSO 60g in 60 days regimen. I recalculated and should have enough with 30.

Also, it seems obvious choice now to grow all same strain for simplicity, or even better to grow autos to avoid need for veg room. Back when I ordered seeds I didn't know about potential of autos so I went with photos. I ordered 6 strains to cover all options for what I might need to treat cancer. Data was conflicting about best ratio of THC/CBD. So I ordered a mix, and then with free seeds and some clones I acquired and that's how I got to 11 strains.

The flower room is almost ready. As you can see I have a head start with some large clones now finishing flower and the first 3 new plants moved in. Thanks for visiting!:thanks::welcome:
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I'm still not sure how this is going to work, but I have an outline of how I want to proceed.

The Room: 5'x10'x7'high. I converted 5x5 storage area in basement and extended it 5' with Panda plastic and lightproof zipper. Essentially I built a tent for under $50. More importantly I perfectly fits the space I have. Tables 2' wide wrap around leaving 1' for me to access all plants. 20 amp electrical to handle all lights plus fans etc. Also ran water hose because carrying gallons of water downstairs for 6 plants was difficult, I can only imagine what it would be like for 30.

Lights: 5 Mars-Hydro reflector 96x5w LED, 3 Mars-Hydro 600. Total draw 1850w, or 50w psf. Reflectors are new but I already am impressed with clear difference between them and 600s. More growth, denser and greener. At first I'll use 600s in veg room where most of plants still are, but as I move plants I'll alternate placement of 600s with reflectors so all plants benefit from added wavelengths of reflectors and also higher wattage of 600s. Also have 400w T5 that I will use for vegging.

Ventilation: Right now none. I'm researching this last because room will be mostly empty for a while. Without ventilation (except for space between rafters) and with 4 lights running temps are 75-80F and RH 40-50%. With lights off 65-70 and 50-60%.

Soil: Organic raised bed mix without amendments. It's familiar, it drains well, holds moisture well, and it's pre-packaged so I won't have to keep mixing new soil. Next step for me would be to switch to Roots or Foxfarm premixed soil. I'm open to adding amendments in future, but for now it needs to be simple.

Nutes: Foxfarm Grow Big and Tiger Bloom, Cal-Mg (forget brand), molasses and home-made compost tea. This is the area where I could use the most help, especially since I'm using generic undoctored soil. I know there's a lot more products that will help and I'm not committed to FF. I want to keep number of nutes low. Even with chart my chemo brain makes keeping track of multiple nutes challenging.

Pots: 2 gal Smartpots. Only been using short while but love difference over nursery pots. A little harder to water and dry out fast, but worth it for the root growth I've seen in last 2 weeks. Pots are in plastic seed trays, 2 per tray allowing 1 sq.ft. per plant with plenty of room for circulation around pots.

Method: ScrOG, 1 ft per plant. This is easiest way to spread growth and maintain even canopy. I've read of growers getting 3+ oz. per sq.ft. from this set up. I expect 1-2 oz. equivalent in fresh buds.

All 30 plants are growing at various stages from 3" seedling to plants in preflower and already filling 2 gal pot. I add one plant to flower room per day. Extra veg time will mean some bigger plants to fit in or some heavy pruning and cloning when its their turn to start flower.

Some of plants are already getting away from me heightwise. I've got a lot of bending to do when I get home Sunday. Also need to set up cloner, because rockwool has been taking too long and been unreliable.

Next post - The Strains.
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The Strains:
(part 1)
The first 6: I bought 6 clones to get grow room started, 2 each of 3 strains. All three were on my short list of daytime strains, so when these became available I picked up all three.

Chernobyl: I like chernobyl because my tolerance used to be so high from CO treatment that this is only strain that could give me any buzz. I think it's due to pinene that makes it hit fast and CBG that help cross blood/brain barrier. Below is first plant to be chopped at day 48 of flower. Yield to beat is 158 wet grams. Also have 4 more clone ready to start flowering. Haven't tried it since tolerance dropped, really looking forward to quality testing of dried bud next week.!:volcano-smiley:

Skunk #1: I have doubts that this is actually skunk#1. One was labeled BK and other was illegible. They are very sativa looking plants in back left of photo in top post. This strain was more sensitive to over feeding than others and has very skinny flowers. I have a couple clones to try it again in scrog, but doesn't look like good yielder so may be dropping strain.

