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Pantagruel Goes Big

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This is my fifth grow since starting out last June, so I guess I have been keeping pretty busy. I have been yielding a quarter pound steady, but I need to build up some reserves in case I have to miss one. Plus we do tend to run out a week or two before the next one is ready.

For this grow I am going to veg to a decent size to ensure a good yield. I intended to do so with the Durban Lights currently in flower, but lost a lot of progress by putting them in the greenhouse. This time I started out under good old CFL's again. As always, great results, nice tight nodes. Now I am moving them into the flower room during the day where I mist them for humidity, then putting them back under two LED spotlights for an extra six hours of light. At three weeks they are doing great. I just repotted them from 3 inch to 4.5 inch pots where I will leave them for another month until it is time to flower.

Strains: Kali Mist, Lucy, Red Dragon, Northern Lights. Organic soil: Promix BX base plus worm castings. Lighting TopLED in bloom mode, but they will go under my 400 watt metal halide in about 2 weeks when they get too big to fit in the flower room. My goal for this grow will be one pound, over two ounces per plant, so I want the girls to be at least 18 inches tall at flower. I will move the largest girls (probably the Kali) into the flower room for October 1 as space becomes available. They should all be flowering by October 7.

The Red Dragons are the largest this time, whereas the last two times the RD were the smallest.

Red Dragon, Lucy, Northern Lights, Kali Mist - 3 weeks

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Lolipopped the girls, but just to the first node. I'm trying to avoid slowing the growth this time. I've seen plenty of growers get large plants with 2 months veg and I plan to be one. They'll be a month in 4 days and I'll snap a pic then, but they are really kicking into gear under the Metal Halide and I'm quite pleased with the size so far
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As I mentioned on my flowering thread, one of my veg girls goes to bed early every night. Here she is a few hours before lights-out while all her sistern are gratefully drinking in the glorious bounty of the metal halide light. She is a Kali Mist and the runt of the litter.

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Thanks lex, let's hope so.

Here are the girls at one month. I'm pleased with the size so far. One Kali and one Lucy are a little small, but everyone has good branch development started and I have four more weeks to veg so I'll do a little training if a plant looks ideally suited. If the Kali and Lucy stay small I won't even top them. I like having a natural plant as a reference. :)


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Subbed up!

Looking fantastic!

Longer veg times are where its at. Less plants + more veg = bigger harvest. I veg my plants for minimum 2 months as well, with the exception of a White Widow i have put into flower 2 weeks ago, she was vegged for 6 months! I'm estimating 20+ ounces dried from her and some super sticky stuff, as shes caking up with trichomes within the first 14 days already!! please come take a look if you have the time!!

I'm sure you'll hit that 1lb mark!

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