My 4th Grow - Swamp Grass


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Hello again all ! :grinjoint:
This is my 4th grow and my 2nd Hydro attempt.

I am using homemade 1 gallon DWC bucket bubblers and so far
it is going well. I have to add water to the rez a bit more often
than I like because of the small size, but the size has allowed
me to have 3 plants in my flowering chamber.

I am using General Hydroponics FLORA SERIES Nutes.

I am flowering with a vented 250w HPS.

The seeds were given to me by a friend that has grown
his own for years and gives me a taste every harvest
and he's always let some crop go to seed for the following
outdoor grow season. He has no clue as to the original
strain and lovingly calls his herb "Swamp Grass"

The seeds were started around 9-15.

I started the largest plant 12/12 6 days ago and she
showed her first pistils yesterday ! I promptly took two clones.
The other 2 plants were put under 12/12 today.
All 3 plants were LST'd.

The now flowering girl got a little light burn as she stretched a bit
and I didn't catch it , but she's OK. I decided to try a couple of
Super Crops this time and it worked wonderfully, I'm no longer
afraid to try it.

Progression Pics -

10 - 19 - 08



Today 6 days 12/12 Largest First day 12/12 the 2 small ones

Well , there ya go. Hopefully the Swamp Grass will produce
something that will be worthy of this fine site and all that peruse it. :smokin:

As always, any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Peace :roorrip:
looking good, damn light burns (just had that happen too):thedoubletake:
nice lookin branches, good n thick-should hold a nice stash on em!!!
Looking forward to seeing their development.

How many crops have you used the bucket system for? do you like it? I'm considering changing from an ebb & flow to buckets, but i dunno...seems like every time I change things I start back at square 1.

good luck on the rest of the grow :smokin:
How many crops have you used the bucket system for? do you like it?

flyfishinrock ,
Thanx for looking at my humble attempt. This is my 2nd go Hydro and basicly
the same as my first ( which was my 3rd grow, check the Signature link ).

The 3rd grow started with a Hydrofarm Unit and eventually I said screw it and transplanted
mid flower into a DWC bucket. My setup is JUST a bucket with a large airstone in the bottom ,
3/4 full of solution and a Lid that has the netpot centered. I also made a 3 hole version for
vegging new clones. The roots live and thrive in the water always.

The new plants LOVE it.

The last plant did ok, but it was a clone of a herm clone and I just had problems with it...I gave
up to start anew, altho I DID get some nice smoke out of the experience.
I have yet to grow a plant to maturity. (one day Be IRIE.... one day):adore:

The buckets I use are smallish, but my grow area is small
I use 1 gallon buckets so there 3 quarts of solution in each bucket.
The down side is that with such a small amount of rez solution,
You HAVE to check Ph and fluid levels at least once a day and
adjust as needed. The larger the plant the more it uses so anymore
than a few units and you've got a daily chore on your hands.

Ms.Fox... Thanx for checking in on me :grinjoint:

As always, any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Peace :roorrip:
sweeeet. I'm in, ill be watchin this one.
The female is doing well...the other 2 have not shown sex yet.
The clones from the female are doing well.
No pics today as there is not a lotta change other than being a bit taller.
I will change rez solution and post pics tomorrow.

As always, any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Peace :roorrip:
Mr. Run, You did a hell of a job on the last one.. I am sure you learned a ton and that will go along way with this one. This will be the first of many grows that you will finish the whole way.... Sending some good karma your way.. The young ones are looking good... Keep up the good work..

Thanx Be IRIE...that means a lot coming from you. :grinjoint:

Here is a pic of the harvst from last grow , jar'd for 10 days now.
Weighs just under 2 oz and they are lying on a 12" x 8" pad.


Peace :roorrip:
One of the unknowns is a male..he is now in the great
compost heap in the sky. I changed the nute solution on
the other 2 plants, the female is growing TOO well and the height
is beginning to worry me. I Super Cropped the Super crop sites
again. hopefully this won't cause too much stress.
the last plant hasn't shown sex yet, but I should know soon.

The clones from the female are doing well, however I see no roots yet.
When they DO root and can be transplanted, I will be a bit more vigorous
on the LST than I was with the mother.

As always, any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Peace :roorrip:
Hello all....

The 2nd Plant has turned out to be a male also
and has been sent to the great compost heap in
the sky.

I Now have one female and 2 clones from her.

I have named her Myrtle.

She's grown quite fast and is being VERY unruly,
most certainly growing too tall. I have been BRUTAL
with the super cropping on this plant and she keeps
springing upwards, as if bothers her not.
I have super cropped on top of previous super crops
and she still keeps growing taller. The resilience and hardiness
of this plant we all love so much still amazes me.

I dunno what else to do as my grow height is what it is, LOL.

Anyway... PICS. Today is 12 days of 12/12

The rootball


2 shots showing SC's and pistils


She's really sucking down the nute solution, around 1.5
quarts a day. The temp is steady at 79% and the Ph has
been kept around 6.0.

I know now that I better be prepared to REALLY LST the clones
as soon as I get them growing to keep 'em short and stocky
for when Myrtle gets done.

As always, any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Peace :roorrip:
wow shes a fattie! Great job with the grow cant wait to see some buds form on her
Thanx Dr. 215, Ms.Fox, 4twenty4all, creamm, StonerGrower, Racefan
for checking in and the kind words.

Racefan... I just don't have room for a 5 gallon setup, the height
of the bucket alone would put me at a height that would be too much.
I do understand about the smallish amout of rez solution being a problem,
that's why I have to check rez and ph 2 times a day. I am currently
looking for a square container that has more volume and the same height
so I can address the exact problems you've mentioned.
Thanx for the heads up tho... it's a great idea, I just don't have the room.

I'll post more as it develops...

As always, any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Peace :roorrip:
Hello all...

Just a quick update.
Myrtle is growing like a weed... I REALLY dunno what to do.
She's just too tall. I fed and Super Cropped her again today.
I'll post pics after this weekends gigs.

The clones are doing well.

I am very concerned about Myrtle's height but I just don't
know what to try. Any more ideas ?

As always, any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Peace :roorrip:
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