Black Cherry Soda: These are plants on front right in pic above. I made 1 clone that I hope to make many more from. It was easy to grow and should be a good producer in scrog. Also it makes great juice. 1 plant yielded 154 wet grams which made almost 2 fl.oz. of juice. Never vaped this strain before, but I'll be ready to test it out next weekend.

re: Kingston's Perpetual Grow & Juice Bar - LED - 11 Strains

The Strains:
(part 2)
The plants that will start the perpetual cycle have been vegging outside waiting for me to get grow room ready. I've moved three in already and will add one each day or two. I'm mixing the strains as I add them so that I will have several strains within harvest window to blend into right combination of THC/CBD. Here they are temporarily inside for safety while I'm out of town. 10 are in 2 gal smart pots and ready to start flower, just waiting their turn. 10 are ready to go into 2 gal, 10 need another week or so in 1 gal, and a few stragglers that had slow start but finally growing. All need serious bending to fit under scrog screen.

Dutch Treat: 6 clones, 2 already in flower. This used to be my wake'n'bake. As my tolerance decreased I had to find a less potent strain (Cinex now mostly). High THC and stimulating effects make this good strain for my cancer treatment as well as afternoon buzz. The way these have been branching and growing I expect high yield in scrog.

Chernobyl: mentioned these above. got 4 more as small clones that have grown out beautifully so far and should yield far better than my original untrained plants.

Bubba Kush: I've read that this can be difficult strain but does well in scrog, so I picked up 2 clones with my others. When I first got them they were producing a lot of single blade leaves and appeared to have been burned slightly. I've had no trouble so far. new leaves are normal. So bushy already they may fill screen without much training. Not sure if I'll keep this in mix but eager to see how it does.

White Widow 10 plants from seed. All 10 sprouted so easily that I thought there was nothing to growing cannabis. I have since learned otherwise, but not with these plants. Other than stunting from cold weather no problems. Breeder claims his cut has significant CBD but won't say how much. I'm guessing not much more than 1%, I'll know better when I try first sample. Bought this strain based on reputation, finally tried it and can't wait for harvest. Yes, I'll be juicing almost all of it, but not quite all!:grinjoint: I love this stuff.

Hash Bomb: High THC and high CBD and high yield. I planned for this to be a staple of perpetual grow. I started 20 but only 10 survived. I planted 40 seeds in tray at once thinking that last ones to be go into flower room would benefit from extra veg time. Up to that point I had only lost one seedling out of 20 including my outdoor grow. Hash Bomb all sprouted well, but problems in neighboring seedlings spread and I lost about 20 total. learned my lesson. limiting next sprouting to 5 seeds that I can keep better eye on. These are regular plants so some will be male. I hope that early cold may have done me a favor and caused more to become female. I plan to use 1 male to create more seeds of this and possibly cross to create vigorous F1 seeds with moderate CBD.

Dutch Amnesia Haze: This strain has high CBD added to original Amnesia Haze strain. It's sativa dominant strain that will take 12 or more weeks. I ordered it in spite of this for CBD and also just to try something different. I'm still torn on whether or not to scrog these, not sure how they will respond. 2 of 3 survived. Prior to my disaster with 40 seedlings this was only seedling I lost.

Critical: 1 of these as free seed. Heard they are very very strong smelling. Only reason it's part of this grow is that I had room in the seed tray. Lost 3 of 4.

S.A.D. Auto Even though I was biased against autos early on, I decided to try one. This is high CBD strain. 3 plants were stunted by early cold and I was worried that as autos they would start flowering when they were still 3" tall. Fortunately flowering was also delayed and just started now that they are 7-8". Still not ideal but not total failure either. These will finish outside but are still part of perpetual grow plan.

Auto White LSD: Another free seed. 1 of 3 survived. Stunted like others but still not flowering at 6".

That's 11 strains. I also have pack of 10 regular Pineapple Kush. This was not a great choice for plan. High THC at very low price is only reason I bought them. They will probably stay in my sock drawer for a while. There is one more strain that I will explain about in my next post.:Namaste:
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Welcome Asesino Dirt and Catnip!:welcome:
Here's a little story about one strain that will NOT be part of my perpetual grow.
After several successful small batches I had a brilliant idea to start all of my remaining seeds at once. After all, to make this perpetual I only needed to stagger the flowering dates, not the sprout dates. By starting all seeds I could get extra grow time for later plants and much bigger harvest. Great idea in theory.
I was not stoned at the time, but chemo brain sometimes makes me do some really foolish decisions. As I mentioned my first batches were perfect, 21st seed was my first failure, and that appeared to be due to weak seed. So I carefully arranged my seed packs and starting planting in seed tray filled with same dirt I'd used to sprout other seeds. Got to last pack and it occurred to me that maybe I was pushing my luck, but not enough to pull any of 40 seeds already planted.
After a couple days I began to worry because only half had sprouted. Previous batches all sprouted within 24-48 hrs. After 1 week all had sprouted but some were doing some funky things. Seed heads weren't popping off, a couple actually grew back down into soil, one just coiled around. Then stem rot started on a few of my Aurora Indica. I pulled those but it spread to others. Got it under control and I thought I had saved 4 of 10 AIs and most of other strains. Then the baby slug attacked. I came downstairs one morning to find a dozen naked stems. I immediately potted the survivors including 1 AI pictured below. You can see the seed head that had a death grip on the seed leaves. Somehow one true leaf managed to pop out. It hung on that way for over a week before the head finally blackened and died. So there will be no AI in this grow. Happily someone I know is having better luck and doing fantastic job with his AI grow.
Over all my losses are within what I had planned for. But I am now a much humbled and better grower for my experience. Hope you all can benefit as well.:Namaste:
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Been busy inside and out this week. building, repotting, and bending stems. Tons of developments to post but no time. Been away last 2 weekends and plants are getting away from me. Here are 5 clones that need to be pruned before they'll fit under screen. Time to make some more clones!
Left to Right: Bubba Kush, 2 Chernobyls, 2 Dutch Treat.

And here is where they will sleep tonight.

Getting ready to leave town again. 20 more plants to train and move to inside veg area. Didn't have any trips planned until I started this grow. Almost more stressful getting ready for vacation than not taking one. At least I have someone I can trust to look after the plants while I'm gone.:Namaste:
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And the first strain voted off the island is... Skunk #1. Like the smell and taste vaped but the taste in juice is even more memorable for the wrong reason! Juiced 216 wet grams into 4 fl.oz. that even with 2 parts OJ added was barely palatable. Not sure even V8 with tabasco could help this. Chernobyl and BCS juice was much better, fruity but bitter.
I will say one nice thing about Skunk #1. I was disappointed at the size of buds, but they were very dense and deceptively heavy. Yield was highest so far. Harvested this plant plus 1 BCS and 1 Chernobyl on Tuesday. Of original 6 only 1 Sk1 left to harvest tonight. Tempted to dry and cure this one but will force myself to down one more batch.

Here's the 1st Chenobyl getting the squeeze last week. Haven't done official quality check with sample bud, but made cannabutter out of the plant dregs. Added some to my noodles (good base for pesto sauce I bet) and got a typical Chernobyl buzz, fast and hard. That's a slight problem because I expected most of medicine to be extracted. Experienced some anxiety over this (plus I'm sure the Chernobyl added to it.) Not a big problem. I will save dregs for making oil from now on, also look at improving extraction. And make brownies.

Final shot of BCS nug, one of the few I will actually trim. Sampled it last two nights and am disappointed with buzz. It was a very slow build even for ingesting it. Not much head buzz but my vision was blurred. Body buzz nice but nothing special. Will have to vape next sample to see if it does any better.
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Bent 6 more plants to fit under screen in flower room. That makes 12 in flower cycle and 25 in veg cycle. Moved all of them into basement tonight and will stay inside for duration of grow.
DT6 showing just how well this strain branches on its own. Main stem has hardened. It took a lot of slow twisting, squeezing and bending all along the stem to get it down to height. My fault because I let it grow too long with training.

After main stem was done side stems were easy to position. Removed 2 lowest branches and defoled lower stem for air circulation. Ready for the tent. It already has 7 shoots reaching screen level and a lot of buds at screen also.

Making clones from the cuttings, 18 total, 3 from each plant. Thought I was going to make an aerocloner but don't have time before vacation. Used new media that I pre-soaked with very weak nutrient solution. Forget the brand name. It's spongy cubes and similar to ones Clonex sells for its kits. Hope they root faster than last batch in rock wool. They started to root but took so long the plant tissue started breaking down and I tossed all but two. Exciting to see new life starting.
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subbed , are you in australia ill give you some to juice mate .

i agree with scrog mate ive done many scrogs so if theres anything you need to ask im here , pop into my journal i just put my net up and in 1st week flower , some strains ive bred myself and some well known strains aswell .

keep up the good work brother and god bless you
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A lot of mixed emotions yesterday and carrying over to today.
Received good news at my 5 month scan, no change from 2 month ago. Just two tiny dots that the radiologist wouldn't have known were tumors without comparing to the original scan. I was worried about this scan because I haven't been able to find reliable source of 1:1 extract since middle of June. (reason is law in Washington changed July 1 eliminating the dispensaries and collectives that were working for MMJ patients. Recreational stores carry few if any strains or concentrates specifically for MMJ, and the ones that do charge up to $150/g for substitute product compared to $40 I paid for ideal full plant extract I used to get. Plus the employees are pretty clueless when I ask questions.)
Didn't realize just how anxious I was. As soon as I got home both body and mind collapsed. Took a hit of Chernobyl hoping it would give me enough energy to enjoy evening of family time with happy news, but I was out before it took effect. Still feeling completely drained today.
Mixed emotions stem from my growing anger over legalization issue. The more cannabis works to fight tumors and treat lasting side effects of chemo the clearer it becomes that I didn't need to go through chemo in the first place. I started thinking about people profiting from my unnecessary suffering and had to stop myself from pounding on walls while waiting to see oncologist. She is supportive of my cannabis use but admits she knows nothing about MMJ even though it's directly related to her practice.
I have a lot to get done today before I leave on vacation tomorrow. I have 20 overgrown plants that need training back to screen height, plus a few adjustments to grow areas. Will try to get pics uploaded and posted before I go.:Namaste:
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chin up mate your douing a great job ,20 plants ia no easy feat.

chemo would have to be super harsh on the mind and body and you still have your grow going great mate +reps for sure
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Day got much better since last post. Took a Harlequin capsule and started bending and wiring plants in veg so they'll be ready for scrog net when I return and not be 3' tall monsters. :morenutes:
You can see the difference between White Widow in middle and Hash Bomb on right. Widows are sticks with crown of leaves, HB have all branched nicely already. WW#1 on far left was much taller and just as leggy as middle WW, but has still responded well to training a few days ago. SOG is what is usually recommended for WW, but looks like they'll do well in scrog. I used 14 gauge wire wrapped around stems to hold stems in place similar to method I used on outdoor grow.

And here are the Dutch Amnesia Haze, much fuller than WW but even taller and thicker in stem. About 22" tall. I had to top both because bending alone wasn't going to get them to fit under net. They are showing guard hairs but not pistils yet. They are CBD strain and long bloomer so I wanted to get them started in flower room now before leaving town. If they aren't ready for flower yet at least they'll be training under screen.

Took 7 cuttings of DAH trained below, plus a few of HB (my other CBD) and one WW that also went into flower room today. That makes 16 in flower now. Gonna be a whole lotta fun come Labor Day! :Namaste:
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Kingston Rabbit's GUESS MY RUNT'S AGE contest.
The plant below is a Hash Bomb sprouted at same time as HB in post above. However, I won't say when this picture was taken.
A little history: Sprouted in tray with over 40 other seedlings that were plagued by stem rot, baby slug, and other assorted misfortunes. Then moved to cold greenhouse. Did not start growing when others did. Instead I notice bottom half of stem was brown and thinner than top. I assumed it would fall over and die overnight, but it's still here, stem healed and finally growing again. Glad I didn't toss it, really admire it's perseverance. Hope after all that it's not a male.
The rules: just post your guess of its age in days and also what you want as prize if you win. If it's reasonable I'll do my best. Contest ends Sunday 8/7. I'll post winner on Monday 8/8. And only one vote even though contest is on both my journals. Good luck!
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ummmmm ill go for 47 days , and i had one that was still a seedling when i flipped all the others at least 2 ft across canopy in a scrog then just this seeedling fried and should be dead just toughing it out , got a gram of it by the end but i loved that little runt cause being the runt i wasnt carefull with her i experimented with her .

plants are looking great , did well to bend those 90 degrees , cant wait till there all scrogged up .
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